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How To Get WIFI Anywhere You Go

How To Get WIFI Anywhere You Go – Use These Internet Apps

I would attest to it that majority of the people in the world spend a lot of time online. Just think of all the things you do online. It could be shopping, communicating with friends or family, steaming movies, listening to your favorite music videos, this list could go on forever. This goes a long way to prove just how much we need the internet. It’s essential for us humans to accomplish various purposes.

With that in mind, you have to come to the realization that the internet does not come free. There are data charges which sometimes may leave huge dents in your monthly bills. So what do you do in this case or when you run out of data in the middle of downloading a video? Well, worry no more because there is definitely a solution. This can be free wifi or affordable ways to access wifi networks wherever you go. I took it upon myself to do the research and provide all the useful information.

Share the internet connection on your smartphone

This is probably the easiest way to access the internet anywhere you are on the globe. Your smartphone should have a cellular data plan before you can convert it into a mobile hotspot. All you have to do is share the 3G or 4G connection with your PC or tablet or any other device and you are good to go.

Creating a mobile hotspot is different for both the android and iOS devices. However, in both cases, you go to your the smartphones settings, tap on the wireless networks section and then select tethering and portable hotspot option. As you can see, it’s a pretty simple process.

There are a few drawbacks associated with this method that I think you should be aware of. First, the smartphone’s battery tends to deplete at a faster rate after you have set up the hotspot. This means that you may not use the wifi signal for a longer period of time. Secondly, this is bound to eat into your data. Be careful because you might find yourself incurring huge data charges than is normal. For this reason, it can be quite expensive for those people paying for the data.

Download the Free hotspot database APP

We all search for places where we can access free wifi. It’s actually a fact that the demand for free internet has been increasing at a very fast rate over the years. People walk around in town looking for public places with free hotspots. Well, this can be both tiring and time-consuming. It’s much easier if you simply have an idea of the locations with free wifi rather than taking a wild guess. Thankfully, some brilliant minds decided to create apps that help users easily find free public wifi no matter where you are.

The hotspot database apps contain thousands of wifi hotspots from different areas across the world. Furthermore, the apps serve the needs of all users both in the rural and urban setting. Depending on the kind of device you have; there are various apps for both android and iPhone sets too. With a hotspot database app, you will never fail to locate a reliable free wifi spot.

There are very many apps out there and you may not know which one will be more useful to you. Just like everything else that uses technology, some of these apps are typically better than others. Therefore, I will briefly talk about a few of them that you should consider.

  • WifiMaster-The next time you are up and about or travelling the world, download these apps and it will be such an invaluable tool in helping you locate some great free wifi spots. Why should you use so much money on data plans when you can simply get the WifiMaster app and get a hold of free internet?
    There are over a million hotspots and their passwords from various locations on its database. You will also be impressed by the fact that it offers up to 19 languages hence very few people will be stuck or not know what to do with the app. Lastly, its suitable for both android and iOS devices.
  • Wiman-This is the kind of an application that will find all the wifi hotspots within your locality. Finding reliable wifi spots anywhere you are in the world will no longer be an issue. Simply download this app and say goodbye to your troubles. It consists of thousands of hotspots and goes further to classify them according to their quality. This means that you can choose a spot that will provide you with the highest wifi quality.
  • The Avast WIFI Finder-Avast is a popular company and hence you can rest assured this app stays on top of the game. They have made searching for wifi hotspots a much more convenient process than it ever was with this incredible app. They provide you with passwords to the hotspots within its remarkable databases.
  • Wifi Connect-Wifi connect is a great app that you can use to locate many of the free wifi hotspots around. If there is a hotspot near you with good signal, then the app will connect you to it automatically. Aside from that, it provides you with a clear map so that you can easily find your way to the free wifi spots available. The only setback is that it’s downloadable only on the android devices.

Use a portable router

A portable router is one of the ways to always ensure you have a wifi connection wherever you go. The router is basically a portable device that comes with a slot to insert a sim card. Using a sim card, you can connect to 4G or 3G networks and get access to the internet. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to buy data for the portable router. Afterwards, it will create a wifi hotspot that you can connect with your other devices and comfortably surf the web.

