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which is the best hotspot plans for data

Whats The Best Unlimited Cheap WiFi Hotspot Plans in 2021

Are you looking for the best-unlimited WIFI hotspots that boast great data caps and a good price? then read on to find out more about those plans in this article.

The Internet has become an indispensable part of our modern lifestyle. All other things related to Internet such as Wi-Fi hotspot devices and internet dongle or modem is gaining tremendous popularity.

Outside our home and offices we need an internet connection and for that many of us use mobile devices with mobile data. But, to do some more with the internet on the outside we may need a good internet connection with cheaper data rates.

To deliver a strong internet connection outside of houses and offices there are plenty of Wi-Fi hotspot devices. These devices are pretty compact to use as a portable device and they can connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Now, you are thinking if I have a mobile hotspot then why do you need another extra Wi-Fi hotspot device. You will get lots of benefits from these Wi-Fi hotspot devices which will also save you money. First of all, it will save your phones battery and the battery life of these devices lasts up to one day.

It also comes with unlimited cheap Wi-Fi hotspot plans which are cheaper than your mobile data. These devices offer the best security to protect your devices and data from hackers. You are always at the threat of hackers if you access free public Wi-Fi hotspots as some of them are not so secured.

All Wi-Fi hotspot devices require data plans from certain carriers to provide an internet connection to your devices. You have all the freedom to choose a data plan for your private Wi-Fi hotspot device as per your requirements.

You can choose from which provider you want your data plan, how much data you need, and also the speed you want from a plethora of carriers out there.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Wi-Fi Hotspot Plan?

You should consider a few things while subscribing for an unlimited Wi-Fi Hotspot Plan. If you don’t consider these things you may end up subscribing a plan that doesn’t have coverage in your places and also costs much.

Below is the list of things you should keep in mind while choosing a Wi-Fi hotspot plan.

Check Coverage

 The very first thing you need to consider is the coverage. Check whether the carrier you are choosing covers all the areas outside of your home and office where you go always. There are lots of carriers to choose from which different coverage has according to areas. So, before going for a Wi-Fi hotspot plan check the carrier you are choosing has coverage in your selected areas.

Determine Your Usage

Choose a plan depending on the content you want to surf on the internet and the amount of data you need per month. If you are a frequent traveller who uses quite a large amount of data and can’t have access to your home’s Wi-Fi then you can choose an unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot plan.

You may know that the data usage of your phone and computer is never the same. For instance, video streams at a lower resolution in the phone and on the other hand on computer video streams at a higher resolution. There is also a website data usage difference between phone and computer.

Determine Data Limit

After determining the usage now you need to set the amount of data you need per month. It depends on your usage. If you stay outside of your home most of the time and love to use the internet to play games, enjoy movies, and download new software then you should go for an unlimited data plan.

You can check out the data you use per month, all you need to do is just check the devices data usage per month which you use outside of your house and office. Now, you know how much data you need per month. It will help you greatly to choose a plan that will meet all your requirements.

How to Use Wi-Fi Hotspot Device?

You should know some key factors to use your hotspot device and also the subscribed Wi-Fi hotspot plan so that you can get the best internet connection without wasting tons of money.

Set The Hotspot Device at Lower Range

Most of the Wi-Fi hotspot devices offer the setting of changing wireless range as per your need. If you are sitting on a bench at a park then you don’t need to set a long-range, you can set your hotspot device at a lower range.

A lower range setup increases the battery life and you will also get better connectivity by keeping close to your device.

Check The Background Apps

To get fast internet speed and also to save data you need to check the background apps that run and consumes bandwidth all the time.

Devices such as laptop, tablet or phone run multiple background apps which uses a good amount of your internet data. Social media apps such as Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Facebook, messenger and other app use the internet in the background. You can save all the data used by the background apps just by closing them.

Keep Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Device Close

By keeping your Wi-Fi hotspot device close to the device at which you are using the internet, you can get the best stable connection.

These tiny compact hotspot devices can cover up to 100 feet inside your house and outside it can cover up to 300 feet. So, depending on the coverage keep it at a certain point from where you will get strong connectivity.

Best Unlimited Wi-Fi Hotspot Data Plans

Whenever you are going to choose an unlimited data plan for your hotspot device you may get confused as there are a good number of providers in the market. If you fail to choose the best one, you may end up with an average carrier.

You don’t need to put pressure on your mind regarding this issue. We’ve hunted the best unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot data plans for you and these data plans will provide you with a great internet connection at a budget-friendly price.

Boost Mobile

The Boost Mobile unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot plan got the first price in our list with its high-speed wireless internet. It offers 50 GB of 4G data monthly and it costs $50 per month.

