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Best Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers

Best Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers of 2021

Moving to a different house or workplace will introduce you to a selection of internet services that will be optimal for your new surroundings and environment. Of all the different variations, a fixed wireless internet plan stands out perfect for living in rural areas that are devoid of significant cable use.

And best of all you don’t have to worry about your internet bills increasing.

The fixed price wireless internet is an internet plan which works primarily by sending and receiving radio waves. The physical system is mounted on broadcast towers, transmitting and collecting signals through these radio saves, which in turn is sent to the internet service customers which is commonly known as WIFI.

As a consumer, your designated ISP will set up a receiver which is typically an antenna-like device, inside of your house. This work to collect the signals sent by the system affixed in the broadcast. The receiver will then be attached to your router through a cable, which moves to send you internet signals in your connected devices.

Should You Invest in a Fixed Wireless Internet Service?

Cable-populated areas do not necessarily require a fixed WIFI internet system but rural areas that lack cable connection may find a stable wireless internet service to be optimal for its environment.

Since these areas do not have access to the typical broadband services such as DSL, cable or fiber-optic, wireless internet may just as well be the only option to invest in for suitable internet service.

Furthermore, you do not sacrifice on internet speed either, especially if your receiver is situated close to a broadcast tower.

The proximity of the set up lowers the overall delay of transmission, which is also called the latency number. This provides a smooth-running Wi-Fi connection similar to that of DSL or cable connections.

You’ll also find that investing in a price locked wireless internet plan will save your money as most ISPs tend to offer a cost-effective technology. High data allowances are commonly offered through these internet services, with many providers coming up with 100 GB data monthly while others offering unlimited allowance.

However, if you expect constant downpouring and sudden weather changes in your area, you may find yourself going without Wi-Fi for some time. Rain, fog, and snow hinder proper line connection and decrease the speed and strength of your network. This can even mean zero network connection for a short amount of time, or at least as long as the inclement weather pesters.

Furthermore, another disadvantage you should note is the possibility of obstructions deterring your network connection from being fast and smooth. Physical barriers stand in line against a steady transmission of radio waves, disallowing your router from receiving these transmissions properly. Such obstructions can be trees and hills as well as other buildings in between.

Is Fixed Wireless Internet Plan Better than Other Internet Services?

In comparison to satellite internet, you will find that satellite is offered largely throughout the world and is prevalent around the US as well. There isn’t that significant of a discrepancy when it comes to pricing for both of these services and the costs you incur mostly depend on the ISP you choose.

Speed is greater than satellite internet and this is due to issues relating to frequency interference and limited internet speeds for satellite. Fixed internet offers a higher level of speed than the satellite does and comes with high data caps and sometimes no data caps.

In comparison with cable internet, the benefits depend on the plans provided by your ISP. Typically, both cable and fixed internet comes with equal breadths in speed and has a correlating downloading and uploading speed. However, you need to check in with your internet service provider to fully understand how much you are getting in advantage against other types of internet plans.

Best Internet Service Providers for Fixed Wireless Internet


At $50/month, AT&T offers a standard download speed ranging towards 25Mbps while its upload speeds are at 1Mbps. You can connect as many devices as you’d like through their service without facing a decline in quality while the data cap is allowed at 250 GB per month.

Etheric Networks

With a limited branch of coverage areas where this ISP offers fixed wireless internet, you can get around 15 to 100 Mbps in speed at just $99/month. The monthly data cap allowance is set for 150GB to 2.4 TB depending on the package that you choose to purchase.

Etheric Networks mostly covers the San Francisco Bay Area of California along with a few rural areas but they do mention how some geographic locations may not be in their coverage area despite being in the SF Bay area.

Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband promises to offer a high-speed internet service up to 1 Gbps from their fixed wireless internet connection.

They offer starting packages from $29.95 per month and has a data cap allowance of around 150-500 GB for each month. The brand details how their plan is optimized for people operating ‘mission-critical applications’.

Verizon LTE

Verizon offers price locked WIFI to users with devices that are either manufactured by Verizon or compatible with their service.

Their LTE (Installed) starts at $60/month and has a speed range of 5-12 Mbps. You are also given a data cap at 10-40 GB for your mobile device each month with Verizon’s different fixed wireless internet service packages.

What Should You Look For in a Fixed Wireless Service Provider?

Your internet service provider will inevitably come across troubles and impediments in offering you their service. From outages, slow speed to even errors in payment, the problems vary in length and impact.

While a lot wireless providers offer price lock guarantees in the United States have established a well-known brand for themselves, some WIFI providers may just be a local team working with a small number of employees in a limited coverage area.

The important thing to look for in their plan is how they manage their issues and surpass them. Eventually, it’s the management of the mistakes which make a huge difference between good and bad service.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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