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Republic Wireless - get the cheapest plans and options

Republic Wireless Reviews – The Cheapest Plans in 2022?

Every internet and phone service user wants to save as much money as possible on their monthly bill. But as much as everyone wants to make sense of every cent, it’s very important to be sure you are subscribing to the best services. That said, you should always check alternatives and options in your area before subscribing to any phone and Internet service.

However, people in rural areas have fewer options when it comes to wireless service providers. Suppose Republic Wireless is available in your area. In that case, I’m plenty sure you want to understand the provider in and out, their services, plans, prices, available alternatives, and most importantly, how reliable the company is.

Have you come across promotions and ads online praising Republic Wireless and their cheap phone services? If yes, you’ve definitely grown some interest and want to understand the company better.

What is Republic Wireless?

Republic Wireless started its operations in 2011, and over time, the company has changed the way people pay for phone and internet services. It is a cell phone provider using T-Mobile networks to provide reliable and affordable services to the American land’s most marginalized areas. Recently, people have started to notice that Republic Wireless is stealing customers from big carriers, mainly because users can save a massive amount of money.

In simple terms, Republic Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator that has been offering low-cost phone services mainly through Wi-Fi. In case Wi-Fi is not available, they will automatically fall back on T-Mobile’s national GSM and CDMA networks. Republic Wireless is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.

It was started as a subsidiary of Bandwidth.com. Few months after its creation, the company announced its determinations to offer Phone services and wireless services to the people in the country from as low as $19 every month. However, the company has low Data limits that is not suitable for gamers and solemn streamers.

Currently, Republic Wireless offers affordable phone services and wireless services to the largest part of the country. All the plans include text, Hotspot capabilities, and calls. It’s also very easy to get your money within 14 days, especially if you are not satisfied with the services. It’s very easy for the users to choose a month-to-Month plan or pay annually and save up to 20% off. The pricing is reasonable and straightforward, and I haven’t come across any complaints about hidden fees or poor customer service.

How Republic Wireless works?

Republic Wireless uses wireless networks just like the name suggests. Instead of using the cell networks to make calls, use the internet and send messages, they use Wi-Fi to facilitate the service. This way, Republic Wireless saves a lot of money on installation and paying for cell network access. The savings are visible through the low phone rates that Republic Wireless gets monthly. Luckily, every American is close to a Wi-Fi spot. Our homes have Wi-Fi spots, workplaces, and stores equally have Wi-Fi spots, which makes it easy to access Republic Wireless services.

What Network does Republic Wireless use?

Being a mobile Virtual Network Operator, Republic Wireless partners with Sprint Mobile and T-Mobile to provide their wireless and Phone services all over the country. After subscribing, customers can benefit from signals from both of these companies. The customer support will choose where you will get the signals from. The strongest network may inform the decision in your area or any other information that may affect the strength of your signals. Their services will only work with GSM network and CDMA network, depending on the provider closest to your area.

It’s important to remember that T-Mobile has merged with Sprint, but their business works differently. Currently, Republic Wireless is providing services on Sprint’s nationwide network. There is upcoming information that the service may merge soon. Check the details here.

The few people that have tested by using Republic network through T-Mobile network can testify that there were no dropped calls and missing texts. However, the call quality issue has been reported in several cases. The data speeds are exceptional, and the download speed can go as up as 25Mbps. But if you live in areas where AT&T and Verizon are dominant, Republic Wireless may not be the best option for you and you may have been forced to look for alternatives.

Republic Wireless Cost and Monthly price

The prepaid plans with Republic Wireless start from $15 before additional fees and taxes. This price includes unlimited talks and texts. For the data, you will be required to pay an additional $5 for 1GB of data. If you can manage to use less than 1GB of data in a month, then the monthly cost will not exceed $20, as shown in the table below.

Unlimited Talk & Text  Unlimited Talk & Text + 1GB Data
$15/month $20/month
Taxes and fees extra Taxes and fees extra

Taxes and fees may vary depending on where you live and the Network you are currently using. But, you should note that Republic Wireless plans are for light data users that mostly consider Wi-Fi as their main connection type. If you fall into this category, then Republic Wireless is a cheap option. But if you spend more than 10GB per month, the price is very likely to exceed what is offered by most competitors.

Before you subscribe to Republic Wireless, determine the amount of data you use daily, and eventually calculate the cost for monthly data and the cost. If you are a serious internet user that can spend more than 10GB of data in 30 days, check other alternatives. Luckily, all the Republic Wireless plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you’re not satisfied with the cost, plans, or customer service, you can always request your money back.

