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EarthLink WiFi Review Is It Worth Your Money?

EarthLink WiFi Review – Still Worth Your Money in 2021?

Is EarthLink Wifi something you should go for? More than half the world has moved online, and as a result, people feel compelled to look for reliable internet services that are right for their needs.

It’s particularly important if you recently started working from home and things like Zoom meetings are common. This brings us to what we should be discussing right now, which is EarthLink internet.

EarthLink is an ISP that goes way back. It’s known for offering gigabyte speeds, no data caps and a variety of plans to choose from.

To discover whether EarthLink’s internet is worth your time, we did some researching and put together the details. On that note, let’s dig in and find out what’s in store.

EarthLink Plans and Prices

The DSL internet service is EarthLink’s low-tier broadband option. Well, you already know DSL isn’t the fastest on the block and its top speeds max out at 10Mbps.

But it’s still a suitable choice for the light users who don’t care about blistering fast speeds. On the other hand, if you’re into high-speed internet, you can opt for the fiber-optic service.

EarthLink has a lot going for it when it comes to providing a variety of download speeds. The best part is some of the plans are fiber which is the fastest and more reliable internet connection type.

It’s a number one solution for people in need of a steady connection at all times. That said, it’s important to be sure EarthLink is available in your area.

This ISP offers its services in 48 states across the country but even so it’s not accessible in some areas.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the plans and prices vary with location. Depending on where you live, you might pay more or less for a similar internet plan.

As such, it’s difficult to know how much you’ll be paying for EarthLink’s internet or even the download speeds.

However, the internet plans vary from place to place because EarthLink tends to partner up with other ISPs in various states to ensure customers receive the best service possible.

Some of the partners include Frontier, Verizon, AT&T and CenturyLink. This means the prices and internet speeds will mainly depend on the partner serving your particular area. The prices for the plans start from $49.95 to $99.95.

With that being said, here is a general overview of the EarthLink plans and prices;

Plan Price Download speed Connection type Data cap
12 Mbps internet $49.95 12 Mbps DSL Unlimited
18 Mbps internet $59.95 18 Mbps DSL Unlimited
24 Mbps internet $59.95 24 Mbps DSL Unlimited
45 Mbps internet $69.95 45 Mbps DSL Unlimited
50 Mbps internet $69.95 50 Mbps Fiber Unlimited
75 Mbps internet $69.95 75 Mbps Fiber Unlimited
100 Mbps internet $79.95 100 Mbps Fiber Unlimited
1 Gig Internet $99.95 1,000 Mbps Fiber Unlimited

All the plans require a 12 months contract and after that, the prices are subject to change according to the location.

Keep in mind EarthLink’s pricing doesn’t include taxes and other fees.

This is probably the reason why it’s considered an expensive internet service.

So, how does EarthLink compare to the competition in terms of prices? For the most part, it’s at par with the other internet service providers.

While you’ll always find a cheaper deal from other competing ISPs, EarthLink still has the upper hand. For one thing, it partners with providers like Verizon and AT&T so you won’t necessarily need to deal with them.

This internet company is more like your representative. Secondly, the prices you see are not advertised as promotional. This means they are less likely to go up spontaneously.

Internet speeds

Internet speeds are crucial because without a speedy connection, it’s difficult to get anything done online. We really like that EarthLink puts on the table a variety of download speeds for the users to choose from.

You’ll find internet speeds to suit every purpose ranging from casual browsing or emailing to streaming on multiple devices and full-blown gaming.

The main setback is the fact that the download speeds largely vary depending on where you live. The speeds you receive depend on location because EarthLink piggybacks on its various partner’s infrastructure to deliver internet in areas it’s not accessible.

Therefore, if the partner that serves your area offers download speeds of about 12-18 Mbps, you can’t sign up for any other internet plans.

Remember, EarthLink also has to bear with all the infrastructure changes that occur on the partners end. This should explain why offerings may change out of the blue.

There is no doubt it’s an inconvenience for the customers. However, the most EarthLink can do is promise to maintain transparency about the available internet options.

We noticed the company is forthcoming with its download speeds but fails to list the upload speeds. Upload speeds are equally important for some users and they want to know what they get.

Unfortunately, EarthLink doesn’t seem interested in relaying this information.

Data caps

EarthLink has a juicy perk for its customers, and that is unlimited data. This is definitely stellar news for the streamers, gamers and generally anyone that doesn’t like data caps.

At least there will be no such thing as a text message in the middle of the night reminding you to watch your data allotment.

While most internet service providers offer 1 TB of data monthly, EarthLink has no cap. Unlimited data is basically a dream come true for the heavy users.

But if you feel like EarthLink’s prices are too high, we have a couple of other ISPs to name. The more affordable options include Spectrum, Windstream and Suddenlink.

Service fees

Although the terms and conditions mention there is a self-installation kit, EarthLink mainly offers professional installation. This is especially true for customers getting the fiber-optic service.

Installing fiber internet is a bit complicated and as such, requires a professional. The likelihood of getting a self-installation kit depends on the ISP you’re partnered with.

