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Sprint Magic Box What Is It & What Magic Powers It Has

Sprint Magic Box Review – Is It Still Good in 2021?

You might have heard people talking about a Sprint magic box when it comes to internet speed. What kind of box is this talk all about and why is called a magic box, we will reveal this in the following article.

Lately, the speed of internet connections and the reliability of Fiber-optic connections and mobile internet have increased tremendously.

In the 1960s, the internet speeds were very consistent with the available devices at the moment.

But with the increasing introduction of high demand and high performing devices and the increase in the need for internet services, there’s a need to make sure internet speed and internet reliability are at par.

One of the Internet providers in the US that have come to bridge the gap between reliable, faster internet and the growing need for online services is Sprint.

The company launched an all-wireless device in 2018 that is designed and customized to improve the reliability of the internet and the speed of internet access.

Sprint introduced the Sprint Magic Box to provide better LTE Coverage inside Businesses and Homes. This is a move expected to make the Sprint network denser.

The Sprint Magic Box is designed in a way that you can plug it into the router without any installation.

The device covers about 30,000 square feet inside and can extend to about 100 Meters outside. During the launch, the management claimed that Businesses would get this device, and then customers will follow.

The device has hit the market as a win-win technology for both the customers and the company.

For Sprint, this technology can densify the network and introduce the first stages of 5G migrations. Through this technology, Sprint is putting pressure on wireless giants such as AT&T and Verizon.

They claimed that the process of deploying the technology started in Denver, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, New York, and Indianapolis.

To better understand this technology which is now becoming part of us, we need to explain what Sprint Magic Box is and how the device works.

What is Sprint Magic Box?

Sprint Magic Box is a 2018 technology brought in a box to boost indoor internet coverage.

In simple terms, this device magnifies the signals from the high-speed towers and allows you to get more than 30,000 square feet of coverage in the workplace and your house.

The device is very useful in the villages and other places where the Sprint network is a little glitchy. The main selling point for Sprint Magic Box is the fact that it magnifies the internet coverage and speeds without the need for broadband Connections.

Most people usually confuse this device with a repeater. The truth is Sprint Magic Box is not a repeater because it uses dedicated channels to reduce the interferences and noise.

This is the main difference because a repeater amplifies the signals alongside all the imperfections and noise.

This actually increases the risk of downgrading the entire browsing experience for the customers.

How does the Sprint Magic Box work?

This technology is simply an advanced version of the cellular repeater. The only difference is that it filters all the interferences and the noise.

You can actually place this device anywhere in the house, and it doesn’t require any kind of installations.

After placing this device anywhere in the house, in the counters, or the window, it will capture the Sprint’s signal from the nearest towers and amplify the signals to reach the longest distance possible.

This means that you can watch your favorite movie or TV series from wherever you are in the house and the garden.

Sprint claims that the device covers up to 30,000 square feet indoors, and it can extend by 300 feet outdoors.

What this means for businesses is that the internet can easily cover a larger area in the offices. The block will have good coverage in case you have Sprint users down the block.

This device was designed and developed with the sole aim of allowing all customers in the surrounding area to enjoy the same benefits of a single installed unit.

Do you really need a Sprint Magic Box?

You don’t need the Sprint Magic Box if you live in a tiny house. However, suppose you have a large family and living in a traditional apartment of more than 2,700 square feet of a mansion.

In that case, you will definitely need to bring the functionality of a single booster to the entire space.

The main reason why Sprint introduced this technology is to lower the number of spectrums. They brought this technology because they had a lot of spectrum and limited towers.

The technology was also brought to clear the way for 5G networks. The current 4G internet is on 2.5GHz, which doesn’t penetrate the walls and long distances because of interference and noise.

To blanket the large places with the limited towers, Sprint encouraged all the customers to get the device.

Who qualifies for Sprint Magic Box?

Every Sprint customer currently qualifies for the device. However, the company always prioritizes the businesses.

Since 2018, the technology has been with us, and for that reason, there’s a better chance you can get the Sprint Magic Box with ease.


What is a sprint Magic Box used for?

This is a free-standing unit that aims at improving data and coverage, which eventually impacts the download speeds significantly.

It’s known to increase the download speed by about 250%. This means that the box gives the customers better data and an improved overall experience.

Is the Sprint Magic Box Free?

Yes, this useful box is free to qualifying customers. Though, it’s a win-win for customers and the company because the customers will get better indoor coverage, and the company gets cheap backhaul for the network.

How do I qualify for Sprint Magic Box?

Every Sprint customer that has a compatible box and the one within a range that can connect to Sprint has automatically qualified to Sprint Magic Box.

Sprint understands that you need the Sprint Magic Box. This is why the device is available to you for Free.

You just have to call the customer service with the in-home coverage issue, and they will definitely bring the technology to your house.


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