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review of cox internet services

Cox Internet Review – Still Worth It in 2021?

Cox Communications is not the only Internet Service Provider in the US Market. Its counterparts are offering similar Internet plans at a price that is slightly higher or lower. This leaves most new users confused and hence increases the chances of making a wrong decision.

Before deciding on your next Internet Service Provider (ISP), it’s important to be well versed with all the important categories, including the Cox Internet availability, Cox Internet plans, and prices, Cox Internet outages and speed test most importantly the available ISP alternatives in your area.

Cox Communications Overview

Cox Communications is a prominent entertainment and broadband company in the US providing high-speed Internet, home phone, Digital video, automation services, and Home security. This company has grown over time and is today regarded as the largest Private Telecommunication giant in the country.

Cox Communications serves more than 6 million residences and businesses in more than 19 states. It’s a company that has been around long enough to compete with some Internet service giants such as AT&T and CenturyLink, among many others. Cox was founded 50 years ago as a family-owned company. It’s the subsidiary of Cox Enterprises.

Types of services offered by Cox

The main Cox Communications offering is Cable Internet. But the company also offers fiber Optic Internet to residences and businesses in some select areas. At the date of writing this review, Cox Communications had 30,000 miles of Metro Fiber ready for utilization.

Is Cox Internet available in my area?

As stated above, Cox Communications offers Cable Internet to more than 19 states. Its main coverage is in Kansas, Ohio, Virginia, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, and North Carolina. It’s wise to always check on the official website to see whether Cox services are available in your local area.

Cox Internet Review Summary Table

Slowest Cox Internet plan Cox Internet starter 10Mbps
Fastest Cox Internet plan Cox GigaBlast 940Mbps
Recommended Cox Internet plan Cox Internet Ultimate
Cox Upload speeds 1Mbps-1,000Mbps
Price range $29.99-$99.99
Cox Data Caps 1TB
Cox Contract 1 Year Unless you Bundle
Professional Installation $100
Self-Installation Free
Early Termination fees Up to $120

Cox Pros

  • Wide range of Internet plans
  • Wide range of Internet speeds
  • Reasonable prices
  • Fast Internet speeds
  • Bundling options

Cox Internet cons

  • Not available in all areas
  • One-year contract
  • 1TB data cap

Cox Internet Plans and Prices

The prices offered on the Cox website are very reasonable, especially in an industry where key players compete for the same market. The Cox prices are lower than those of some major competitors. One thing I’ve specifically liked from Cox is the alternative for low-speed options. This is the essential package for people that want their basic Internet needs to be met.

The prices for the essential packages start very low. Users can upgrade to the top plans with time or when their internet needs are expected to climb up. The prices on the company’s website don’t include taxes, router rental fees, and modem fees or even the $10 per month, which accrues for people that want to contract per month instead of yearly.

Cox provides promotional prices to its new customers. Therefore, these are likely going to skyrocket after a while. However, I’ve personally found these prices to be very competitive. This is especially because Cox is not the only ISP with introductory rates.

Compared to CenturyLink, Xfinity and AT&T, these prices are not exceptionally high. This is evidence of their higher packages. Some ISPs charge double the price for the same speeds.

Have you noticed that Cox offers both low and high-speed Options? This is unlike some ISPs that will only offer expensive Internet with only three Internet speed options. The current plans stated on the Cox website have speeds from 10Mbps to 940Mbps. Basic Internet users would only have to choose 30Mbps or 150Mbps for downloading, Internet surfing, and watching content on YouTube.

Serious Gamers, streamers, and Business owners would choose between 500Mbps and 940Mbps. These speeds are enough for uninterrupted gaming, streaming, and business operations. Unlike most competitors, Cox customers can choose a plan that works best for them without draining their financial reserves.

Cox Internet Speed and Data

One of Cox’s selling points is the provision of fast speed Internet and a myriad of plans. Cox Internet provides excellent download speeds to all the customers. According to the Official Cox website, the company offers five Internet plans with different download speeds. The lowest Internet plan from Cox has a download speed of 10Mbps and comes at a monthly cost of $29.99. The fastest Internet Plan from Cox is Cox GigaBlast, with download speeds of 940Mbps at the cost of $99.99. Besides these Cox Internet plans, there are several others in the middle. To connect up to three devices and get seamless light email and internet browsing, 30Mbps is enough.

Budget shoppers looking for adequate Internet for video and Music streaming, 150Mbps is enough. This is one of my top picks because I’m sure 150Mbps is enough for a couple of home Internet needs, including browsing, gaming, and streaming.

500Mbps is the best selection for serious gamers that want to pay less than $80 per month for super-speed Internet. As shown in the screenshot below, Cox Internet has some of the best options ranging from cheap Internet to the fastest Plan.

Cox Internet Upload speed

One thing we all forget when hunting for a good Internet Service Provider is their Upload speeds. Upload speeds have a significant impact on the rate at which a file takes to be uploaded. Many people don’t care about this because the most important thing is how a document or File takes to come down.