Though it says 50 GB per month if you exceed the 50 GB limit you can still use the internet without interruption. The only back draw is that after exceeding your limit you may get low internet speed. Usually, 50 GB data is more than enough for anyone, unless you use the internet to stream HD movies and download large files frequently.

If you need internet just to surf on the internet and to check regular mails outside of your house or office then there is another plan for you. In this plan, you will get 15 GB of data at a cost of just $25 per month.

It also offers 1 GB data per month for which you need to pay just $5 and with $10 you will get 2 GB data. So, with this provider, you can customize a plan according to your requirements.

Cricket Unlimited Wi-Fi Hotspot Plan

You will get an unlimited data plan and 15 GB of high-speed internet with this plan and you will have to pay $60 per month for this plan. But, you can save $5 with this plan if you subscribe to the plan with the auto-pay system. There are two options to connect devices with this hotspot device, one is through Wi-Fi and another one is via a USB cable.

It covers a large area compared to T-mobile and Sprint. The unlimited hotspot plan cons are less than Verizon’s plan. This plan allows you to add 15 GB with $10 and 5 GB with just $5 as much as you want per month. All these additional data purchase plans make it affordable for almost everyone.

More information about Cricket Unlimited Hotspot Plan

FreedomPop Hotspot Data Plan

This data plan offers you 2 GB of free 4G and 3G data for the first month so that you can decide whether you should enrol to their plan or not. With this free trial, you will enjoy a download speed of up to 1 MBps which is quite a good speed.

It gives you several data plans to choose from. With $6.99 per month, you can have 500 MB per month, with $28.99 you can enjoy 3 GB data, and with $34.99 you will get 4 GB data. All these data can be used in both 4G and 3G speed and it offers download speed up to 5 MBps.

By adding an extra $9.99 per month you will get speed up to 25 MB per second which will let you stream online movies without any disruption. The FreedomPop has only one back draw and that is its slightly narrow coverage area otherwise it is a great Wi-Fi hotspot plan.

Tello Wi-Fi Hotspot Plan

The best thing the Tello unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot plan offers is that you can make your custom plan. The data plan from Tello starts at $39 per month which offers up to 25 GB of 4G LTE data. Don’t think that after finishing 25 GB you won’t be able to use your internet, you can still use but at a speed of 2G. With a free tethering, you can turn your phone into Wi-Fi hotspot and share your data with multiple devices at the same time.

As this hotspot plan provider allows you to make your plan, you can enjoy as much as internet data as you want. The Tello plans renew automatically every month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop the plan. You can disconnect the service any time you want and that is also without paying any cancellation fees. Tello also has the option to upgrade or downgrade the plans at any time. So, at a certain month, if you need an unlimited data plan, you can easily avail that for the month without any extra charges.

T-Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plan

While other plans are offering plans mostly by targeting young generations, T-Mobile offers plan by keeping senior citizens in mind. Senior citizen requires a good hotspot plan as they go to a walk in the morning or evening. At that time they can chill out by using the internet by sitting on the bench with a great sunset or sunrise view in front of them.

The Magenta plan from T-Mobile offers 14 GB of 4G LTE data at $55 and unlimited 3G speed internet for the entire month. There are plenty of plans to choose from.

Other plans includes $10 for 2 GB per month, $25 for 6 GB per month, $40 for 10 GB per month, $70 for 18 GB per month, and $85 for 22 GB per month.

From all these plans you can choose your one according to your budget and daily usage. It doesn’t only offers monthly plans it also offers daily plan as well to provide more flexibility to the clients. You can access its daily plan with just $5 per day for 500 MB of high speed 4G LTE internets. If you instantly need a data plan for your urgent work when you are outside you can go with this plan instantly.

Review of T-Mobile Unlimited Hotspot Plan here

Net10 Unlimited Wireless Hotspot Plan

All the plans offered by the Net10 uses the carriers of T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T which are available in most of the states of US. So, with this plan, you don’t worry that much about the coverage.

You can choose any of these wireless carriers to get your unlimited wireless hotspot plan. Net10 will suggest you about which carrier you should go for based on your location.

It offers few plans with price and data volume variations. The first plan comes with 1GB/mo. for $20, the second plan offers 2.5 GB/mo. for $30, and the final plan offers 5 GB for $50 with validation of two months. Anyone can choose their plan according to their monthly usage and budget. You can choose a 5 GB data plan over 2.5 GB plan and it will save $5 per month.

The Net10 hotspot plan also offers add-on packages so that you can enjoy more data per month based on your need. It offers two add-on data plan, one offers 500 MB for $5 and the other one offers 1GB for $10.

The most amazing feature of these add-on packs is that the data of add-on packs don’t expire. If you couldn’t use all your data in one month, it will be added on the next month.

