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Consolidated Communications Outage

Consolidated Communications Outage – Troubleshoot And Fix Now

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Consolidate Communications is one of the many internet service providers in the US, offering its services across 24 states. They provide a variety of services, including fiber, cable, DSL, and fixed wireless. For that reason, the speed and quality of service you get highly depend on the kind of technology used. The internet speeds are decent for most days ranging from 100Mbps to 150Mbps.

A good number of the customers are happy and content with the services they get. However, from time to time, there are complaints of outages in specific areas. When you take a good look around the internet, you will bump into many users complaining about an outage or the service being down in their area.

Consolidated Communications does not guarantee uninterrupted service, and even as such, outages can be quite inconveniencing. But what is the reason for this, and what can be done to fix it? We’ve got you covered on some of the common reasons outages occur and how to fix the issue.

The reasons for a Consolidated Communications outage

With many aspects of our lives being depending on a good internet connection, an outage might seem like a disaster. Maybe you work from home, and while in the middle of completing a project, the internet goes down, and you are left with an unable to load webpage message on the screen of your computer. However, all internet service providers are susceptible to outages, some of which can be unexpected. These are the common reasons;

Network congestion

Network congestion is widespread during peak internet hours. There are distinct times of the day when there are too many people using the internet all at once. For that reason, the internet connection becomes slow and sluggish. This is basically unbearable and can affect your internet activities, like sending emails and loading web pages. But it’s only temporary, and things will get back to normal soon.

Failed link to the service provider

When the link between your internet device and the ISP servers is interrupted, you cannot connect to the internet. Failed links usually result from downed wires, strong winds, and animals that can disrupt the wiring. Even construction work can interfere with your link to the provider.

Throttled speeds or bandwidth control

Consolidated Communications manages their network, and that means when there is heavy internet usage, they throttle the speeds. If you have been experiencing a sluggish internet connection for a while, there is a good chance the ISP has throttled the speeds.

Speed fluctuation from the internet provider

Sometimes you don’t get the speeds that you paid for. Consolidated Communications doesn’t guarantee speeds. Therefore, you might be receiving a slower rate of service, causing a service interruption.

Operation error

If your internet connection is not installed correctly, you will be facing an outage issue. An incorrect IP address, the firewall being improperly configured, and lousy wiring can all cause this.

How to fix a Consolidated Communications outage

There are times when an outage occurs, and there is nothing you can do about it because it’s out of your control. However, if the problem is originating from your side and not the ISP, there are many ways to troubleshoot and fix it.

Check your connections

This is the first thing to do before anything else. Check to confirm the cables are securely and adequately connected, including the ones attached to your router, modem, and the PC.

Restart your modem and router

Once you have taken the time to ensure all the connections are secure, the next step is to reboot the modem or router. Rebooting the modem often solves many internet issues and will get things back on track. Turn it off and then wait for roughly 30 seconds before turning it on. Give it time to configure before trying to open new web pages.

Check if there are too many devices overloading the connection

Sometimes you might have too many devices connected to your network that are overloading it. It would help to disconnect some of these devices. This way, there are few devices connected on the internet that are eating up your bandwidth.

Restart your internet devices

Restart the devices you are using to access the internet. Maybe you have been using your computer all day long, and it needs a break. If you notice a slower than a normal internet connection, try restarting your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Upgrade to a higher plan

If you don’t want to deal with sluggish internet and downtimes, upgrade to a higher plan. This is especially if there are several internet devices in the home. It might be that the current bandwidth is too little and cannot handle the usage in your household.

Check the websites that report downtimes

Several websites report outages for all the internet service providers throughout the country. If you suspect Consolidated Communications is facing an outage, check one of those websites. Once it’s confirmed, the most you can do is wait it out. The service provider will do what’s required of them to get the users back online.

Contact customer service

If you have tried everything and there seems to be no solution, call the Consolidated Communications customer service. The problem might be beyond your control, and only the service provider can help solve it. The customer support can offer assistance when it comes to troubleshooting and eventually solving the problem.


Consolidated Communications does an excellent job at providing high-speed internet to its users. However, outages can be a huge setback that ruins the reputation of this service provider. You have to remember there are times internet outages have nothing to do with the service provider. If that’s the case, you have to identify the problem on your end and solve it. But if it’s on the ISP side, the only thing you can do is wait or call them for assistance.

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