For businesses, especially Freelancing and e-commerce, upload speeds play a vital role because someone has to upload large files to deliver orders and, at the same time, keep up with video, document, and audio downloads.

Cox Internet offers some good upload speeds. The speeds range from 1 Mbps to 35Mbps for the cable Internet plans. Another selling point for Cox is that they provide symmetrical download and upload speeds for their GigBlast Internet plan.

Cox provides the Internet for every need and different lifestyles. The low speeds are perfect for your parents, who only want to keep the tabs open and get some weather updates. The High Internet Speeds from Cox are perfect for Millennials who want to stream Movies and Music directly from Amazon Video or Netflix.

What Cox Internet speed right for Your Lifestyle?

People have different lifestyles. This consequently impacts the individual needs of the Internet. It’s hard for me to state the Internet speed that is right for you. However, the Internet starter 10 with 10Mbps is perfect for less than two users. If the household has less than 3 Internet users or devices working all at once, choosing Internet Essential with Download speeds of 50Mbps is wise.

Some families keep up to 4 devices connected. There’s a likelihood that some of the users are streaming high Definition or 4K video qualities, browsing, operating security systems, or gaming. Internet Preferred 150 with 150Mbps from Cox is perfect for you.

Creative professionals, people working from home, serious gamers, and Streamers wouldn’t go wrong with Cox Gigablast. This can seamlessly operate more than eight devices, all connected at once.

Cox Internet Bundle Offers

Most ISPs give you the option of Bundling TV, Home Phone, and Internet in one service. Unlike the competitors that only offer two bundling Options, Cox has nine bundle packages for you to choose from. The First Bundle is the Bronze Bundle that includes Home Phone, 140+TV channels, and 150Mbps download speed Internet at $89.99. This is the standard Bundle Package from Cox Communications.

If you want to go for the 940Mbps Internet, 250+ TV channels, and Home Phone, you’ll have to pay $159 monthly for the service. Besides these two extreme Bundle Packages, Cox offers a couple of others with as low as 10Mbps, 75+ channels, and home phone at $64 per month.

The information shared here is prone to changes over time depending on what is available on the Cox website. Always take your time to get more details from Cox. Note; most of these Bundle packages from Cox come with a Two-year Contract.

Cox Fees, Contracts and Equipment

Most Internet providers in the market will require you to sign a 12 months contract, and Cox is no different unless you’re willing to choose the monthly contracts at an extra cost of $10. This is one of the major Cox downsides because some competitors provide month-to-month Internet contracts without any additional fees.

Service fees

To get a professional Internet Installer, Cox will charge you $100. Another fee you should be ready to deal with is $120 early termination fees. The good thing is that Cox offers you 30 days to try their services, and if everything is not going right for you, it’s always easier to cancel without any additional costs. Self-installation will not cost you anything.

Equipment and fees

You’ll be required to rent Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway Modem every month at $10.99. But check around for Cox Deals and promotions to save you some money on rental equipment for a few months. Users can avoid the extra cost of renting a router from Cox. This is because Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway Modem doubles as a router.

I usually advise people to check for Cox Compatible Modems before buying their own. Some of the modems are compatible with every Cox plan.

Cox Internet Outages and Service Uptime

Is there a Cox Internet Outage in my area? Where should I report Cox Outages? These are the popular questions asked by Cox Internet Users. I have also come across some reviewers online saying that Cox Internet has experienced a couple of Outages in the past few years. Although there are several reasons for this, most people think the frequent outages are not suitable for business operations or a security system that highly depends on Cox Internet reliability.

I know dealing with an Internet Outage is a frustrating thing. However, if you’ll ever see your Cox Internet, TV and Phone disconnect, always check to be sure an outage caused this. You can consult with another Cox Internet user to see whether the problem is only in your house or with everyone.

In the case of an Outage, there are several things to do. But if the company is aware of the situation, they’re working to restore connections. Otherwise, start by resetting and rebooting your Internet equipment. After that, sign up to get a notification from Cox whenever they’re working on an Outage and most importantly when the issue is resolved.

Cox Internet Major Applications and Internet plan Recommendations


10Mbps is enough to stream your Movies and Music from Netflix in 4K and HD quality. But 10Mbps is not the best Internet speed for streaming. For that reason, Cox Internet has offered a couple of Internet plans to meet your Internet requirements.

Best Cox Internet plan for Streaming

I would specifically recommend Cox Internet 150Mbps for streaming. 150Mbps is enough to keep more than seven devices connected and stream movies and music seamlessly.

Cox Download and Upload application

To download medium-sized files such as Photos, Videos, and Documents or Upload some small files, you won’t take more than a minute to complete with speeds of 10 Mbps. But businesses understand the hustle that comes with Uploading a 1 GB document or File. For that reason, people should always go with the highest speed.

Best Cox Internet Plan for Downloads and Uploads

A household that requires uploading and downloading files, I recommend Cox Internet 500 with 500Mbps. This Internet plan also comes with 35Mbps upload speeds. 35Mbps is enough for small business upload needs.


