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FiOS TV Guide Not Working 5 Steps To Make It Work

FiOS TV Guide Not Working – 5 Step Fix Guide Updated 2022

If your Verizon FiOS TV Guide is not working anymore, then read our updated 2022 guide on how to fix it. 

Verizon FiOS provides fiber-optic TV service that’s known to be speedy and incredibly reliable. You can never go wrong with the FiOS service, especially when you get many great features like the ability to personalize your TV channels.

That aside, the FiOS TV guide is very important for users who want to keep track of the scheduled programs on their favorite channels.

But if you ever realize that the Verizon FiOS TV guide is not working, don’t panic. It’s normally not a cause for concern because it’s a minor problem.

Since this issue tends to pop up often, we will lead you through available methods of resolving it with intricate detail.

1. Restart the set-top box

Learn how to reset the FiOS set-top box to eliminate minor bugs. This is also the best way to troubleshoot any issues present. Sometimes the TV box’s memory stores a chunk of temporary data, resulting in an unresponsive guide.

Resetting it will automatically delete all these cache files and rectify the problem you’re experiencing. To go about it, remove the power cord connected to your TV box.

After 10 seconds, plug it back into the wall socket and let it power on. When the LED lights appear, turn on the device and check whether the guide has started working again.

2. Check connections

When it comes to accessing the FiOS TV service, the user must ensure a proper cable connection. At a glance, you’ll see that the coaxial cable appears unmoved.

But even when it looks tight and perfectly compact, it’s probably not. That’s why users should reseat their coaxial cable connections when such issues occur.

It would be best to detach all the cables and wires and wait for at least ten minutes before replugging them back. You should tighten them to make sure the connection between your TV and FiOS TV box is secure. It’s crucial to do this for all connections on your receiver. As a result, the FiOS TV guide will be back on its feet and working its magic!

3. Check Input or TV source

Before thinking of the complex technical steps, it’s a good idea to start with your TV. You may not know it, but the input or source might be at fault when the guide has stopped working.

For that reason, check the source of your television and ensure you are on the right input. It’s something you can do quickly using the FiOS TV remote control.

You can start by pressing the Input or Source button on the remote. Now, find the HDMI port your receiver is connected to and affirm the input is on the right port. Once it’s all done and taken care of, the guide should have resumed its function.

4. Internet connection problems

There are a collective number of reasons for the FiOS TV guide to misbehaving. One of them is a slow or poor internet connection.

Maybe there are too many devices connected to the internet resulting in competition for bandwidth. It is suggested to disconnect from the internet any devices not in use at the moment.

While you are at it, also restart the network gateway to give it a fresh and robust start. Take out power cords and all additional cables and plug them back in after at least 2 minutes to reboot the gateway.

It will help to restore the peak performance of the internet. A good internet connection might just do the trick and end up being the solution.

5. Allow it time

Some people don’t understand that when they switch on their set-top boxes, it will take some time before things are back on and working.

If the receiver has been off and now the guide won’t work, it’s probably still loading information. That’s why you might see on an on-screen message saying no data or no information available.

This is quite normal for a recently activated receiver, and loading guide information can take about 30 minutes.

Ask Verizon if service is down

The next thing you can do is check whether the service is down for some reason. If you can’t use the FiOS TV guide, there is a high chance of an outage on their backend.

This happens because of a maintenance concern or a service update on servers. There are two easy ways to check for a Verizon service outage.

The first one is online via the company website. Visit their status checking page and enter information on the provided fields and let the system initialize. You will know whether there is an outage where you live. Alternatively, contact the Verizon team during work hours for details.

Call customer support

Contacting customer support is the right approach when you’ve done the process, and still, you can’t access channels. If this is the case, reach out to Verizon FiOS’s team immediately and tell them about your situation.

Also, let customer support know you have accomplished the troubleshooting steps outlined here, and with this, they can help find a fitting solution more urgently.


It can be annoying and such a nuisance to discover the FiOS channel guide is not working. This usually means no more watching TV until you can resolve the issue completely.

The methods outlined in this article can help you out with the problem comprehensively. The beauty of it is that they’re simple, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to do something.


Why did Verizon change the guide?

Verizon updated its guide to making it user-friendly, customizable and faster to find content.

Can you make the guide bigger on Xfinity?

Yes, to make the font size bigger, simply access the Help & Settings menu and click on Settings, followed by General Settings. Now go to the part that says Select Guide and choose your preferred size. Select OK to save the font size changes.

Why is the TV guide not working?

If you have issues with the FiOS TV guide, make sure you have a strong internet connection. Also, restart your TV box for a fresh start.

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