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Starry Internet Review - is it even worth it?

Starry Internet Review – Is It Even Worth It in 2022?

In an industry dominated by Giant Internet providers, it’s very easy to ignore small but highly reliable Internet Service Providers such as Starry Internet. In many instances, the largest ISP is not always the best.

This is the reason why you should take time to check available options in your area before subscribing. It’s also significant to read reviews of each of the available options as a way of familiarizing yourself with the common issues that you are likely to face.

You may not think about the reviews and the user comments but most of the users in the market today do. Understand that when customers leave reviews of a specific company, they are telling other potential subscribers what to expect.

So, unless you don’t want to know anything about the potential risks and benefits of subscribing to Starry Internet, customer reviews and comments are very important.

Starry Internet Overview

Starry Internet is operated by Starry Inc. as a fixed wireless Broadband Internet service provider. The company uses millimeter-band LMDS connections which is categorized as 5G fixed wireless. The company currently operates in major cities including Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Denver, New York and Boston.

It started operations in January 2016 and within a year from the founding data; the company was providing services to a good number of residents and apartment-Buildings in Boston area. Starry operates on a 38.2GHz and 38.6GHz Bands to connect its base stations.

Today, residents of Los Angeles enjoys a vast majority of internet options as to compare to what is available to other rural areas in USA. The cities in Los Angeles have Fiber Optic internet, cable internet and broadband internet services from the most performing companies. If you live in Los Angeles Rural areas or any other part of the country where Starry Internet is available, read on for more valuable information before subscribing.

Starry is known as one of the great wireless Home internet options that are available for residents in the country. Starry Inc. is well known for using the latest technology in the field and offering internet speeds of up to 200Mbps. Unluckily, Starry doesn’t offer traditional TV but all the subscribers have an opportunity to access the TV via Internet on their fast internet service.


  • No contracts
  • No data caps
  • No hidden fees
  • Great customer service
  • No rental fees for the equipment
  • Flat-rate without surprise costs


  • Service quality varies depending on location
  • Limited availability
  • The connection can be affected by weather changes.

Connection type

Starry Internet connection type is a technology that has a Fiber backbone. It is a wireless Home Internet type that sends Internet signals to your home wirelessly offering you unlimited Internet access of up to 200Mbps. You are luckily going to get free unlimited access to internet for 60 days. I bet you don’t know what it means to get a no package and a no-commitment service and for that reason, you should read below for more information.

Starry’s Internet promise

Starry is one of the few Internet startups that are promising to take advantage of the technological advances to work around some of the most common issues that Internet users in the rural areas encounter. The main reason why Starry internet is expanding daily is the fact that it can install and connect a household at a cost lower than $25 while cable companies spend more than $2,500 to connect a single apartment. The main issue is that Starry hasn’t come clean about the prices for their services and whether they are likely to introduce other services such as digital TV and Phone services.

Starry Internet coverage and availability

Starry Internet doesn’t cover a large area in the country, especially when referenced to the large ISPs such as AT&T and CenturyLink. Yet, the company provides the next Generation internet service to people in major states such as Washington DC, New York, Boston and Los Angeles among many other locations. The good thing about this internet is that it’s available to users in suburban and rural areas.

The biggest advantage is that there are no bundles, there are no packages and extra hardware costs or even long term contracts as it’s the case with other providers. The company also provides a free Smart Wi-Fi hub with the plan and effective 24/7 support. The company is currently building the services in other parts of the country including Indianapolis, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, OR, Sioux Falls, Manchester, NH, Detroit and many other locations. What this means for you is that you will soon get Internet from Starry Inc. in more than 30% of all under-connected locations in the country.

How Starry Internet works

Starry Internet works very simply. It offers Free 60 days Internet that you can easily claim from the website. Before subscribing, you will be required to check the service availability in your area. Fortunately, you can as well request the service to be brought to your apartments. After all that, you will be connected and ready to access the internet for Free for 60 days. This saves you a lot of money.

Starry is also trying to shake things up by being customer-focused. This is rather unique because most ISPs in the US internet industry are known to be profit-oriented. The Starry Internet has got lid of the fine print fees and price hikes. As a matter of fact, the company services don’t have introductory charges. You will only be required to pay $50 for as long as you need Starry Internet services. Here’s what you will get with the $50.

