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spectrum vs cox

Spectrum vs Cox – Comparing Internet Services

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In a market flocking with hundreds of Internet Service providers (ISPs) and comparison information between Cox and Spectrum Internet. It’s easy for a newbie to get confused and settle for the worst or even simply make a regrettable decision. Truth be told, we’ve been there at a point in time. This is the reason why people ought to take time and research deeply on each ISP in the U.S., what their competitors are saying, Internet speeds, Data caps, costs, and Internet plans. In this brief we will review Spectrum vs Cox internet plans if they are worth it.

Internet Service Comparison of Spectrum and Cox

Cox and Spectrum are major Internet service providers in the U.S. competing for the same large but constantly growing market. In most cases, these two ISPs are ranked closely. With such information, it’s natural for internet users to know why each ranks better than the other in some categories, what similarities exist, and what the current users have to say.

This article articulates on Cox and Spectrum key categories such as Internet speeds, pricing, Bundle plans, Customer satisfaction, and ratings. Read along and discover which of these two companies fairs well in the Internet service market.

Spectrum Internet Overview

Spectrum is a large broadband Internet service provider in the U.S. This company offers three internet plans with their prices ranging from $49.99 to $109.99. The internet speeds also range from 200Mbps to 940Mbps. It has no data caps for any of the internet plans.

Cox Internet Overview

Cox Internet is provided by Cox communications, which is an American provider of Digital Cable T.V., Home Automation Services, and Telecommunications. Their Internet is offered in a variety of packages and plans.

Coverage and Availability

It’s effortless to notice that Spectrum is way bigger than Cox in terms of coverage and availability. Spectrum offers Internet, T.V., and voice services to a comparatively large area because its one large ISP.

Unlike Cox communications, Spectrum provides internet services across 44 states in the United States. However, the most coverage is in California, New York, and Texas. Charter Spectrum offers cable internet to about 102.7 Americans. This is the reason why Spectrum is considered as the second-largest ISP. Spectrum Fiber internet is available to businesses in about 5,899 zip codes. It’s important to note that spectrum Fiber internet is not available for residential use.

Cox communications has a lower coverage area offering cable internet to 18 states only. Their main and strongest coverage is in Virginia, Arizona, and California. Cox Cable internet is available to 21.2 million people only. Though this leaves Cox communications in the 3rd position of the largest residential cable provider. Cox fiber internet is also available to residents and businesses in 1,139 zip codes.

With that information, it’s only fair to automatically credit spectrum in terms of coverage and availability. If you live anywhere in the U.S., always check the company website for information regarding coverage areas. Besides availability and coverage, there’s a lot more to consider before settling for an ISP.

is Spectrum or Cox good

Internet speeds – Is It Fast Enough

When it comes to Internet speeds, these two companies are hot in each other’s heels. Both have a list of plans with lower download speeds at affordable prices and those with high internet speeds at a higher price. Residents and businesses have the opportunity to choose from a variety of internet speeds that cox and spectrum offer. Companies with a high demand for ultra-fast download and upload speeds should consider the gigabit internet. This comes with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps.

Spectrum and Cox offer Gigabit Internet, but its availability may be limited to some specific big cities. Spectrum only provides the Gigabit Internet to businesses, which means that this plan can be limited or unavailable for residential homes.

The most common Internet plan for Cox and Spectrum is a 100Mbps plan. The reason behind its popularity is because the speeds are comparatively sufficient for most business and residential internet needs. The prices are also reasonable, and the upload speeds are perfect for a startup or a medium-sized business.

Unlike Spectrum, Cox Communications provides its gigabit Internet to a large number of customers and businesses. Their Gigabit internet is also not limited to a certain area or group of people. For that reason, Cox has the upper hand in this category. With that in mind, we can all agree that Gigabit internet is an unnecessary luxury in many households and even businesses. For that reason, this slight edge may not have a significant impact on your decisions.

Cheapest Internet plans

Spectrum Internet 100Mbps is the cheapest Internet plan from Spectrum at the cost of $49.99 every month. There are other plans such as Internet Ultra with 400Mbps at the cost of $69.99 and the Spectrum Internet GIG, which is the most expensive plan. It’s priced at $109.99 and consists of download speeds of up to 940 Mbps.

Cox, on the other hand, doesn’t offer 100Mbps. Although they have categories for Internet with speeds as low as 10Mbps and 50Mbps, I want to compare the Spectrum Internet 100Mbps with the Cox Internet Preferred 150, which comes with 150Mbps download speeds and a cost of $59.99 per month. When comparing the two closely similar plans from Spectrum and Cox, it’s easy to notice that the cheapest plan overall is Spectrum Internet 100. Though, for an additional 50Mbps, I would go for Cox Internet Preferred 150. That speed is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, and at the same time, its reasonably priced.

