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review of windstream internet service

Windstream Internet Review – Still Good in 2021?

Windstream is another DSL Internet Service provider in the country with some excellent speeds. Windstream competes with some big Internet Service providers (ISP) such as Cox and Spectrum, AT&T, and CenturyLink. For this reason, Windstream Internet speeds are not the only thing you need to know. This review digs deep into the Windstream Internet provision and other services offered, such as TV and home phone, to determine what this ISP has to offer to you.

Windstream Internet Service Overview

Windstream has made its name by offering fast and reliable internet to rural areas. Besides the fact that Windstream has a prominent presence in Southern Texas and the neighbors of Canadian Border, it has not been an easy walk. Windstream had to file for Bankruptcy in 2019.

Even in the wake of all these challenges, the company has managed to weather the storm and provide excellent services to its customers. Some of its Internet services are still worthy options for internet users. One of the Windstream selling points is no data cap internet.

Is Windstream Internet available in my area?

Windstream Internet services are available in more than 18 states in the US. But the greatest coverage is in Texas, Georgia, and Illinois. Though, if you live in other states, there are chances that the Windstream Internet services are available to you. Importantly, check on Windstream coverage and availability Map to be sure that you can get most of their services in your locality.

Windstream is the 6th largest ISP by coverage since its DSL Internet is available to about 13.7 million people. It’s also important to check other ISPs available in your area for comparison before making the decision.

Windstream Internet Summary Table

Category Features
Cheapest Windstream Kinetic Internet Kinetic 200/200Mbps at $60
Fastest Windstream Kinetic Internet Kinetic Gig/1,000Mbps at $75
Preferred Windstream Kinetic Internet Kinetic 500/500Mbps at $65
Contract N/A
Windstream prices $45-$75
Windstream Internet speeds 25Mbps-1,000Mbps
Data Cap N/A
Installation fees $35-One time
Activation fees $50-One time
Early termination fees N/A

Windstream pros and Cons


  • No data caps
  • High-speed Internet
  • Wide range of Options
  • Affordable Internet
  • Rural availability
  • No contracts
  • Comparatively cheaper fees


  • Poor customer care
  • Price hikes after a year

What Kind of Internet is Windstream?

You will get DSL internet from Windstream in more than 50 states in America. This is the main Internet service that is offered. However, it’s easy to get Fiber Internet in a few selected areas. One major challenge with this is less availability. DSL internet doesn’t match the top speeds of cable internet that you’re likely to get from other ISPs such as Spectrum. Though most households don’t need speeds of more than 500Mbps for their daily Internet needs.

Windstream Prices and Internet Plans

Windstream Prices and Internet plans vary drastically from one location to the other. This is what makes it hard to give precise Information about Windstream prices. From the reviews available online, it’s clear that Windstream provides internet at modest prices, and that’s what we like.

However, I would like to notify you that the prices advertised here are introductory prices capable of going up after a year. But keep in mind Windstream prices vary depending on where you live. This means it’s essential to check for Windstream deals from around your area.

Another thing is that the company doesn’t state Internet prices on their website. Instead, they advise you to check the Internet availability and eventually determine the current prices. To give you an idea of how the prices are, check the table below for Windstream Internet plans in Kansas.

Windstream Internet Plans Download speeds Price/month
Internet 25 25Mbps $45
Internet 100 100Mbps $55
Kinetic Internet 200 200Mbps $60
Kinetic Internet 500 500Mbps $65
Kinetic Gig 1,000Mbps $75

As stated earlier, these prices vary depending on where you live. This is the same thing with the download speeds. Over time, there are chances that the ratings spelled here can change drastically. For that reason, always consult with the Windstream Customer care to be sure of what to pay in your area before signing up.

It’s easy to notice that you have a couple of options regarding Windstream prices and Internet plans. The Windstream approach is the same as that of AT&T internet. This is because the company tries to keep the download speeds as close to the maximum as possible.