Common Republic Wireless plans

  • No Data Option: My Choice Unlimited Talk and Texts-This is the cheapest Republic Wireless plan that costs $15 every month. However, with this internet plan from Republic Wireless, you will not enjoy data. Luckily, it’s cheap, and you have unlimited texts and talk.
  • 1GB plan: My Choice Unlimited Talk& Text with 1GB Data-If you really want to reply to your Whatsapp messages and upload your new videos on Tiktok and Facebook, this internet plan works perfectly fine for you. But remember, the data limit is 1GB, which is very low for serious internet users. 1GB is not enough to check Facebook updates and send Tiktok videos for more than a day. But for basic web browsing and updating statuses on Whatsapp and checking on Quora for recent updates, the plan can surprisingly serve you for a full month. You just have to pay $20, excluding taxes and fees.
  • 2GB data plans: My Choice Unlimited Talk & Text with 2GB data-You probably want to be connected throughout without data savers or worries of missing some important updates on News, Blogs, and retail shops. In this case, you need to get 2GB internet plan from Republic Wireless and at the same time pay $25 for all these services.

I want to add my data?

So, 2GB is not enough for your monthly data usage, and now you want to add data? Republic Wireless lets you add more data for only $5 per GB up to 15GB. Exceeding the 15GB mark, you will have to wait till the end of the month to add more data.

Coverage through Republic Wireless

When Republic Wireless entered the market, it was using Sprint’s Network. All the customers were supposed to purchase phones straight from them. However, from 2016, this changed, and now all the phones from Republic Wireless are unlocked and can be used on T-Mobile. This is promising news for people that want to bring their own phones and live in areas where Sprint Mobile network is not strong, but T-Mobile offers good coverage.

Currently, you can only get six plans from Republic mobile. The cheapest is $15, while the most expensive depends on the amount of data you add on your plan.

So will you receive a call when you are off-Wi-Fi?

The information available on the Republic Wireless site shows that users can send and receive calls regardless of whether they are on Wi-Fi or off-Wi-Fi. You can just have the Wi-Fi off and hit a cell tower for texts and calls. If your Wi-Fi call is not working smoothly, you can switch from Wi-Fi manually to Cells service. The app has a setting where you can turn on and receive your calls clearly.

Republic Wireless Customer service

We all know that the quality of customer service is as important as the amount of money and the services we pay for. Unluckily, Republic Wireless doesn’t offer phone services or even have retail shops where you can visit to raise common issues with the service.

This is mainly the issue with North Carolina-Based Republic Wireless. The easiest way to contact customer service, in this case, is to open a ticket or visit the community forums for quick fixes. The company also offers chat support. Luckily, submitting the requests through all these methods is effective and the customers get instant assistance. Everything from cancelling to changing the payment is facilitated through online chat support.

Recap: Is Republic Wireless good?

Republic Wireless is a great option for light internet users. It’s a great way to save money on utilities and, if possible, get the bests services depending on where you stay and the strength of the signals. The technology used in this case is good. Most users claim that you might drop a call, but that is once in a blue moon. Still, you can hit some spots where there is spotty wireless coverage, but all the same, that doesn’t happen that often.

Users are personally able to tackle most challenges that they encounter on a daily basis. Regardless of the fact that the company doesn’t have a number for customer service, their online chat is awesome, and users usually get instant replies to most of the queries.


How good is Republic Wireless?

Republic Wireless is a good option for cheap wireless services, especially if you can limit your monthly data usage to below 1GB per month. It’s perfect for people that want to use Wi-Fi and pay less for the best phone services.

Does Republic Wireless have unlimited data?

No, all the plans and packages have limited data usage. This is the main reason why Republic Wireless is not the best option for heavy internet users. If you stream several movies a month or want to play Splatoon 2 or League of Legends, republican wireless is not the best choice for you. Check around for options and alternatives with higher data caps.

Who’s the carrier for Republic Wireless?

T-Mobile is the carrier for Republic Wireless. The company is a virtual network operator that provides basic internet services to internet users, especially the ones in rural areas. In case the services are down, Republic Wireless falls back to T-Mobile’s two national GSM and CDMA networks.

Does Republic Wireless have 5G?

No, regardless of the fact that its main partner, T-Mobile, provides 5G networks, there are no Republic Wireless phones that are compatible with such services. This means that the answer is a no right now, but let’s wait and see what the future carries for Republic Wireless users.

Final verdict

Republic Wireless is a good option for people that need unlimited texts and calls and light internet users. If you’re a serious internet user spending time browsing, gaming, or streaming, Republic Wireless is definitely not an option. The prices are comparatively lower than what most competitors offer. Before you subscribe, always look at the spring and T-Mobile coverage in your area, whether you are an android user, whether you don’t need super-fast customer support through the phone and whether you are a light data user. Otherwise, the Republic Wireless will not be a good option for you.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
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John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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