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Blazing Hog Internet - how do they compare

Blazing Hog Internet Review – How Do They Compare in 2021

For people who have been wondering if Blazing Hog is an internet provider they can rely on in 2021 then we answer all the difficult questions in this review. Stick around to find out if its worth it.

Internet access has over time evolved from a luxury utility to almost a human right. People regardless of where they live want to have good internet access. In the middle of a pandemic, it’s now clear how essential internet access can be to all operations including connecting with your friends at the centre of a lockdown, working and studying from home.

Besides all that, the rural USA is still underserved and overlooked by big Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The coverage in rural areas is spotty, access is scarce and the internet speeds in these areas are abysmal. The few options that are available usually have a couple of restrictions in the case of data limits and the service is also very costly.

At the wake of all that hustle, there are few rural area internet service providers such as Blazing Hog offering 4G LTE internet options. The internet is stable and offers medium download and upload speeds that is enough for basic browsing.

Today, I want to share with you a comprehensive review of Blazing Hog in terms of speeds, prices and Internet plans, reliability, customer service, FCC score and a final verdict based on the information available online.

What Is Blazing Hog

Blazing Hog is one of the few ISPs that provide internet access to people in rural areas. The company offers 4G LTE internet options to users. It’s known for the best and stable internet speeds. The availability in the rural areas is also another added advantage.

According to the information available on, the company is the answer to all the internet issues that rural residents have suffered for years. The data limits are as high as 500GB which is more than enough for an average family internet use. The prices and internet speeds are also enough for all sorts of download and upload activities. So, is Blazing Hog a good alternative to Satellite Internet? Is it an affordable option? Let’s find out.\

How does Blazing Hog work?

Being a MVNO, Blazing Hog utilizes the existing infrastructure to bring the internet close to people all around United States. Unlike other MVNOs that partners with few companies, Blazing Hog has partnered with a couple of ISPs to bring internet to a large number of potential users.

Luckily, the company has partnered with CenturyLink, AT&T and T-Mobile which are some of the biggest companies in the market today in terms of coverage and availability.

Is Blazing Hog different from other providers?

Yes, Blazing Hog is different from Satellite and cable internet providers in the sense that it’s a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) offering high speed connectivity using the 4G LTE network. The company makes sure that regardless of whether you are located in the remotest areas of the country, you will still get internet access. They use underutilized cell towers in rural areas to bring speedy internet to you.


Are you interested in gaming or streaming but you live in areas where only satellite and dial up internet options are available? If yes, then you can choose Blazing Hog as a viable alternative. It’s the definitive choice particularly because of the low pricing and high data caps.

You can actually enjoy competitive online gaming and a fast and seamless streaming of your favorite movies and TV shows. The download and upload speed is more than enough for basic internet usage including browsing, streaming and working from home.

I personally think that Blazing Hog is a better alternative to Satellite internet. One point is that Blazing Hog provides more than 10 times of the data provided by the Satellite internet. The prices and packages are also amazing and good enough for an average income family living in rural areas.


Blazing Hog contracts with larger ISPs such as AT&T and T-Mobile. Thanks to this Blazing Hog internet is available to a larger group of rural residents across the country. As I stated earlier, Blazing Hog is very straightforward and open.

They have listed all the cities and states where the services are available. New users can as well check to confirm whether the information available helps them make sound decisions. The site is easy to navigate and you can easily check whether Blazing Hog service is available in your area.

The service is available in Utah, Arizona, Maine, Florida, Texas, Wyoming, California, Idaho, Montana and several other locations.

Internet plans and prices

As stated earlier, Blazing Hog offers internet via a 4G LTE Technology. The cost is about $99 per month for download speeds above 50mbps. Comparing Blazing Hog to other Mobile Virtual Network Operators, it’s easy to realize that Blazing Hog has better offers.

The price is also relatively competitive. Some rural internet providers charge as high as $199.99 for their internet plans which is more than what Blazing Hog offers today. According to statistics, the average data usage for an average family is less than 400GB a month.

This shows that the 500GB data cap is more than enough for a family with up to four internet users. Furthermore, there’s a price lock of 24-months and that’s obviously what we like to hear.

Internet speeds

The internet speeds that you will get after subscribing largely depends on the signal strength and whether there are any obstructions along the way. If you are close enough to the tower, the download and upload speeds will be higher. Luckily, Blazing Hog boasts of a countrywide average speed of 25Mbps.

This speed is enough for video chatting, browsing, streaming HD quality videos, gaming and videoconferencing.

I have already stated that the company utilizes the cell towers to bring 4G LTE technology. This means that Blazing Hog is an MVNO and internet speed is a concern. The fact that they contract with bigger ISPs to provide service through their towers means that the speeds cannot be guaranteed.

