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review of earthlink internet service

EarthLink Internet – Is It A Good ISP in 2021?

The internet is a necessity that people require for several reasons. People need internet to access information online, do job-searching, work from home, and participate in the ever-growing world through social media platforms.

The United States was ranked the 3rd in internet usage in 2019, just behind India and China. The same statistics indicate the country has more than 312.32 Million users proving that more than 90% of adults in the USA use internet.

Mostly, the internet is provided by the private sector and is available in a couple of options. The cost and speeds also vary depending on the provider. Although Americans are lucky enough to have at least two Internet Service Providers (ISPs) available in the local areas, lack of competition has greatly been blamed for the high internet prices and poor customer service.

To make wise decisions in such a market, someone should take some time to hunt for an ISP that will meet all the individual internet needs. This includes searching for alternatives that are available in your local area and, at the same time, reading the reviews online.

This brief reviews one of the most popular ISPs in the US market. EarthLink offers Internet services to millions of people in the country. Let’s see some of the Internet speed options you have from Earthlink in your area, the prices per month for each of the internet plans, bundle options, and what previous and current EarthLink customers think about the service.

EarthLink Overview

EarthLink is a company that was founded in 1994 to provide high-speed internet to customers in the US market. Most people want to know whether there’s any relationship between EarthLink and Windstream. There was a merger between Earthlink and Windstream, but this only lasted for a short period. All in all, Earthlink continues to compete favorably with other industry giants.

EarthLink Internet summary Table

Category Features
Cheapest Internet Plan 15Mbps
Fastest Internet plan 1,000Mbps
EarthLink service Type DSL, Cable, Dial-up, satellite, and cable
EarthLink Prices $49.95-$99.95/month
Data Caps Unlimited
EarthLink Bundle Options Available: TV, Internet security, Phone, and Internet
Modem Rental fees $6.95 per month
Installation fees $69.95
Early Termination fees Up to $200
Contract 1 Year

Earth Link service Type

EarthLink offers Fiber Optic Internet to people in more than 28,000 miles of Fiber routes. The company provides internet access to residents, small and large businesses. Looking back, EarthLink has quite grown and improved its services.

One selling point for EarthLink is that it has a variety of network types. They take advantage of the range of connections. For instance, EarthLink provides fiber internet, cable, and DSL service options. These network types have a couple of advantages and disadvantages depending on the availability and the situation at hand.

It’s important to note that you may have more than one option available in your area. For people who live in areas where fiber network is accessible, it’s always good to choose the fiber internet plans for faster and consistent connections.

In the rural regions and small towns, fiber internet may not be readily available. In this case, the next available option is DSL or cable. There are times you will not even have access to cable internet if you live out in the ‘wilds.’ DSL doesn’t have the fastest connections but will get some tasks done, such as checking emails.

Is EarthLink Internet available in my area?

EarthLink Internet is available to 165.4 million people in the US. The Internet service is offered to about 30 states, but the greatest coverage is Texas, California, and New York. For that reason, EarthLink is considered the largest ISP in terms of availability and coverage area.

EarthLink offers a couple more services, including EarthLink Fiber Network. The fiber network is available in about 24.9 million people in the US. This makes this company the 3rd in the provision of Fiber Internet in the country by coverage area.

EarthLink pros and cons

EarthLink Pros

  • Variety of Network Options
  • Additional Benefits
  • Bundle Options
  • Plan options and pricing
  • Large coverage
  • Reliable Internet connections


  • Confusing availability terms
  • One year contract

EarthLink prices and plans

EarthLink is a great Service Provider because it has a couple of Internet options to cater for all internet users with different lifestyles. The EarthLink reach in the country is limited, but they usually partner with a couple of other providers to offer you the internet from wherever you’re.

