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hughesnet outage

Hughesnet Outages In Your Area – Updated Fix Guide 2022

Having Hughesnet Outages In Your Area then you will want to look at this article for more tips on how to get it resolved now.

If you are experiencing Hughesnet internet connection problems then it may be related to a widespread Hughesnet outage

Hughesnet is an incredibly fast internet service that is owned by Hughes communications. The current Hughes communications was once a subsidiary of EchoStar and it its headquarters is located at Germantown, Maryland. Hughesnet is a million-dollar satellite internet service and it has garnered more than 1.3 million subscribers in the US.

The company, Hughes communications, has invested as much as 1billion US dollars on satellite communication and internet services and has up to four decades of experience in the field of top-notch internet service. Most of HughesNet subscribers are Americans and the company has the largest consumers of satellite internet in the whole of North America.

They have had a unique track record of satisfied customers and has surely made their mark in the satellite internet communications industry.

Types of outage from Hughesnet

1. Hughesnet Satellite Outages

When internet outages occur, it almost seems as if you somehow went back in time to prehistoric ages. The time of dinosaurs and dragons LOL. It sometimes feels like this because no matter how often Internet outages happen, we still find it difficult to get used to it.

Imagine a situation where you are currently in your office or at home, and you are just browsing through the internet, hoping to catch a little fun along the way.

Maybe you are binging on youtube videos at the moment or you are on Netflix, and all of sudden, your internet stops working. I mean! No more funny cat videos on YouTube and you definitely will not streaming on Netflix. When this happens, it can be really annoying and frustrating.

This is why sometimes, internet outages can make our day go a lot worse than we were expecting it to. The sad part is that these overly tiring ordeals happen at anytime and any day, most times without warning.

2. Hughesnet Satellite TV Outages

Satellite television from Hughesnet and broadcast television are two very different forms of TV programming but, they are still similar in the aspect of signals in which they use to operate. They both depend on radio waves and these waves are received through an antenna which is directed to the television screen, which produces images.

This isn’t an ideal explanation on how Satellite  TV programming works, but, it still covers the basics behind broadcasting network services. When these signals (radio waves) are interrupted, cable TV outages may occur. These signals are interrupted for a lot of reasons and most times it really has nothing to do with your cable TV service providers. It could be caused by bad weather conditions or even faulty equipment.

How to reach Hughesnet customer support for all services?

Hughesnet Contact Info

Hughesnet Phone Number;

Normally, the best way to contact your internet service provider customer service is to call via phone, and this is no different from Hughesnet. The toll-free number 301-428-5500 is the best way to reach HughesNet customer support center via call. People or customers who use this toll-free number are usually attended faster then you can say “Jack Robinson”.

However, some customers have claimed that the new customer service contact number for new customers is the best way to reach customer support. The number is given as 888-615-0298. Nee customers that are just getting acquainted with the platform and who are still having trouble setting up their equipment and account, are advised to use this number.

With that said, let’s look at other ways we can use to get in touch with Hughesnet customer service.

1. Hughesnet Live Chat;

  • Live Chat with Hughesnet Agents: http://customercare.myhughesnet.com/support.cfm?source=chat
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days
  • you might be required to fill out a form to the live chat service.
  • 2. New customers: 888-615-0298

3. Hughesnet Help Desk;

Hughesnet Help @ customercare.myhughesnet.com

4. All Hughesnet contacts

  • Hughesnet Phone Number
  • 301-428-5500 · Corporate Offices
  • 888-615-0298 · New Customers

Other Toll-free & Customer Service Numbers

  • New Customers: 888-615-0298
  • Cancellations: 877-329-1403
  • Deals & Packages: 866-347-3292
  • Customer Service: 888-667-5537

Things you need before you call Hughesnet customer service

Having looked at the various customer service numbers and how new customers can reach them, let’s take a dive into the things that we can do to ensure that our time with a customer service representative runs as smoothly as possible.