AT&T and larger companies such as T-Mobile usually give priority to their customers. So, in case anything happens, the owner of the tower will prioritize their customers. Luckily, this happens for a short time. Satellite internet is a go-to internet option for people that are suffering. But the connection is spotty and mainly gets affected by the changes in weather.

I understand it can be difficult to find realistic speeds if you live in rural areas. But I don’t usually recommend satellite options because of the high costs and lower speeds. The speeds promised are also not guaranteed in almost all situations. One thing that I personally like about Blazing Hog is that the company gives speeds of up to 150Mbps.

But on average, you can get lower speeds. Luckily, all this information is available on their site in case you want to make a decision. Unlike other companies that usually hide this important information, Blazing Hog is very willing to offer the right information and at the same time give you a better understanding of what to expect.

An average speed of 25Mbps is also better than what you will get with typical satellite internet providers. Most internet providers and MVNOs offer internet speeds lower than 10Mbps on average.

Is Blazing Hog Internet enough to stream videos?

The average speeds of 25mbps are more than enough to stream your favorite movie, series or TV show. But depending on your distance from the towers, the speeds can vary. If you are close enough, you will enjoy hours of uninterrupted streaming.

Unlike Satellite Internet providers that provide lower than normal data caps, Blazing Hog provides more than enough data limits for seamless streaming. I haven’t heard of buffering or long loading time with Blazing Hog internet.

Is Blazing Hog good for gaming?

Blazing Hog is a good internet provider with higher internet caps. The download speeds and the cap are not that good, especially when compared to other Internet service providers. But, Blazing Hog delivers a national wide average download speed of 25Mbps which is relatively higher than what Satellite Internet provides.

I will not specifically say that 25Mbps is the best internet for gaming but it’s more than enough to compete adequately on mortal combat. The company also offers an ultra-low ping rates and lastly, there are no limitations on the type and number of games you can play.

Can I get Blazing Hog internet if there are no towers nearby?

Not all of us live close to cell towers. This shows that many people live beyond the range and there are fewer chances of getting the best services. Luckily, you can still enjoy Blazing Hog internet services. One of the most viable ways is to purchase a Blazing Hog signal booster and continue browsing regardless of how far you are from the cell towers.

The booster looks like a pointing antenna or even a cell booster. It helps you catch signals even when the cell towers are miles away.

Regardless, I usually advise users to contact the customer service and ask them to check whether the signals are strong enough in the area. The company might send a team to check the signals and advice accordingly. If the signals are not strong enough, you will be left with the alternative of choosing a signal booster.

But where will you get a signal booster from? Blazing Hog doesn’t offer signal boosters. That said, they suggest you to contact some of the Blazing Hog partners at Repeater Store and check some of the best 4G LTE boosting devices.

The trust score for the internet is average to good

I personally think that Blazing Hog internet is good and safe for use. The company offers data of more than 500GB in a month. Even after surpassing this data, you still can access internet. What will happen is that you will be deprioritized.

Data amounts

The monthly plan will come with high-speed data of up to 500GB at a cost as low as $99 every month. If the price and the data caps is compared directly to other companies out there, it’s easy to realize that this is the top of all in terms of deals and reliability especially if you are a serious internet user.

The price is almost half of what many companies charge for data caps lower than 500GB. However, the $99 price is a discounted price that comes with a price-lock for two years.

The 500GB is probably more than 8 times what Satellite Internet providers charge. The company advertises the services like unlimited data but there are instances of data abuse. Currently, many companies are reporting cases of data abuse.

So, the limits set by this company are for the usage of data. However, 500GB is more than enough for all types of users. As a matter of fact, it’s very hard to exhaust 500GB unless you are streaming the whole collection of series and movies in 2020.

Blazing Hog equipment and additional fees

Just like other internet users, there are other internet charges and fees that you are likely to encounter. Firstly, you will have to pay for the modem. The price is $199.99. There’s also a one-time sim card activation fees of $49.99.

As a new subscriber, you will have to pay up to $300 for the services. There’s also another $99 for the internet for that month. This is not new in the industry because most of the MVNOs charge higher prices for equipment and service activation.

Blazing Hog Contracts

Many ISPs peg their customers in a yearly or two years contract. Unlike most of them, Blazing Hog has no contracts. The company offers a 30-day trial period. This is the time when you will have to test and verify whether the service is good or not.

In case you feel like the download speeds, stability of connection or the prices are not the best for you, you have a chance to cancel and request a refund.

Which is better? Blazing Hog or Satellite internet?