I’ve personally liked the EarthLink’s Internet options, but the prices need to be lowered slightly. Compared to what other providers are offering, the EarthLink Internet is comparatively expensive. Additionally, the prices and the download speeds will vary depending on where you live. This is actually what makes it difficult to discern their monthly cost and where different network types are available. Here is a table with all the current data to give you some insights on EarthLink’s prices and plans.

EarthLink Internet Plan Download speeds Price/month
EarthLink HyperLink 15Mbps 15Mbps $49.95
EarthLink HyperLink 30Mbps 30Mbps $59.95
EarthLink HyperLink 100Mbps 100Mbps $69.95
EarthLink HyperLink 200Mbps 200Mbps $79.95
HyperLink 1 Gbps 1,000Mbps $99.95

Depending on where you reside, these prices and speeds can vary greatly. Another thing is that this data is valuable to the date of writing this review, and hence, there are chances that the information will have changed significantly with time.

I know you’re already wondering why EarthLink charges such a high price on all their plans per month. Compared to some providers such as CenturyLink and Xfinity, the HyperLink 200Mbps is higher than the price for the gig plan.

Additionally, Xfinity and CenturyLink offer better speeds at lower prices. Comparing the EarthLink price and speed with what is offered by Windstream and CenturyLink, you will be surprised. The fastest Kinetic Plan from Windstream goes for only $56, the highest Internet plan from CenturyLink also goes at a relatively lower price of $65. Xfinity is the only ISP offering internet at a price higher than that of EarthLink. But note, that price is for the 2,000Mbps plan.

The only thing that EarthLink should boast about in this category is that the prices don’t come with sly promotional rates and data caps. I like this, but coming to the fact that I’ll be hooked to such prices for a year makes it worse. Oh! Another thing, the EarthLink’s prices are very likely to go up after the year’s contract. This is normal with several other ISPs, but it’s surprisingly higher on EarthLink.

Internet speed and Data

I will have to echo EarthLink for its high Internet speeds. Although it’s high-speed Fiber Internet is available in a small coverage area, it’s still a point to note. The EarthLink Internet offers Speeds for all types of applications from streaming, online gaming, business Upload needs, and web browsing.

Surprisingly, the price you will pay on EarthLink is comparatively higher than what the competitors are offering. For that reason, take time to compare and make a knowledgeable decision, especially if you have a couple of alternatives.

Furthermore, there’s little Data about EarthLink on the Federal communications commission’s Portal. This way, it’s hard to deduce whether EarthLink offers advertised speeds at the same rate. Depending on your Internet needs, it’s important to choose the Internet plan that will work for you. You can choose the best Internet for Streaming or the best Internet for gamers at any time you want.

EarthLink offers Unlimited Data. This is a pretty sweet perk for avid gamers and streamers. We don’t even have to think about Streaming limits, surcharges, and throttling. Most of EarthLink competitors offer a 1TB data cap, which is not the case here. Users are free to stream Infinity Wars or team up for a good gaming experience without any worries.

This is a perk, but remember, I have to mention EarthLink’s unreasonable prices repeatedly. It’s only fair for the company to lower the prices given the few Internet options its customers have.

EarthLink Bundled Offers

There’s little information about EarthLink bundle options, especially when it comes to pricing and features. Though, users can at any time Bundle TV, Phone, and Internet from EarthLink. To get the latest bundle options, get in touch with EarthLink customer service.

EarthLink fees, contracts, and equipment

Many of us don’t like contracts because they tie you down. Unfortunately, Earthlink includes a one year contract on all of its plans. This is likely to get you tied up for 12 months and bear with the hefty prices even after new alternatives arrive in your area. Additionally, you don’t have an option to avoid Installation fees and rental equipment fees. The company doesn’t offer an option to buy your equipment or even self-Installation.

Keep in mind; the contract is for both DSL and the Fiber Internet plans. Although I didn’t like the 1-year contract, I agree it’s not the worst. As a matter of fact, some ISPs have a two year Internet contract which doesn’t protect you from price hikes.