  • 24/7 support from real people
  • Up to 200Mbps download speeds
  • Zero long term contracts
  • A smart Wi-Fi Hub free

Starry Internet Technology

Starry Internet is one of the few providers that are investing a lot of time and money to revolutionize the internet industry. Firstly, the company wants to break the fees for the traditional internet approach. Secondly, the internet company wants to withdraw from the traditional connection types where miles and miles of internet cables are installed. This service type proves to be labour-intensive and costly. Starry understands that most of the providers have this approach which leaves internet users with fewer options and higher internet bills. The competition is also low and there are many technical hitches that take long to correct.

Consequently, Starry chooses to use a part of the spectrum that is known as Millimeter-wave. This technology beams internet signals from the station to your home. It was previously very difficult to make use of this technology because most providers had to make the waves travel long distances. This provides lower powers, low accuracy and stability especially when it has to penetrate walls. The technology also proved to be very expensive to be used commercially. However, Starry developed a cost-effective model of the technology that can easily be implemented in rural, urban and suburban areas.

Starry is right for metro areas where the company will mount a simple antenna known as Starry Beam on radio towers and Skyscrapers. This spreads the internet across the entire town or city. Individual houses are equipped with a receiver known as Starry Point. This receiver picks up a signal from the main beam and interprets it for use in residential homes and Business areas.

Plans and Prices

Starry internet-only offers one package to make it easy for you. Unlike other ISPs that offer multiple packages with varying prices and internet speeds, Starry only has one internet plan with features such as 200Mbps and a cost of $50. They understand how important it is to use a one-size-fits-all approach that seems to work for all residential and Business customers.

It regulates the cost and at the same time offers standard speeds giving the company time to concentrate on a single billing and service. For all the features explained above, the subscriber will only be required to pay a flat fee of $50.

That will offer you a Free Wi-Fi Hub and more than 200Mbps download speeds. This internet speed is enough for streaming and gaming. As a matter of fact, Netflix and most streaming platforms only require 25Mbps for HD quality streaming.


It’s always a concern whether an ISP will offer the advertised internet speeds. Although there’s little information on whether the Starry Internet actual speeds match the advertised Internet speeds, there are currently fewer people complaining about the speeds and stability of the connections. 200Mbps is more than enough Internet speed for Browsing, streaming and doing anything else online.

One major drawback is that there’s little information about the Starry Internet Upload speeds. I have personally come across few people complaining that the upload speeds and download speeds are not symmetrical. However, that is not a prime concern given it supports upload of large files in seconds. The upload speed is also important for Video calls and Video Conferencing.

Internet contracts

There are no long term contracts with Starry Internet. This is an indication that you will only be servicing the Internet services on a monthly basis. It is uncommon in the Internet industry where many providers hook their customers in long term contracts. The lack of contracts also means that there are no Early Termination Fees. It also means that you can cancel the service any time of the month if you feel like it’s no longer beneficial to you.


Starry Internet doesn’t have any additional or hidden costs. The company is very transparent with the billing model. As a matter of fact, the taxes and other services fees are included in the monthly cost. There are no rental fees because the company already includes the WI-FI hub equipment with the subscription.

The Starry Station Wi-Fi Hub

Starry Inc. is an amazing Internet provider, while other ISPs charge for their equipment, Starry Internet will provide a $300 router for free with the subscription. This router is a top-notch router especially when speed, smart, stability and easy connections are concerned. Starry stands up tall in a pool of competitors because of this major benefit. Of all the fixed wireless Internet providers that I have reviewed, Starry Internet is the only company that can offer such benefits. It’s the only ISP offering such a simplified yet sophisticated router in the market today.

Features of the Starry Station Wi-Fi Hub

  • Easy to navigate touch screen-This router features a very easy to use touch screen for settings and customizing the Wi-Fi. The screen shows you the entire connected devices and how much data each of them is using. This is very beneficial so that if streaming or gaming is slow, you will know exactly the device that is using a lot of data and turn them off for optimal performance.
  • Screen Time rules-This is another feature that is easily accessible with the touch screen. This feature helps you control when the kids can connect to the internet. It’s also a viable feature for parental control.
  • Screen speed Test-Sometimes you feel like the internet is slower than usual or you suspect that the company is offering you lower than advertised speeds. In such a situation, you can easily test the download and upload speeds.
  • Easy to use control panel-The control panel is very easy to use and control. It gives you a chance to easily change the name and passwords of your wireless network and simple ability to request a call or chat with the Starry’s customer support.
  • Professional technicians are sent to help with the installation process. This means that setting up the equipment is easy and straightforward. The technicians will set the device according to your preferences. With this device, you can connect up to 10 devices at the same time. Luckily, the customer support team will set the equipment in your perfect time.