Blazing Hog competes very well with major Satellite Internet providers such as Viasat or HughesNet. HughesNet for example offers plans with data caps as low as 10GB and 20GB. The plans can be cost-effective but there are chances all that will not allow gaming and streaming. HughesNet has a two-year contract and luckily, the contracts remain the same.

Viasat on the other hand promises Internet speeds of up to100Mbps which is not always the deal. The speeds can go as low as 25Mbps. However, the speeds you get with some of these companies is more than enough to connect multiple devices. Blazing Hog has lower ping time which makes it possible for you to stream and play games without a lag.

This is not always the case with Satellite Internet that mainly gets affected by the weather.

The data cap from BLAZING Hog is almost 10X what you get with HughesNet and Viasat. HughesNet has data caps as low as 10GB. Blazing Hog on its side offers data caps of up to 500GB. This is more than enough to game online and stream your favorite movies and TV shows for the entire month.

Additionally, there’s no throttling even when you surpass the data caps. The company will give you an additional 400GB. However, if you surpass the new limit before the end of the month, Blazing Hog will definitely limit your internet use.

As long as you are within your limits in a month, Blazing Hog will not deprioritize you. You will never receive less priority unless you are proven to have misused internet data. This is not the case with other MVNOs and satellite Internet providers. As a matter of fact, some of the satellite internet providers will charge higher overage fees to discourage you from using a lot of data.

Another advantage is the plug and play modem. Blazing Hog gives you a full set and customized modem and the only thing you should do is to plug the modem and start using it. Additionally, you can move with your modem. This only happens because you are not pegged with a satellite internet address. In case you want to move to a new apartment, it’s very easy.

What if I’m beyond the range?

If you are beyond the range, I explained that the only thing that can happen is to use a signal booster. You may already be asking whether there are any recommendations. Yes, there are some of the best signal boosters that you can use with Blazing Hog internet.

But before you check the signal boosters to buy, start by contacting Blazing Hog Customer care. Blazing Hog customer support will send a tech to check the range of the signals. If the signals are week, the company will advise you to get a booster. But Blazing Hog doesn’t sell signal boosters but they can give you a recommendation of compatible signal boosters.

Is Blazing Hog Internet recommended?

Blazing Hog is not the best ISP but it’s an ultimate answer to slow and pricy Satellite internet. There’s no need for infrastructure to support the high internet speeds. What happens is that the company will set signal senders and receivers between the cell towers and the residential areas. Now that rural residents cannot enjoy 1Gbps fiber internet, Blazing Hog seems like a viable option. The prices are also competitive and the data cap is higher than what other MVNOs and satellite ISPs offer.

Can I cancel Blazing Hog?

The process of cancelling Blazing Hog is not complicated. In the unfortunate event that you feel this provider and the services doesn’t serve your needs, you can cancel the service. But remember to return the modem and the antenna.

After facilitating the return process by sending the equipment to the address shown on the site, you can request a refund. But remember that the return shipping costs are on you. Just like other providers, Blazing Hog provides a 14-day service cancellation policy.

During this time, you can easily cancel the service by calling Customer support at 1.888.407.3159. If you are a new subscriber, then you have up to 30 days to cancel the service. Customers that meet all the guidelines will get a 100% refund. It’s also worth noting that the shipping charges are not refundable and if you don’t meet the refund guidelines, you may not get the refund as stipulated.


What network does Blazing Hog use?

Blazing Hog uses the 4G LTE network that offers high-speed internet and stable connectivity.

How is Blazing Hog internet-powered?

Blazing Hog internet is powered through the same towers that provide signals to cell phones and digital phone services. Blazing Hog has partnered with major 4G LTE carriers to use their underutilized towers in rural areas to provide enough internet speeds.

Is Blazing Hog good internet?

Blazing Hog high speed internet and low pings makes it one of the best alternatives to slow and pricy satellite internets. It also has a 500GB data allowance which is the highest in the world of Satellite and MVNOs. 500GB data cap is more than enough for browsers, serious internet users, Freelancers and streamers.

Does Blazing Hog issue a Modem?

Blazing Hog offers a plug-and-play modem that you can take anywhere. The modem is already set and comes with the best services that makes it the best in case you don’t have the technical know-how to use install it. The modem helps you skip the stressful setup and installation process. You just need to plug and play.

Final verdict

United States is a highly connected country where people can get cable, fiber, DSL, fixed wireless internet. Unfortunately, rural areas have fewer options. But still, Blazing Hog provides great internet speeds, higher data caps, and good customer service just for you. If you are currently tired of the existing high costs and low speeds with satellite internet, it’s time to upgrade to Blazing Hog Internet.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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