Since EarthLink relies on the network of its partners to provide internet in some areas, it’s the same partners that do the installation.

It may seem odd and confusing when an installation technician from another company showed up on your doorstep after signing up with EarthLink.

Hopefully, EarthLink will do something about this in the future. For instance, the company should provide information on the installation technician’s vehicle.

Professional installation costs $79.95 and it’s required for the HyperLink fiber service. The early termination fee is a whopping $200.

That’s a considerable sum of money but you’ll have no choice but to pay if you cancel before the end of the contract period.

Contracts, equipment, and fees

All the internet plans come with a 12-month contract. How i wish they could include some perks to lighten up the situation.

Many people don’t like contracts that tie them down to service. If the service is not what you wanted, then you’re pretty much stuck unless you can afford the $200.

The truth is a 12 month contract is not that bad. If it’s any consolation to you, EarthLink doesn’t hike prices after the first three months of the contract as some other ISPs do.

But it doesn’t offer a price for life either, like its counterpart CenturyLink. This means you’re not protected from the price hikes that might occur in the future.

Well, customers can still hold on to the fact that EarthLink’s prices are not usually promotional. Besides, the ISP claims it keeps its prices steady for the most part and they rarely rise.

Consequently, your monthly bill should be okay for a while.


At the moment, EarthLink doesn’t provide its own equipment. You will be using equipment provided by your paired EarthLink’s internet partner.

The kind of equipment and quality will definitely depend on the internet partner. Fortunately, EarthLink has one of the lowest rental fees for its equipment.

The rental fee for the modem is only $6.95 monthly. This is definitely a small price to pay for equipment compared to some of its competitors.

Even better is the cost of purchasing your own modem. It costs $74.95, and you have a brand new modem to keep for life. We can only hope it’s good quality equipment that will serve you for a long time.

EarthLink’s add-on services

The internet can be good and bad at the same time. That’s why it’s very important for users to protect themselves and their families from harm.

EarthLink has a couple of add-ons to help solidify your internet privacy. Let’s briefly discuss the add-on services;

EarthLink Guardian

Many kids are faced with cyberbullying daily. It’s an issue that can negatively impact their mental health creating even bigger problems.

That’s why EarthLink has partnered with another company referred to as Bark. Together they created EarthLink Guardian, which is a screen-time management and monitoring service.

The internet is a truly dangerous place and it’s the parents’ responsibility to ensure their kids are kept safe from inappropriate online content or communicating with people they shouldn’t be.

Keeping a close eye on your kid’s online activities is a chore and that’s where EarthLink Guardian comes in. As long as you’ve added this service to your plan package, it’s easy to rest assured the kids are safe online.

Guardian monitors screen time, content the kids are viewing and then filters all malicious websites to prevent them from finding something they shouldn’t.

It also checks on their texts, emails, YouTube and social media accounts for any signs of cyberbullying, inappropriate content and other red flags.

If something is amiss, you will receive an email and text notifications immediately. It even offers recommendations on how to approach the issue and constructively talk to the child.

The impressive thing is you can try EarthLink Guardian for free during the first month. If you choose to continue using it, you’re required to pay an additional $9.95 a month. If your kid’s online safety is a priority, this is a notable add-on service.

EarthLink Protect

Cyber-attacks are on a rampage nowadays. As a matter of fact, hackers seem to get better by the day and more determined to steal information. Consequently, it’s vital to protect your information whenever you’re online.

EarthLink Protect stays true to its name by protecting your online activities and information from hackers. It’s powered by Norton LifeLock with the aim of making it easy for customers to carry out their online activities safely. It includes VPNs to keep away prying eyes that want to spy on your online activities.

What happens is EarthLink Protect looks over internet-connected devices. It’s in charge of the smart firewall, malware protection, VPN, password manager, SafeCam and the Dark Web Monitoring. The service also provides cloud storage of up to 100GB.

EarthLink Pros

  1. Great customer service
  2. It’s available in 48 states across the country
  3. Provides fiber options

EarthLink cons

  1. The plans and prices vary with different locations
  2. High prices for the speeds provided compared to its counterparts
  3. EarthLink doesn’t handle installation and internet outages

Bottom-line: Is EarthLink any good?

If price is your biggest concern, there are surely better ISPs than EarthLink.

However, EarthLink earns some points in a couple of areas including solid prices that aren’t promotional, unlimited data and impeccable customer service.


Is EarthLink better than AT&T?

EarthLink definitely has several things going for it. It does offer comparable speeds and service to that of AT&T but remember its prices aren’t promotional.

This means you won’t be dealing with any surprises on the monthly bill. But their internet service is a bit more expensive than AT&T.

How fast is EarthLink internet?

EarthLink offers high-speed fiber internet service with speeds going up to 1000Mbps. This is perfect for gaming and streaming.

Does EarthLink offer WiFi?

Yes, EarthLink internet is basically WiFi. With a good modem and router, you will have wifi in your home or business.

What type of internet is EarthLink?

The company offers two types of internet namely fiber optic service and DSL. As you know, fiber service is the fastest and most reliable. DSL isn’t that fast but will work for light users.


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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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