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Cancel EarthLink Account

Cancel EarthLink Account – Follow These Easy Steps

For subscribers asking how to cancel EarthLink account, this write-up is for you. EarthLink came into existence in 1994 with its HQ situated in Atlanta and it became one of the largest ISP in the United States because of its connectivity and superior security. However, most subscribers criticized its cancellation policy because they tend to ignore the requests for a long time.

For those that are done with this internet service provider, to an extent, you might feel left behind and intimidated because EarthLink’s customer service tends to intentionally ignore those that want to cancel their service. However, there are other ways to go about this and still cancel your service. Just follow the instructions in this write-up to get it done.

For your information, EarthLink permits any account holder to make their cancellation with a phone, fax, or even U.S mail. What is required from you is to add the required documents depending on the method you intend to use.

Canceling of EarthLink’s Service

A lot of subscribers decided to port to EarthLink because of their great deals and stable internet. But with time, subscribers’ circumstances might change and they’ll decide to cancel their service.

For those who have no clue on how to begin this process, it’s not really difficult like you might be thinking. It can be done by sampling reaching out to the company and informing them of your decision to cancel your service. If you’re currently a subscriber of EarthLink and you intend to cancel it, follow the steps below:

Go to the EarthLink Website

The first thing is to navigate to the website of EarthLink if you want to cancel your service.

  1. From the homepage, scroll down towards the bottom of your screen.
  2. On reaching the lower navigation bar, look for the labeled menu “EarthLink”.
  3. From this menu, click on the ‘Contact’ hyperlink’ and you’ll be transferred to the page.

Locate the Contact Telephone Number

On the contact page, you’ll get to see more than one telephone number. For service cancellation, select the telephone number for ‘Residential Internet Customer Support’. This can be seen beneath the ‘Residential Support’ menu.

Reach out to EarthLink, then cancel your account

Now you already have the telephone number of the resident internet customer support, next is to dial it and contact them directly. The process can be done online. When an EarthLink representative answers your call, you’ve to explain to them the reason why you want to cancel your service.

Once you provide the required information to the customer representative, within a short while, your service will be canceled. Also remember, part of the information you need is your membership info, personal details that were used when you set up your account. So preferably to avoid any possible delay, ensure you’ve all this information outlined before you dial the number to contact EarthLink.

Using DoNotPay to canceling EarthLink

This method can be used when you’re bored and can’t really wait for EarthLink’s customer care to pick your call. What it implies is that with DoNotPay, you can also cancel your account without wasting much time. Follow the steps below:

  1. Use any web browser to open DoNotPay.
  2. Click on “Find Hidden Money”.
  3. Then enter EarthLink being the service you intend to cancel.

What to do if none of the outlined steps worked for you

If you carefully followed these steps and yet none worked for you and you’re still unable to cancel your EarthLink service, you still need to reach to the customer service representative for further help. They’re the ones saddled with the responsibility to handle issues related to service cancellation.

In Conclusion

As you can see, the steps are pretty easy and it’s something you can comfortably do. Better still you can use DoNotPay to terminate your subscription and membership by simply connecting your details on the website. By adhering to the steps outlined above, you can even cancel redundant service. If you use DoNotPay, you’ll receive an email confirming that your EarthLink service has successfully been canceled.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still make use of my email if I cancel my EarthLink service?

According to what is stated on the EarthLink website, you can still use your email address. With $5.95 monthly, you can maintain two email addresses. Apart from this, there is also another prepaid option where you can pay $49.80 per annum if you want to keep more than one email address.

Is there any form of contract involved in EarthLink?

There is an EarthLink contract, fees, and equipment. For your information, EarthLink does not have its personal equipment or even installation service. This is the reason these are being provided by companies in partnership with them. So, you might not get price protection if you’re using EarthLink.

My EarthLink service has been canceled, yet I still receive another bill?

There is a tendency you might still receive another bill from EarthLink as a result of the following:

  • When you fail to clear any remaining balance from your previous bills.
  • Some charges are still effective when you cancel your service. For instance, charges for international calling are billed even after you cancel the service.
  • You’ll also be billed when you incur a termination fee which is stated in the contract you signed with EarthLink

But in a situation where none of these apply to you, it means you’ve been mistakenly billed. But not to worry, your money will still be returned when you prove the service has already been canceled with verifiable details.

If I cancel my EarthLink in between a billing period, can I still keep using it?

Yes, you can continue to make use of the service. According to the information on their web page, you’ll be allowed to continue to make use of the service pending when your billing cycle will be over. But know that you won’t refund or be given credit for partially using the service before cancellation. You’ve already paid for the service, hence, use it until the expiration date.