You just need as low as 10Mbps Cox Internet to play your online games uninterrupted. But remember you’re playing with other teammates that have Internet speeds of more than 100Mbps. If you’re a serious Gamer, always choose more than 50Mbps and 5Mbps Download and Upload speeds, respectively, from Cox Internet.

Best Cox Internet plan for gaming

My best recommendation for serious gamers is 500Mbps and 35Mbps, respectively, from Cox Internet. This internet download and Upload speed are enough for a unified gaming experience.

Speedy Web Browsing

To browse websites, stay up to date on weather and get traffic updates, you need as little as 1Mbps in download speeds. This is one of the most popular Internet applications. Cox offering download speeds from 10Mbps shows that the plans are perfect for browsing.

Cox Internet Plan for speedy Web Browsing

Depending on your Budget, 10Mbps and 30Mbps download speeds from Cox are perfect for browsing and internet access. So, pick any of these two Internet plans.

What do Cox Customers think about the service?

Customers are happy that Cox communications offer a variety of options from low-cost Internet to high speed. However, a number of them are not happy about the contracts. Another thing on the list of complaints is Internet outages and the fact that it keeps on disconnecting.

Similar to other providers, cox customer service does not fare well. There are tons of users complaining about Customer service. Here are two reviews available on from previous Cox users.

A review that was left on July 10th, 2020, indicates that Cox internet experiences a lot of outages. The user was complaining about the very poor and unstable connections. According to him, the company simply says, ”we don’t provide Internet at the moment’’. This is ignorance.

Another user claims to have disconnected the Cox service on July 8th, 2020, but the bill kept coming. Eventually, he called the team and then realized the account was closed, but they went on to bill $180 to him.

Cox Customer care review

Out of all the above complaints from the previous and current customers, do you think Cox Customer Service is any better? Let’s find out. Generally, Cox seems to have a bad reputation for customer service. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) report, Cox has a score of 61/100, which is not that bad. This was a one-point improvement from the previous year.

If you have to contact Cox Customer service, I recommend asking and repeating questions, taking notes, and always request an email with all the details. This is because the Customer rep is likely to ignore your claim.

Cox Internet service cancellation information

There may be users who want to cancel the service for a better alternative. Others want to cancel because they are relocating to another area where Cox Internet is not available. Either way, the process of canceling Cox Internet service is easy. Follow the below steps to disconnect;

Make up your mind-Are you sure you want to cancel? I usually advise people to take time to make up their minds. Be 100% sure you want to cancel, and there are no second thoughts.

Call Cox Customer care- Visit the Cox Communications Official site and get contact details. Call and let the Customer service know that you wish to cancel the service. The representative will always refer you to the relevant authorities that will facilitate this process.

Visit the Local Cox store if you want to cancel in person. There are representatives here that will listen to you and help terminate the service.

Return Cox Internet Equipment – Uninstall and carefully Pack Cox Modems, Router controls, cable Boxes, and ship them to the designated Cox Service locations.

Pay the required Fees-For terminating the Cox Contract before the end of the term; you will be required to pay $120. It’s important to ask a new provider whether they have a Contract Buyout program to save significantly.


Is Cox Internet any good?

Cox communications are not the best provider overall, but its average download speed was measured at under 104%. This means that people that have ordered 50Mbps may experience internet speeds slightly above that. But there are also chances download speeds can go below what is advertised. The good thing is you’re going to get the speeds you paid for, if not better than that.

What Internet is better than Cox?

Cox has a couple of competitors that are offering higher Internet speeds. Spectrum, as an example, scored 114.7% for the download speeds. Xfinity, on the other hand, scored 112.5%, which is slightly above the Cox Speed Test score at 104%. These two are better alternatives to Cox.

Is Cox Essential fast enough for Netflix?

Cox’s Internet Essential Plan is good enough for Netflix streaming. 15Mbps from Cox is not the best, but at least it’s enough for streaming shows on Netflix with fewer Interruptions.

Which Internet is better: Cox or Verizon?

Verizon gets the upper hand because it offers great TV options and comparatively better download and Upload speeds for closely similar prices. On the other hand, Cox has more affordable Internet.

Who has better Internet: Cox or AT&T?

AT&T features a fiber plan with download speeds of 940Mbps. Similarly, Cox has a Fiber plan with download speeds of 1,000Mbps. Besides the fact that Cox provides faster Fiber Internet speeds, AT&T brings those 940Mbps to more areas.

Final verdict

Cox Communications provides high-speed Internet to more than 6 million people in the US. The major selling point for Cox communications is fast Internet, low-speed Options, reasonable prices, and availability of the bundling Options.

On the other hand, contracts, data limits, outages, and hidden fees should make you think twice. With Cox, you have a 1TB data cap monthly. Although it’s difficult to outshine such a high data cap, someone would incur additional costs in case they do.

All-in-all, Cox communication does a good job offering lots of options to the customers and pricing their Internet plans reasonably. With this information in mind, it’s very easy to make an informed decision regarding the ISP.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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