Equipment rental fee

With Earthlink, you must use their equipment. Users don’t have an option to buy and install their own equipment. This is not appealing since you’ll have to add $6.95 on your bills every month. The equipment issued by Internet Service providers is not the best in terms of quality, and this is the most unfortunate thing. In some cases, the router and the modem are outdated, or some have poor features that are costly and useless.

All in all, EarthLink Equipment rental fee is lower than that of most ISPs. Paying $6.95 per month is lower than the rental fee on Xfinity and CenturyLink. This low rental equipment fee makes the whole situation a less a bitter pill to swallow.

Service fees

Besides the 1-year contract and ‘Don’t-Bring-your-own modem’ policies, EarthLink slums you with a couple of other fees. The pro installation will cost you $69. But this is slightly lower than what most ISPs offer. Most of them require users to pay up to $99 for installation.

Who likes the EarthLink’s early termination fee, which can climb up to $200? In case you get a better alternative in your area or think of relocating, EarthLink will allow you to cancel the service after paying the early termination cost. Surprise, surprise!

EarthLink Outages and Service Uptime

EarthLink, just like other companies, faces a couple of challenges. One of these challenges is outages and downtime. But the company promises you more than just a reliable Internet connection. Most users claim that EarthLink offers up to 99% uptime. This indicates that outages can occur, but only 1% of the time you use the service.

EarthLink outage can occur in case of Network Congestion and issues with your equipment. Network congestion will occur if you’re in an area where many people are seriously using EarthLink Internet simultaneously. Although this may not cause a total outage, the download and upload speeds may be affected.

EarthLink Internet Applications


EarthLink offers Internet speeds for all types of lifestyles. If you’re a serious streamer of online video content, EarthLink offers you exactly that. But remember, EarthLink Internet is not the best in terms of speeds. EarthLink has fewer fast-Internet plans. Speeds of up to 75Mbps are perfect for streaming, but you will need more download speeds for the price.

Download and Upload

To download and Upload content, you don’t need 1,000Mbps for that purpose. I’m trying to mean that EarthLink Internet speeds are perfect for downloading and Uploading standard content online. However, businesses would need a relatively higher Upload speed for uploading huge files such as applications, videos, and Video Conferencing.


75Mbps is a good speed for all gaming needs. Serious gamers can opt for EarthLink 75+Mbps for gaming purposes. I would recommend EarthLink 1,000Mbps for gaming, but the price is currently too high. Let’s hope the company will ever lower that price to match what its counterparts are providing.

Speedy web Browsing

To keep updated with the latest news, browse your Facebook posts and post comments and reviews online, 5Mbps is enough. Though, if you need uninterrupted Internet connections for Speedy web browsing, choose EarthLink 75+Mbps.

EarthLink additional Features

EarthLink users have a couple of additional features that they can choose together with their Bundle or Internet-only plans. Here are some of them.

  • My Account
  • My EarthLink portal to customize your services
  • EarthLink support
  • EarthLink Email

What this shows is that you can sign up for an email account with EarthLink. The email account will come with a mobile app for convenient use. Users can as well get Virus and Spam protection features from EarthLink.

How would you feel knowing that you can customize your Internet browser homepage to stay up to date with all the features you want? This is what happens with EarthLink Internet, where you can choose features to keep you up to date with News, Sports, and social media networks.

EarthLink Speed Variability

I’ve stated this somewhere on the list. EarthLink Download and Upload speeds vary widely depending on the location and the technology available. Every location has different speeds and prices, depending on some of these factors. Thus, you should check with Customer service agents to clearly understand what is available to you.

Limited High-speed range

I didn’t like the limited high-speed range with EarthLink Internet options. Observing EarthLink Internet plans closely, it’s easy to understand that the company has mainly focused on low-speed Internet packages. People need Internet speeds of 200Mbps, 300Mbps, 400Mbps, or even 500Mbps, which the company doesn’t offer. The price for the Low-speed Internet plans is unreasonably higher than expected.