Another important aspect to note is that Cox Gigabit internet plan is cheaper than that of Spectrum. If picked as a stand-alone internet plan, someone will have to pay only $99.99 per month. But their Gigabit plan can be combined with other services such as T.V. and voice at an additional fee.

Cost, Data and Value for money

Besides availability and speeds, the monthly cost, data caps, and the value for your money are important aspects to consider. People want to know if one can still get good Internet at an affordable price. Well, some of us want to save every penny we can. Note, most of the time, the advertised rates are only introductory prices, and this is bound to change over time.

This means that your Internet may get a higher bill at the end of the month until you reach your standard rates. The introductory rates on Cox seem more reasonable and effective than those on spectrum Internet. But when you eventually factor in the standard prices, Spectrum would be the better choice.

Installation fees, rental equipment fees, and other fees

Both Internet providers charge an installation fee for their services. While digging around, I actually noticed that the installation fee for cox internet is actually more expensive than that of Spectrum.

Additionally, someone can secure a free installation deal with both Cox and Spectrum, especially if they’re convincing enough. This means that you should always check to see whether such deals are available. Besides this, there may be a rental fee for the equipment added on the monthly bill. Professional installation on Spectrum will cost $49.99, while on Cox, it costs around $50 but varies with the type of connection.

Hidden Fees

Hidden fees; this is something that the ISPs seem to love so much. You might wonder why your monthly internet bill is going up by the day. This might have something to do with additional services or hidden costs, which you know nothing about. Both Spectrum and Cox have hidden costs that they don’t expose that easily unless you read into the fine print. For example, Spectrum charges an additional $8.95 for late payment and $4.99 as a reconnection fee. Who knew that? Someone can also pay more for DVR service package, DVR service fee, T.V. receiver with Built-in DVR and remote and many other services and products.

On the other hand, Cox communications will charge an extra amount for their internet equipment. Their single-band wifi modem will cost you $6.99 per month, and the dual-band wifi modem goes for another $9.99 per month. There are also data usage fees that can accrue because the Cox high-speed Internet plans come with a set data allotment.

Data allowances – Is It Enough?

When we come to data allowances, there’s a very clear winner here. Unlike Cox communications, Spectrum doesn’t have any set data caps on all of their internet plans. This indicates that customers are free to use as much data as they want.

Unfortunately, Cox customers have a data ceiling which they cannot surpass for free. All the users are given a 1TB of data to use. This is a lot for most households with average internet usage, and exceeding this limit is unlikely. However, some businesses are bound to deplete this set data allowance, especially if they offer customers free wifi. All in all, unlimited data is always the best choice for the majority. Hence, thumbs up to Spectrum.

Best Internet deals from Spectrum and Cox

The prices you see on Cox and spectrum websites are only introductory, as I had already mentioned. In this case, you will notice that Cox offers the best value, considering the money you will pay until the end of the contract time. One big drawback is that their standard rates are higher than those of Spectrum internet.

Customer reviews – What People Are Saying?

It’s very obvious that Internet Service Providers don’t have a good reputation when it comes to their customer service satisfaction. Cox and Spectrum are not an exception; they are actually notorious for poor customer service.

A close analysis of the available reviews proves that spectrum customers seem to be more pleased than those of Cox. Common complaints you will hear from spectrum users are inconsistent speeds and extremely slow responses.

On the other hand, Cox has a bad rap when it comes to price hikes. This appears to be a common but very daunting issue to the customers. I bet I had already stated that Cox has better introductory prices, but their standard rates are higher than those of Spectrum Internet.

Spectrum is likely to win this battle, but many users are still not happy with their services. Let’s now get three samples online and see what Spectrum Internet customers, both current and previous are saying about the services they received.

Christopher M. ‘’The download and upload speeds are good, but the service is inconsistent’’ This review from one of their long term customers reveals that the company offers inconsistent Internet.

Sandy C ‘‘Good services, but their Internet plans are overpriced. Their regular small increases add up to a huge problem for a person with a fixed income.’’ This reviewer continued to say that the company offers good channels, but most of them are useless. She continues to explain that she could find some deals and promotions when it was Time Warner, but it’s very hard to secure such promotions.

Are you wondering if Cox has such bad reviews? Let’s see what some of their prior and current customers are saying.

Daysha of Junction City, KS ‘’ This company has had the best services overall but the main issue is their customer service representatives. These people are the worst. There needs to be more customer service training! Barbara….is one of the nastiest things to hear, cox representatives that I have come across in a long time. I currently work in property management, and this customer representative goes with that prejudiced attitude inserting her nose into other people’s business. ‘’

The reviewer continued to explain that the customer service is the worst and has changed her look at the services offered by Cox Communications.

Andrew of Fox Lake, WI ‘’ For a single change of address, Cox support has wasted a lot of time giving me the turnaround time over and over. My family has 7 users, and I’ve been a loyal cox customer for about 5 years now. Besides being their loyal customers, I cannot get anyone to help me’’.

