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Hughesnet Trial Period review

Hughesnet Trial Period – Everything You Need To Know

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Interested in getting a Trial period from Hughesnet then follow this small guide to show you home, then the short answer is YES, but there is a small catch which we will explore in this article.

Why Choose HughesNet Services?

When it comes to an internet service provider to rely on especially in the United States, HughesNet will be among the list because for many years they’ve been in this business and still active till date.

Indeed, they’ve proved their worth in the provision of satellite internet service with improved bandwidth and great speeds that everyone from streamers and gamers can enjoy and it just so happens that Americans residing in rural areas are the biggest beneficiary of their service.

But many people still have unanswered questions when it comes to their services and this is where we come in!

The most crucial among these unanswered questions is about their trial period. Hence, in this write-up, the emphasis will be on the trial period of HughesNet with other necessary tidbits of information you need to know before subscribing.

Is There a Trial Period On Hughesnet Service?


But here’s the catch, it requires an upfront 24-month commitment and if you choose to cancel the service within 30 days then you will be billed a termination fee of $400, but if you return the equipment within 45 days then you can get a $200 refund.

Many potential subscribers who may want more clarification should go to their legal page here.

The truth is that HughesNet has really shown they have the interest of their subscribers at heart by offering 30 days’ free trial period,

The Cancelation Policies Of Hughesnet

As mentioned above, It’s important you know that as a subscriber to HughesNet, you’ll be charged $400 if you cancel after the 30 day period. Apart from this, you can also be penalized the sum of $400 when you refuse to send back any equipment that belongs to HughesNet within 45 days.

In their terms and conditions, it is clearly stated that you’ll be penalized, so it’s not a new thing if you’ve actually read the policies of operation.

However, the termination fee can be waived if you return all the equipment in your possession after cancelling your subscription at the end of the trial period.

When this is put side by side, you may agree with me that their terms and conditions are not that harsh, however many people will likely disagree and the decision to go with this service should be carefully decided on before signing the contacts.

Be informed that this right to cancellation is not applicable when you sign a two years contract with them. You’ll be penalized when you breach the contract before its expiration.

Hidden Fees On Hughesnet

Like I stated earlier, as a potential subscriber that wants to come on board, you’re expected to sign a two years’ contract, and also pay for equipment you’ll use during that time, which is really expensive, unlike any known cable providers. One unique to note about their service is that within the two years, the price remains the same without any possible hikes, which is really commendable unlike many other competing pricing agreements from other companies.

However, it is still the wish of the subscribers that HughesNet will reduce the contract duration from 24 months to 12 months or scrap it entirely. From all these, you’ll discover that going out and reentering the network won’t be an easy thing to do. Hence, you need to do your research and due diligence, especially if you know you may need to relocate within the next two years before you subscribe.

Equipment Costs

A modem together with a satellite antenna must be in place if you intend to use HughesNet broadband internet service. This equipment is expensive either leased or purchased from HughesNet, but it can be cheap to an extent if you intend to lease it for two years. For instance, if you lease this equipment, you’ll pay $359.76 at $14.99 per month.

It’s better than purchasing them at $449.00. However, there is still an activation fee of $99 to be paid if you lease the equipment. The payment is waived for those who purchase the equipment.

When you decide on which one to go for, next is the book for a scheduled installation which should be done by a professional no matter how handy you might be.

These installations are done by third-party contractors, meaning they do not work directly under HughesNet, but they’re trained to locate the right angle, spot and height where to mount the dish for an excellent signal.

Remember: Installation can last between four to five hours. Therefore, you might need to block out at least half your day.

In Conclusion

If you do not require lots of speed and also want to avoid a hike in internet price, this is the network for you. HughesNet has proven to offer consist of internet speed over the years. Aside from that, now you’re aware what the trial period entails and what is required from you as a potential subscriber.

Most especially, we laid more emphasis on the terms and conditions related to the cancellation and the penalties linked to it when due process is not followed.

For more information, you can read the terms and conditions provided by HughesNet and make sure you understood it before signing the contract that will keep you for two years.


Is there a trial period for HughesNet?

Yes, there is a trial period of 30 days, but after that, if you intend to continue using their service, you need to sign a contract of 2 years. Any cancellation before the expiration date attracts a penalty.

Is it possible to get out of the HughesNet contract?

Well, you can get out of it if you present a valid reason that will make them cancel your service. Majority of times, even if you do, it might attract a cost unless in a situation where the primary contract holder passed away.

Before I cancel my contract with HughesNet, how long do I have?

Generally, you’ve 24 months before you can cancel the subscription. However, if it’s your decision to terminate the contract before the expiration, an early termination fee will be applied.

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