Being one of the largest Cable, Fiber, and DSL internet providers, you may wonder why they’re not paying attention to what customers want. If you need High-speed Internet, you better consider fiber Optic alternatives from EarthLink, which is unfortunately available in select regions.

What do customers think of the EarthLink Internet service?

EarthLink, just like other companies, has a couple of drawbacks. I’ve heard people complain that the EarthLink customer service rep shut down the Live chat with customers. Most of the people have left reviews about the dial-up and email services.

One of the reviewers said that his experience with Customer service was ‘’meh,’ whatever that means. He adds that he doesn’t like that users are asked for EarthLink email address to enter Live chat support.

He continues to explain that his first EarthLink rep on Live chat was professional and helpful. This rep offered answers to a couple of questions regarding the equipment fees and the services.

Unfortunately, when the reviewer tried the Live chat for the second time, he got another Rep that doesn’t care about the customer issues. The rep instructed the reviewer to call, but still, his issue was not dealt with.

Another person claims that at first, EarthLink service was slow, and the reps were not ready to help. The service would go down several times a day, which only caused problems. But with time, the service turned out well, and now he doesn’t regret it.

Another reviewer left a one-star review on claiming that the services are spotty and the customer care is poor. He continues to say he was unable to talk to the English speaking support. Ultimately, he agreed that the service is frustrating.

Aside from these three reviews, the American Customer Satisfaction Index has no EarthLink entry on the category. This means no one can get specific scores for EarthLink’s Customer satisfaction. Besides the information provided by the ACSI, EarthLink’s customer reviews available online says it all. They definitely have to up their game and do better.

Service cancellation

Do you need to cancel the EarthLink Internet service? If yes, there are a few things you should know before proceeding. Firstly, you should sign up for new Internet service. This is to make sure you’re connected even after the disconnection from EarthLink.

  • Are you really determined to cancel? Before calling EarthLink Customer service, decide whether canceling is a viable option. If you have some solvable issues with your internet, I would recommend trying to solve them before canceling.
  • Call EarthLink customer service via 1-800-237-0148. It’s now time to call the rep and ask them to refer you to the retention department or the Billing department. After this, explain every detail about your cancellation.
  • Pack and return your Internet Equipment-EarthLink doesn’t give you an option to use your equipment. For that reason, it’s important to return EarthLink rented equipment before finalizing the process.


What is EarthLink HyperLink?

This was first announced in 2016, reflecting all the EarthLink fiber Internet plans. In this case, the Fiber network is delivered in your home through a Fiber Optic Cable, and the data will eventually be transferred through it in light speeds. The EarthLink Hyperlink plans prices start from $49.95 to $99.95. The speed also varies from 50Mbps to 1,000Mbps.

Which EarthLink Plan is best for me?

There are a couple of EarthLink Internet options on their Portal, depending on where you reside. The company also offers DSL and Fiber Internet. The DSL internet cannot match the Internet speeds of Fiber. So, if you want ultra-speed internet, always go for EarthLink Hyperlink gig with 1,000Mbps. Otherwise, you can also choose 50Mbps and 100Mbps.

What is the best EarthLink Internet plan for Gamers?

Gamers should always go for EarthLink HyperLink plans that are above 100Mbps. This doesn’t mean 50Mbps is not perfect for gaming, but remember there are chances you can get lower than advertised Internet speeds. Choosing Internet plans with higher speeds is better for gamers even when the internet speed is slower than advertised.

Final Verdict

EarthLink is one of the biggest ISPs in terms of coverage, but I feel like it’s the last in terms of Internet speed options and prices. First of all, EarthLink offers Internet options that are on the low ends of internet speeds. The company’s fiber Internet is available in a limited area and the information about its availability is concealed.

Consequently, the EarthLink Internet speeds are on the lower end which is comparatively a serious drawback. Even though 100Mbps is enough for most usages, choices above 100Mbps would be better for gaming, streaming and downloading files.

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