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Internet & Cable TV Deals In New Hampshire

New Hampshire Internet and TV Providers – Updated Guide 2022

Are you looking for the best Internet Wifi and Cable TV deals in New Hampshire, then read on

New Hampshire was part of the original 13 colonies during the establishment of the United States. The state has a size of 9,348 square miles and was the first one to have its constitution and motto of “Live Free or Die.”

With a population of 1,316,470 as per a survey in 2010, this state plays an essential role in national elections, as it is the first state that holds national primary elections.

The results from New Hampshire are said to be influencing the rest of the nation, giving popularity to the saying, “As New Hampshire goes, so goes the nation.” With all the fame mentioned above, the people of New Hampshire are provided with the best cable TV, phones, and internet services to meet their entertainment needs.

Major Cities In New Hampshire

New Hampshire consists of 221 municipalities. Nashua is the safest of all to live in. However, every city of New Hampshire is framed with the latest designed streets and rail routes. Here are some of the major cities of the state:

Concord: Concord, the capital of New Hampshire, is situated in Merrimack County. Its population is close to 42,695. The village of Penacook is the place where Concord was settled at first.

It rests at the edge of the city limits. Concord also has the Law School and University, which is the only law school in New Hampshire. The 14th President of America “Franklin Pierce” is also rested in Concord.

Manchester: Manchester is a crowded city with a population of approximately 109,565 individuals. Manchester lies near megalopolis and runs across the banks of the Merrimack River.

It was first named by Samuel Blodgett. His vision was to create an industrial hub similar to that of the original Manchester in England, which was the world’s first-ever industrialized city to become famous.

Manchester is a delightful place to live because of its affordability and livability, which is booming high in small business infrastructure, climate, upward mobility, and education level.

Nashua: Nashua is located in southern New Hampshire, United States. By 2019, the population had a humongous rise which was estimated to be 89,355.

Nashua is part of one of the most populated counties in the state. The city was named “Best Place to Live in America” twice in annual listings by the ‘Money magazine’.

Best Cable TV Deals in New Hampshire

The granite state watches TV more than we could imagine. About 90% of households subscribe to a cable TV service in New Hampshire, which means close to 1,193,434 people of the total population watch TV regularly. The best cable service providers in New Hampshire are as follows

Dish TV

Dish TV is the most used cable TV service in New Hampshire. Dish TV provides a 2-year price fix guarantee with 190 to 290 of HD channels and impeccable satellite service to make viewing worthwhile.

A powerful DVR is supplied for household use called the Hopper 3. All this is for cheap and budget-friendly packages of $59 to $94 per month.


DIRECTV is deemed to be the best service provider in the nation that provides the customers with 330+ channels and out of the market games as well as 1000’s on-demand channels.

The packages are flexible with $49 per month and can help you save money by pairing up with AT&T and their wireless phone plans.


Spectrum offers its customers the advantage of watching 200+ channels in HD at an affordable price of $44 per month with no additional cost. There are more than 10,000 on-demand choices with free primetime as well.

Comcast Xfinity

Xfinity, is one of the nation’s most loved cable companies, in New Hampshire. However, they have modernized specifications such as X1 voice remote to help you navigate channels very fast, and the added ease of switching between TV and Netflix. All this is available at cheap rates of $49 per month.

Internet and Wi-Fi Deals In New Hampshire:

With 68 internet service providers, 99% of New Hampshirites have a broadband/Wi-Fi connection of at least 10mpbs, making New Hampshire the 12th most connected state in the United States.

Yet there are still 10,000 New Hampshirites who do not have access to a broadband/Wi-Fi connection. On average, New Hampshire has a statewide speed of 77.2 Mbps.

Some of the top internet service providers in New Hampshire are listed below:


This company provides both DSL and fiber-optics connections with a speed of up to 100 Mbps downloading and 30 Mbps uploading for the affordable packages or $49 to $85 per month. CenturyLink is available in 87% of New Hampshire.


AT&T provides DSL connections in New Hampshire but sadly with very low downloading speeds of up to 25 Mbps. This company has coverage of 78% of New Hampshire at the price of $39 per month.


The company is providing high speeds of up to 1000 Mbps through cable connections. They are available in 45% of New Hampshire and give the facility of secure online ordering and self-installation to users on-demand for the price of $29 to $299 per month with a download speed of 2Gbps.


Spread across New Hampshire with a 100% availability, ‘Frontier’ is the fastest Internet connection in the state.

With an uploading and downloading speed of 50 Mbps this Internet is quite affordable as their rates vary according to the package, which includes $39 to $47 per month.

Facilitated by fiber-optic Frontier Internet gives you the fastest speed, which ensures online streaming, skyping, and gaming.

Some of the honourable internet providers are COX.


New Hampshire is flourishing rapidly in every domain including cheap internet and affordable cable TV services. The people of New Hampshire enjoy sitting at home and watch TV with their families just like any other state in the country.