Service Reliability

It’s always important to ensure that the service you are about to subscribe to is reliable and meets all your Internet needs. Starry, Inc. filed a progress report with Federal Commission communication on their move to develop, deploy and test their connection Type.

This claim was good progress mainly because the company has good progress. Unluckily, there’s little information from such commissions on the reliability of Starry Internet.

However, if online reviews are something to go with, then there are few complaints about Starry Internet reliability. The speeds delivered are as promised and service uptime is promising. If you are a freelancer working from home, a Blogger or any other professional that needs stable internet, then this ISP provides wonderful services for you.

Starry Benefits

For internet customers, contracts are a deterrent and most people try to avoid them as much as possible especially if they are subscribing to services they don’t trust. No one wants a long term financial commitment for a service that they are not sure it will serve them for long. The main benefit of subscribing to Starry’s Internet is that you will not be hooked on long term financial obligations. All the customers will only have to pay a month-to-Month cost and have the right to cancel the service at any time of the day.

Who doesn’t want to evade equipment rental fees? Starry Internet offers a free Smart Wi-Fi hub and an app to pair with the device. This allows subscribers to run the Wi-Fi speed tests and customize their internet service.

How good is Starry Customer service?

Starry is one of a million companies that are very transparent about the packages, fees, pricing and most importantly their customer support. It’s a thing that many users have taken note of and appreciate deeply.

When Starry internet says $50 for 200Mbps, the company means exactly that. I haven’t seen any comments from previous and current users cursing Starry’s customer service. Starry promises a 24/7 real human support and a promising workforce to solve all current issues with the internet.

Most users confirm that Starry customer service takes the shortest time possible to get back to customer queries.

What other users say about the service

Starry Internet has been in the market for a long time. It has actually attracted a couple of reviews and comments from previous and current users. Starry has a 4.7-star reviews from all the reviews that are left on Appgrooves.com.

Most of the users praise the fact that Starry offers the most affordable services in the market. Others say that the customer service and transparency of the company are the key benefits.

Would I recommend Starry Internet?

Starry may seem like a small Internet service provider but it offers consistent, all-in pricing internet packages with no long term contracts. This is what makes the company a very reliable and perfect match for most renters on a Budget. It covers more than 2 Million Households in Los Angeles area but they also offer services in many other parts of the country.

One of the biggest reason I would recommend Starry Internet for Potential internet users on a Budget is the fact that you will only be required to pay a flat fee of $50. There are no added fees and no introductory period. This is not new, as a matter of fact, many other companies offer the same monthly pricing model.

The issue is that most of them only offer such services for the first 12 months and after that, the prices are very likely to skyrocket. Starry Internet customers will continue to pay $50 for all the internet services. From this price, you will also get a wireless router and speeds of up to 200Mbps.

The fact that there are no contracts required means that Starry Internet is very confident with their services.

You can actually cancel the service any time especially if you feel like the service no longer serves your internet needs. Another additional benefit is that the service is unlimited meaning that there are no data caps. Unfortunately, there are no Bundling packages available since Starry only deals with Internet.

Starry doesn’t offer any TV service or phone service. So, this Internet service provider is only viable to people that don’t need cable TV and those that only care about reliable Internet speeds.

Most users worry that because Starry Internet uses Towers, there are concerns about the ping rate being slow. If you are a serious gamer, this can be a serious worry. However, Starry Internet has been one of the most reliable connections for streamers and gamers.


What is 5G internet?

The term refers to the next generation of wireless internet. Many companies are currently developing the 5G internet but Starry Inc. is focused in developing a mobile network 5th generation service and what is known as a last-mile wireless broadband connection.

Is Starry Internet reliable?

Yes, Starry Internet is more than 99% reliable. The technology used by Starry Internet has proven to work and at the same time offer reliability and connection stability

What is the best Home internet brand?

Starry Internet may not be the best Home Internet Brand all over the country, but it’s a reliable and affordable alternative to many providers. The company is very transparent about all the costs, fees and features and also offers a free Smart Wi-Fi hub.

Is Starry Internet good enough for Netflix?

Starry offers 200Mbps which is more than enough for Netflix and online gaming. You need as low as 25Mbps to stream HD quality movies and TV shows from Netflix.

Final verdict

If you are tired of the current providers in terms of costs, fees and contracts, then check whether Starry Internet is available in your area. The company is launching services in different parts of the country to expand its 5G internet coverage. The Starry Internet service is straightforward and the speeds are awesome. There are no hidden costs or data caps which means you can stream and play your favorite online game without any worries.