The reviewer continues to say that he has spoken to every department on Cox, and no one seems bothered. He even went on to say that the support team doesn’t have the intelligence and the skills to work in such a company.

It’s important to also check the specific provider’s rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other organizations. A report released by FCC shows that Spectrum has the most consistent internet speeds compared to Cox and several other Internet Service providers. Spectrum Internet also scored better than some of these companies because the speeds are sometimes higher than what’s been paid for.

Besides the fact that this company has some good ratings for their infrastructure and services, the reputation with BBB is not that good. Spectrum earns an F rating by the BBB which is the lowest possible rating.

This decision is mainly because of the thousands of complaints available online. The BBB rating is mainly to address how a company cooperates and interacts with its customers.

On a 2019 J.D. Power ISP satisfaction survey that evaluates how companies interact with their clients, Spectrum scored below average in many areas.

Cox, on the other side, has attracted a bad rating from many of these organizations. The claim with Cox is their high Standard costs and many other things.

Spectrum Internet pros

  • No contracts
  • Moderate rental fee
  • Reasonably priced internet plans
  • No data caps
  • A comparatively better Customer rating

Spectrum Internet Cons

  • Router rental fee of $5 monthly for the wifi
  • Slightly pricier internet plans

Cox Communications Internet pros

  • Multiple plan options
  • You can Bundle with a phone and cable T.V.
  • Better introductory prices
  • High-speed Internet

Cox Communications Internet Cons

  • The prices always go up
  • Poor customer support.

Bundle packages for TV + Phone + WIFI

If you’ve thought of Bundling services, the structure is the same for Cox and Spectrum. Each of these companies gives you a chance to bundle the Internet with Cable T.V. and Phone. However, if you’re keen enough, it’s easy to realize that the Cox Internet standard rate is higher than that of Spectrum. Their standard rates will also eventually be higher than those of Spectrum. At this point, Spectrum won again. Though, when it comes to Channels and packages, there are a lot of similarities between these two companies. Both of them offer a virtual list of channels. Keep in mind; Spectrum provided more channels.

Each of these companies offers a basic cable plan meaning that only broadcast networks are offered to the customers in exchange for a small monthly fee. It’s easy to notice that the bundle packages are almost the same, but Spectrum wins on the price.

The Cox TV packages are comparatively expensive. Spectrum only offers three channels with more premium inclusions and a low price than the ones you’ll find on Cox. This is mainly because of Spectrum larger nationwide footprint and its competitive advantage.

Spectrum vs Cox Features

If we check on the features for these two companies, Cox will come out ahead of Spectrum. Though, the two of them have taken efforts to overhaul their customer experience and offer users more features. The main reason why Cox is at the front of this list is that they’ve licensed Comcast X1, which can operate from Xfinity.

Comparing Spectrum vs Cox internet provider

Frequently asked questions

Is Cox the same as Spectrum?

No, these two companies offer similar Internet, Cable T.V., and voice services, but they are not the same. However, they’ve grown together dramatically over the last few years. Spectrum is formed from the Charter’s recent merger with Bright House Networks and Time Warner cable companies. It is also bigger than Cox, which is why they have a competitive advantage in the Internet T.V. and Voice services industry.

How Do I get a better deal with Cox Internet?

There are a couple of ways to secure a better deal with Cox. One of the most viable options is to call Cox customer support and tell them that you’re looking for a discount. You can express yourself politely and in detail, showing them how their internet plans have become expensive. Equally, notify them that you are willing to stay if they secure a discounted deal with you; otherwise, you may opt for a competitor.

Who has the best cable and Internet services?

Cox is known for having better cable internet while the Charter spectrum is known for its no data cap internet plans. This indicates that choosing between the two companies depends entirely on what you’re looking for and your utilities.

The winner

Anyone who has been following the comparisons in each category closely, determining the winner is easy. The only places where Cox can beat Spectrum is on the Internet speeds, features, and the introductory prices. For a long term user who cares much about the standard rating, Spectrum would be the only option.

Cost is a major determining factor in ISP. Even though Cox introductory prices are lower than those of Spectrum, people end up paying more on the standard prices. The Cox customers are not very contented with the cost factor and their customer care.

Finally, we have a winner: Spectrum. This Internet Service Provider has won in most of the categories and especially those of utmost importance. But, you don’t have to digest my word for it. Do your own comparison according to your internet requirements and the budget at hand. Simply put everything into consideration and settle for the provider you feel will serve in your best interest.

Final verdict

I’ve mentioned a couple of areas of consideration that someone should pay attention to before making up their mind between Cox and Spectrum. To be fully informed, you can visit the respective company’s websites and further evaluate before signing the contract. You still got chances to make a comparison list between these companies and others that are available to you. I understand the choices are limited but worth your time.


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