Verily, I’ve come across a couple of users claiming that the Windstream Internet speeds can go up by about 10%. But remember certain factors are in control, like how close you’re from the network hub and the wiring inside your house.

Windstream Bundle Options

Like other ISPs, Windstream gives its customers a chance to Bundle Internet with Phone and TV. This cuts down on costs and at the same time eases the work of servicing two or three bills.

You can choose DirecTV and YouTube TV from Windstream bundles with valuable and unlimited calling with the Digital Phone services from Kinetic. Other services offered include Internet security and a couple of Wireless services. Check the product availability in your area or call 1-844-268-9383 to order.

Promotional Internet plans

I had earlier stated that Internet prices on the table above are promotional. The price is likely to go up significantly at the end of the year. This is very common with ISPs, but I noticed Windstream prices rise drastically after that one year. This is not good news to budget Internet users. Fortunately, there’s no contract, and hence you can sign out any time you want.

Windstream Internet deals

It’s the norm with ISPs to offer certain Internet deals throughout the year. This way, most of the customers can get stable connections in their worst financial situations. For up to date, Windstream deals and offers, check their website.

The company stated it’s currently monitoring and responding to Covid-19. Therefore, they have implemented a couple of measures to ensure their customers are seamlessly connected, and the Internet connection is stable.

In an official statement in April 2020, Windstream confirmed that it would continue to work with all its customers, both residential and Business, facing financial hardships. This was after the FCC’s keep Americans connected Pledge that all ISPs followed.

This means that you can always get offers and Windstream deals that can save you a lot of money monthly. Currently, Windstream offers Back to school Internet deals. 

Comparing Windstream prices

Every American is lucky enough to have at least two ISPs in the area. This is what gives everyone the ability to compare prices from more than two competitors. Comparing Windstream prices with those of CenturyLink, Xfinity, and Suddenlink, it’s easy to notice that Windstream holds up pretty well.

The Windstream prices are relatively lower than what AT&T and CenturyLink offer. But remember, this can vary depending on where you live. For people living in Kansas, the prices are slightly different. When comparing prices from Internet service providers, it’s important to check around for what you get with similar prices.

Windstream Internet speeds match well for the price. As a matter of fact, some ISPs offer Internet speeds that are lower than what is offered on Windstream at the same prices. That said, it’s crucial to conduct a Head-to-Head comparison between Windstream and other ISPs in your local area.

Remember, one of the main selling points for Windstream is its availability in rural areas? Why can’t you compare the services with satellite Internet, which is another alternative for people in rural areas? When Compared to HughesNet and Viasat satellite internet, Windstream prices and Internet speeds appear fantastic.

Though, we must note that Xfinity offers Internet speeds up to 2,000Mbps. This speed is limited to a very small area in the US. For this reason, it would be more reasonable to compare the Xfinity 1,000Mbps plan with the Windstream Kinetic gig Internet. Xfinity offers the 1Gbps plan at a relatively lower price.

Windstream Internet speed and Data

Windstream Internet sells well out here because of their varying Internet options with reliable speed and unlimited Internet access. As Indicated earlier, Windstream is DSL internet, which means it will run through your Phone line. DSL internet can offer higher Internet speeds and higher data caps at cheaper prices than the Satellite Internet, which is also convenient, especially when you’re totally off the grid.

Windstream Internet comes at different speeds depending on where you live. However, Internet speeds vary from 25Mbps to 1,000Mbps. The Windstream Kinetic Gig plan is available in a small area. If you’re lucky enough to get this Internet plan, you’ll be streaming movies and TV shows seamlessly in HD, gaming uninterrupted, and surfing the web with ease. I highly recommend this Internet plan because of its light speeds and reliability.

Windstream Actual-to-advertised Speeds

I’ve seen some people complaining about Windstream Internet outages and slow connections. But the recent FCC’s report of the actual to advertised Internet speeds show that Windstream provides what they advertise on the website. FCC found the company provides up to 95.6% on average, which is commendable if you ask me.