Portable router is usually essential for avid travellers who have no guarantee of internet accession were they are going. You can simply buy a local simcard and subscribe to a data plan of your choice. Also, unlike some other methods of getting internet that might force you into a contract, this one does not. There is the option of paying only for the data you are spending on daily basis, with no commitments whatsoever. Another added advantage is the fact that these hotspot devices are usually small in size and compact. Hereafter, you can put it in your backpack or pockets and carry it everywhere you go.

While this might be the perfect way to ensure you have internet access any time of the day, it’s not completely free. For one thing, you will have to incur costs on purchasing the portable router, a sim card and data. In addition, if you will be using more than two devices at the same time, one that supports the highest number of simultaneous connections will be the best fit. Also be keen on the quality of wifi signal and the speed.

Research on the popular hotspot locations

There are always those places that have free wifi. Do your own research and discover them, then take advantage of what they have to offer which is the free internet. As a matter of fact, the wisest thing you can ever do is living close to the places you are certain they provide free internet.

Most hotels and businesses offer free wifi to their customers but this may come with some strings attached. For instance, the big businesses such as Starbucks always have free hotspots. Restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors are among the many businesses that have discovered the huge benefits behind free wifi hotspots. However, there is s trick to this because you have to buy something first before you are allowed an internet connection.

If you are spending a night or two at a hotel, there is a good chance you will benefit from their free internet. Most of the hotel owners understand the hustle that comes with accessing the internet while in a new destination. That’s why they provide free wifi hotspots at the lobby or in the entire hotel surroundings.

Another place where people enjoy access to free internet is in the libraries. The reality is that we don’t simply visit a library to read books. Sometimes people want to research on a certain topic and the information may be online. That’s why libraries offer free internet to the public. If you are given a school assignment that requires plenty of research, spend some time in a local library and surf the web at no cost

As you might have noticed, a good number of people are self-employed or freelancers. Mostly, such people opt to work from home or in the co-working spaces. Normally, the co-working spaces have internet so that people can go about their activities with no hustles. This is certainly the perfect place for people who work online or their kind of job requires using the internet. Furthermore, the internet connection here is reliable and faster than that in a restaurant or public plaza.

Look for any hidden networks

It’s not everyone who is ready to share their wifi networks. There are people who go through the trouble of hiding their wifi networks so that it’s not easily identified or even available to others. However, there is always a way around most of these tricks. A hidden or undocumented wifi network is not entirely out of reach. As a matter of fact, you can discover them using one of the wifi finding apps out there.

Get free wifi from your cable company

Very few people would be interested in getting free internet from a cable company. However, this method provides you with some advantages too. For instance, you are allowed access to their many wifi hotspots in different parts of the country. To be able to identify the wifi hotspots provided by that particular cable company, all you have to do is check their website or download their app.

The only thing about this option that will probably not please you is their requirement for you to subscribe to the home cable internet. This means that even if you will have access to their free wifi hotspots available all over the towns and cities, you still have to pay for the cable internet. Therefore, weigh your options carefully and decide whatever will work in your best interest.

Consider signing up for a loyalty program

This may not be the best way to get wifi wherever you can but it can greatly help. There are a number of businesses and some hotels that offer free wifi to their customers if they sign up for a loyalty program. Mostly, it’s wise to do so when this is a place you frequently visit. Furthermore, majority of these programs are absolutely free. Just be wary of the many newsletters likely to be sent to your email afterwards.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to get wifi anywhere I go and is it completely free?

Nowadays, there are wifi hotspots almost everywhere even in the rural areas where you would expect to not find them. I have already covered some of the ways to ensure you have internet connection no matter the location. However, most businesses would require you to buy something from them before connecting to their wifi network. Keep that in mind.

Is public wifi safe?

The truth is free public wifi is never safe and there are a lot of risks involved. Hackers can easily get a hold of your data through such networks. There are cases of people having their bank accounts wiped cleaned because they shared personal information through public wifi. Be warned and take all the measurements required to keep your information safe.


There are very many ways you can access wifi at any time of the day or night and anywhere. When using public wifi, protect your information from hackers with a VPN. Your internet privacy should come first before everything else. With that said, I am sure this article will be quite useful to you.

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