First off, before reaching out to the Hughesnet customer support center, endeavour to have all the necessary documentation with you. These documents may range from invoices to billing and credit card statements, order confirmations product serial numbers and any other piece of info that verifies your account with Hughesnet and which can help you resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Know the difference between the Hughesnet customer support services and device technical services. This is important because; the company (Hughesnet) has dealings with Sutherland, which offers customers technical support services for connected devices.

Also note that this service has its own unique set of rules and subscription package.

Thirdly, as we stated above, the company has a lot of customer service number for different situations associated with slae and customer support. So, be sure you are calling the correct number so that you don’t end up wasting time.

Lastly, make sure to take notes during the call, in case you can’t fit in all the information in your head at once. A pen and paper should do the trick.

How to troubleshoot your Satellite Hughesnet internet on your own?

Since this company is based on satellite internet services, it goes without saying that at some point in time, you may get to experience some faulty or slow connections with your internet. This can really be frustrating whenever it happens as it tends to get in your way of entertainment that may require fast internet connections.

Furthermore, things like bad weather and heavy rainfall can affect your satellite dish and cause network problems, as these things are not within our control. But, other factors apart from bad weather conditions can be the cause of our network issues, which is why sometimes, it is better to try certain troubleshooting procedures that can help you resolve these mundane and bad internet connections without having to call customer support. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try;

Step 1

Make sure that all cords and cables from the satellite, modem and your computer are properly connected and attached to their respective jacks. When these cables or bad or maybe slightly disconnected, you may experience bad network connections. If you think these cables are the cause of your faulty internet connection, replace them with new ones or try a different set of cable to test your theory.

Step 2

After checking your modem, you can troubleshoot your modem with the troubleshooting software to test its efficiency. To start, log on to the company’s control center and click “connectivity test”. You can find this option in the “diagnostic utilities” section under “problem troubleshooting”. After troubleshooting, also verify if there are no additional problems that cause bad internet connections.

Step 3

After the “connections test” you can proceed to reset your modem. This really isn’t a hard step to follow.

All you need to do is to hit the reset button on the base of the modem. Some modems will require you to press and hold down the button so that a reset can be initiated.

The reset button is usually located at the base of the modem or at the front (very few belong to this category). You can know if the reset has been initiated when the lights go off and turn back on again when you hold down the reset button on the modem. If you can’t find the reset button on the modem, unplug the modem from its power source, wait for at least one minute and then plug it back in.

Step 4

This step allows you to know if the fault is from your internet satellite dish. Sometimes, some screws from the dish might be loose and maybe now positioned in a direction away from the service location. This can very well Lea to bad internet connections.

List Top 6 Reasons for Outages

Outages are both random and not uncommon, even in the most civilized communities. The reason is simple, a lot of factors beyond our control can cause these outages. And, depending on the severity of these causes, outages can be mild or long-lasting. With that said, here are some of the most common causes of blackout in society today;

  1. Internet viruses like spyware, malware, adware etc can cause satellite internet outages
  2. Router and network wifi internet sharing issues
  3. Bad weather like storms and lightning
  4. Rain, snow and ice.
  5. The poorly grounded antenna can hinder satellite internet connection
  6. Equipment failure and poor cabling connections can cause slow internet speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a clear view of the southern sky?

If you want a strong internet connection, you are going to need a clear path for the satellite antenna to send strong signals without obstruction.

With this in mind, is it not logical to have your satellite installation process done by a Hughesnet installation officer, so that he or she can verify if your desired satellite location is clear to receive signals, before getting on with the installation process. This saves you a lot of stress that may come with faulty satellite installation.

Where do you plan to use your Internet?

If you are mostly using your internet connections at home, then, you need to set up your home computers before you proceed with your installation. This allows you to get high-speed internet access in short a short amount of time.

How quickly will I be able to get HughesNet service?

Most times, installation services are usually available the next day after placing your order.

If you want to get your installation done as soon as possible, I suggest you get your sales representative to verify if there are any available slots for next-day installation when or after placing your order.


When it comes to satellite internet service, there is really no company out there that beats Hughesnet. Their services are top-notch and they have the highest amount of internet subscribers in North America. With over fortune years of quality service and customer satisfaction, they have surely taken their place in the hearts of high-speed satellite internet users and Americans as a whole.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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