Windstream Internet Common Applications and Internet Plans Recommendations


For a seamless streaming experience, it’s always important to have a steady and uninterrupted Internet connection. Although Internet speeds of as low as 25Mbps are good for streaming movies and TV shows from Netflix, high-speed internet is always the best.

Recommendation: Kinetic Gig

This is the best Windstream Internet plan for large families, with a couple of serious streamers. I’ve chosen this plan because multiple people can stream simultaneously, and most surprisingly, you’ll have some bandwidth left over.

Speedy web browsing

You just need as low as 25Mbps to browse and keep updated with some local and International news on blogs. But more than this speed is good if you spend most of your time online as a Freelancer or a business owner.

Recommendation: High-speed Internet 50-100 Mbps

This speed is enough for speedy browsing and seamless experience. The Internet speeds can go up to 100Mbps in a household of two or three members.

Download and Upload files

Freelancers, home-based businesses, and serious photographers and videographers need steady download and Upload speeds to handle basic Internet needs. Although 25Mbps download and 5Mbps is good for this need, someone would need more than 200Mbps download and more than 35Mbps for a unified experience.

Recommendation: Kinetic Internet 500

This Internet speed is enough to upload and download huge and heavy files such as videos, audios, photos, and documents.


Gamers should always go for high-speed internet. But there are chances that download speeds as low as 100Mbps will do the trick. All in all, high-speed internet may be the better choice.

Recommendation: Kinetic Gig

The Kinetic Gig is for large families, Home-based businesses, and serious streamers. With this, gaming, simultaneous streaming, and multiple connections are as easy as pie.

Are there any data caps?

Windstream has no data caps. Unlike some of the competitors such as CenturyLink and Xfinity that will cap Internet usage at 1TB, Windstream allows unlimited data usage. This is brilliant news to serious Bloggers, Videographers and Photographers, Video streamers, and gamers. You can now stream and use data without any worries of disconnections, throttling, and surcharges.

I like it when unlimited internet is close to me. So kudos Windstream for such a good approach!

Windstream Fees, equipment and contracts

Internet service providers have a couple of hidden prices that most people don’t pay attention to. These prices are likely to increase the monthly bills if you’re not keen. With Windstream, these prices are quite standard. Firstly, there are no early termination fees because you don’t have to sign any service contract.

But I would like to emphasize that Windstream advertised prices are promotional. Don’t be surprised about the $20 additional fees on your monthly bill after 12 months. Hence, a jump in the internet bill after the first year should be expected.

This is very unfortunate, but it’s a common thing with most Internet service providers. Though, there are a few ISPs that offer life guaranteed prices to their customers (think of CenturyLink). So check carefully in the market if you intend to extend the term for more than a year.

Windstream equipment, rental fees and buying your equipment

Windstream will charge you $10 per month for equipment rental. This will definitely add another $120 per year on your bills. If you intend to stay with Windstream as your Internet service provider for more than a year, always think about compatible modems and buy yours. This is likely to cost you less than $150 from Amazon.

Note that Windstream offers less support to modems and equipment that are not offered by the company. This shows that the company may fail to help you install the modem or troubleshoot Internet issues with your modem.

Windstream service fees

I love Windstream for its reasonable Internet service fees. Here is what you should expect from them in a nutshell.

  • Installation fees: $35
  • Activation fees: $50
  • No early termination fees

What do Windstream Customers think about the services?

I would advise taking time to tour r review websites on the internet and check what Windstream Customers are saying about the service. You will notice that Windstream has a good rating regarding introductory prices, internet speeds, and service reliability. On the other hand, customers seem to complain more about Customer service and their responsiveness. Let me share two of these reviews from

A recent Windstream review from a concerned user shows that Windstream services are perfect for download speeds, but their Upload speeds are too low. The user says that he has been using Windstream services for years. The service works okay for basic Internet use such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and Surfing. Once he got an ADT Alarm company to install the six camera surveillance, he noticed that the Windstream upload speeds are too slow.