Tech Connect Plus Hotspot Plan

The Tech Connect Plus is a plan offered by FMCA’s Sprint Wi-Fi Plan. This plan offers one of the cheapest unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot plans in the country. It has no data limit on a monthly basis.

You can enjoy unlimited 4G LTE and 3G data based on the location-wise network. This unlimited data plan starts from $49.99 per month which is an affordable price compared to other plans and it also offers no data limit.

If you love to travel and also want to stay connected with the internet, you should go for this plan. You can rent mobile hotspot from Tech Connect Plus for just $39.99 for a lifetime.

To stay connected while travelling all you need is just to send you exact location to them and they will deliver your hotspot device within two days without any delivery charge. That’s surely an amazing service, isn’t it?

Google Fi Unlimited Wi-Fi Hotspots

Google Fi is a phone company that is owned by Google. The company provides services incorporation with T-Moblie, U.S. Cellular, and Sprint for a vast coverage. You can access a huge amount of free public hotspots around the world with Google FI.

You won’t get any standalone hotspot device from Google. So, what you can do is, you need to use a hotspot device from another company or you can use your phone’s hotspot.

It charges for the first 6 GB of data you use per month and each GB of data price is $10. After using that 6 GB the rest you use is completely free. No international data roaming fees are included in the plan of Google Fi. For travellers, this plan will be the one which will be perfect for them.

Everyone can get up to 22 GB of high-speed data per month without any interruption. You will get a slower connection if you have exceeded this high-speed data limit.

You need to pay $70 per month for a single line of data and if you want to use a very huge amount of data, you can use six lines of data which will cost you $270 per month.

Six line data plan is a huge plan that is perfect and budgets friendly for people who wants to stream tons of movies online and also plays online games.

Xfinity Mobile Hotspot Plan

If you want to get the Xfinity cell phone service then you have to be a member of Xfinity Internet. Otherwise, you won’t be eligible for subscribing to their Wi-Fi hotspot plans. The cell phone service of Xfinity is controlled by Verizon. With the Xfinity Moblie data plan you will get unlimited free text and voice service. You can use the plan using your mobile phone or by a tethering device.

You will get two simple data plans from Xfinity. You need to pay $12 for each GB per month, this is the first plan. Their plan is one of the cheapest unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot data plans that offer unlimited data for just $45 per month. If your usage exceeds over 20 GB within a month, you may have a slow connection.

Xfinity Mobile Hotspot Plan Review

Unlimited Ville Wi-Fi Hotspot plan

Looking for a dedicated unlimited data plan? You can surely go with the Unlimited Ville plan if you have enough budget. This plan offers unlimited high speed 4G LTE data which will cost you $199 per month. This plan is for those who want to enjoy lag-free online games even outside of the house and also want to stream lots of online movies or shows.

This plan also offers great features and services for frequent travellers who require a stable and strong connection wherever they go. You can enrol the membership with just $99 for a lifetime and enjoy their services almost every places you travel as it covers every street in the U.S.

NetZero Wireless Hotspot Plan

Most of us know NetZero as a free home internet service provider, but that is not the actual truth. They offer a free internet package with a 200 MB limit per month for 12 months. After that, you will not be able to use their free internet. You will be glad to know that they offer Wi-Fi hotspot plans as well with a variety of options to choose from.

To enjoy their wireless hotspot plans you need a hotspot device which you can get from them with a one-time fee of $59.99. But if you have your hotspot device, you can ignore it and save your money.

They offer six different hotspot plans including one free internet plan. The free internet plan offers 200 MB per month which you can enjoy up to 12 months.

Other plans are 1GB/mo. for $17.95, 2 GB/mo. for $27.95, 4 GB/mo. for $45.95, 6 GB/mo. for $63.95, and 8 GB/mo. for $79.95. You can choose according to your budget and requirements from these Wi-Fi hotspot plans.

Sprint Unlimited Hotspot Plan

Sprint offers great wireless internet service all over the US. Their Sprint Unlimited Plus Plan offers 50 GB of high speed 4G LTE data with just $70 per month. It also provides Tidal and Hulu subscriptions as additional services. The great thing about this provider is its special price range for seniors and military service people.

Overall it offers great benefits with its unlimited hotspot data plans such as video streaming with a resolution of 480p, online gaming speed up to 2 Mbps, and music streaming up to 500 Kbps.

From other service providers, this plan of Sprint is different no other provider offers unlimited 4G LTE data without reducing the speed. So, if you are in quest of a cheap unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot then you should go for it without any doubt.

Bottom Line

This list of the cheapest unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot plans will surely help you to get the best hotspot plan. You should choose your one as per your budget and requirements.

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