Another reviewer states that Windstream has fairly good service, and the Internet speed has increased now. The reviewer was from Heavener, Oklahoma, and claims five years ago; he struggled to have a stable connection with the internet. Later on, Windstream ran Fiber to Mount Vernon and upgraded the DSL internet. He switched to 25Mbps, which is now running better.

Windstream Service Cancellation Information

Would you want to disconnect from Windstream and choose an alternative in your area? If yes, then the termination process is easy. Here are the steps to take to cancel the Windstream Internet service.

Are you sure you want to cancel? Ask yourself if you’re really sure Windstream Internet is not worth your monthly investment. Is it because of the bills, service unreliability, or you’re moving to another state? If you’re not sure, you can always contact the customer service to negotiate your Windstream Monthly Internet bills.

Call (800)347-1991 and explain the reasons why you want to cancel the Windstream Internet service. Tell the Customer Rep that you want to cancel the services, and you would be pleased if he/she really helped you in the process. You can either ask them to transfer you to the retention department or the Billing department.

Pack the equipment and return-This is the final step. Return all the equipment that you rented from Windstream.

Windstream Customer service

Windstream is no different from other ISPs. It’s known for substandard Customer services and support response. Take a tour around the internet, and you’ll realize that more than 75% of the complaints are about the rude, unresponsive, unqualified and unhelpful customer service.

In 2018, Windstream scored a 57/100 from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Over time, the company has drastically improved on this. Use the below tips to get the most out of the customer service.

  • Emphasize your questions-Never be afraid to ask any questions you have in mind. Emphasize the question and pardon whenever you’re asking. CenturyLink customer reps can play dumb sometimes.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask anything-When sending Windstream Customer service a Message on its Online chats or via Email, always feel free to ask them any question you have. Don’t be in a rush, and ensure the rep has understood your question with ease.
  • Do enough research before you call-If you have to call Windstream Customer service, do enough research beforehand. Ensure you have a full understanding of what your problem is about, and you have enough evidence about that.

Windstream Internet Outages and Uptime

Windstream Internet is reliable and fast. Most of the reviews show that their internet is fast, and there are lower chances of Outages. One review from a current user reveals that Windstream Internet offers higher than advertised Internet speeds sometimes. He claims that the Internet speed available in his area is 50Mbps, but sometimes it goes up to 75Mbps. The Internet equipment from Windstream is also good quality, which reduces the chances of disconnections and outages.

Though, I have come across some claims that Windstream Internet has frequent disconnections and Outages in some areas. Some people also claim that during peak times, the Internet speeds can hit the lowest low.


Where does Windstream provide services?

Currently, Windstream provides Internet services to 18 states, including Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, Lowa, Minnesota, Missouri, South Carolina, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, New Mexico, and Mississippi, among many other states.

What is Kinetic Internet by Windstream?

Windstream Offers 1Gigbit per second download speeds for the fiber connections. The Windstream Kinetic Internet addresses the Internet connection that offers hybrid Fiber-DSL connections that are many times faster than the standard plans.

How much does Windstream Internet Service cost?

Windstream Internet service is affordable, with prices starting from $60 for 200Mbps to $75 for Kinetic Gig of 1,000Mbps. The prices and Internet speeds can change with time. For that reason, it’s always important to check on Windstream Portal for the latest prices.

What should I do when Windstream is not covered in my area?

The first thing to do is enter your Zip code on the website to ensure the service is not available in your area. Depending on your area, we will offer you a couple of top Windstream alternatives, which include Spectrum and AT&T. With such data, you will compare these providers and find the best ISP for your home Internet needs.

Final verdict

People in the rural regions now have a better alternative to Satellite Internet. If Windstream is available to you, it’s a good option because of the great variety of faster speeds and plans than Satellite Internet. Though, the customer service appears bogus and unresponsive. I hope they will learn from this and improve the customers’ services greatly.

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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
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John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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