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Fubo Vs Hulu Which One Should You Choose

Fubo Vs Hulu Comparison – Which One Should You Choose? Review

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In today’s post, we will be looking at how Hulu with Live TV and Fubo TV stack up against each other.

So if you’re shopping for the best live TV streaming service provider among these two big players, be sure to check out our comprehensive review to find out which of these providers come top.

With cable bills becoming super expensive by the day, TV watchers are on the lookout for a cheaper alternative.

The truth is the average cable bill is steadily rising, and it is only a matter of time before TV watchers begin to pay over $100 per month for their cable bills.

That doesn’t sound great right, does it?

Well, with live TV streaming services becoming extremely popular, you no longer have to throw away hundreds of dollars every month to meet up your cable TV subscription.

And that’s because live TV streaming services are a lot cheaper than their cable or satellite counterparts.

Fubo TV

Although there are lots of live TV streaming services out there, with a reputation for delivering exceptional TV services to customers, guess what, Fubo TV is way in the league of its own. And we love the fact that Fubo TV explores a different trajectory.

While other live TV streaming services like Hulu with Live TV, DirecTV Now, and others focus on delivering regular TV programmings, which is their main selling point, they miss out on other areas like sports.

For sports lovers, the few sports channels they get to explore don’t just cut it. That’s where Fubo TV gains its relevance. With Fubo TV, you can kiss goodbye to the lack of sports channels in live TV streaming.

For rabid sports lovers, Fubo TV will make a brilliant choice. With their impressive sports-based model, sports fans will get access to a superb variety of sports programs including football, international soccer, baseball, basketball, and soccer.

And true to its sports first model, Fubo TV provides access to some of the best sports channels like NBC Golf, CBS, Fox Sports, MLB TV, NFL Network, and much more with their basic package.

Besides the company’s terrific sports offerings, Fubo TV also provides access to fantastic channels that let users keep up with their favorite programs. If you love channels SyFy, Lifetime, Viceland, and more, then Fubo TV is for you.

We are gobsmacked by the value that Fubo TV offers. With Fubo TV, you get to explore four subscription tiers you’ll love.

Plus, we like the fact that Fubo TV lets you take their packages for a spin, by taking advantage of the company’s seven-day free trial.

What users have come to love about Fubo TV is its fantastic compatibility. Choosing Fubo TV means you can stream on popular streaming devices like Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and more.

Pros and cons

Fubo TV has earned its place among the best live TV streaming services. That said, Fubo TV has a couple of hitches you should know. Here are some pros and cons of Fubo TV you should keep in mind.


  1. Features lots of impressive sports channels- its claim to fame
  2. Has a fantastic blend of live news and entertainment network
  3. Allows up to 6 profiles per subscription


  1. Fubo TV is Missing top channels like TBS, TNT, CNN, and other Turner networks.
  2. Limited DVR storage space. Must upgrade to enjoy more than 30 hours of DVR storage.
  3. Allows only two simultaneous streams

Hulu with Live TV

If you’re looking to cut the cord, but still want to keep watching your favorite programming, you’ll not be disappointed to give Hulu with Live TV a try.

With the launch of Hulu with Live TV as part of its subscription tiers, Hulu has taken its TV services to the next level.

Thanks to Hulu with Live TV, TV watchers can now keep up with their favorite live TV programming along with Hulu’s fabulous VOD services.

While Hulu features a couple of sports channels you’ll love, the company focuses primarily on delivering the regular TV programming TV lovers have come to love.

What this means is that you may not be able to catch all your favorite sports lineups. And that’s because many live TV streaming services don’t explore the sports-based model that has made Fubo TV a popular choice for sports lovers.

The catch here is that Hulu with Live TV is uniquely designed to provide exclusive access to your favorite on-demand VOD content.

Plus, you also get to explore the entire Hulu library, which is now home to thousands of movies and TV shows. All you have to do is subscribe to the company’s impressive Live TV plan, and you’re all set.

Where Hulu with Live TV stands out is that they offer cloud DVR services to their teeming customers.

With cloud DVR, Hulu with Live TV subscribers can now record nearly 50 hours of TV shows, live news, movies, and events. Thanks to this provision, you can now record your favorite shows and watch them at your convenience.

Pros and cons

Hulu with Live TV remains a brilliant option for TV lovers looking for a reliable live TV streaming service that lives up to their promises.

But like many providers on the market, Hulu with Live TV has some shortcomings you should know. Read on to find out some pros and cons of Hulu TV.


  1. Hulu’s on-demand library is second to none
  2. Features a good mix of entertainment, sports, news, and local networks
  3. Reliable DVR performance, a little better than the competition


  1. Add-ons are a bit expensive
  2. Must upgrade cloud DVR to fast forward through ads
  3. Allows only two simultaneous streams, unless you upgrade.

Fubo TV vs Hulu with Live TV: Installation process and bundled services

While Fubo TV and Hulu with Live TV have built a reputation for offering quality live TV streaming services to their customers, we love the fact that they have equally made their installation processes a stroll in the park.

With either Fubo TV or Hulu with Live TV, you don’t have to install any fancy equipment. All you need is a good internet connection and a compatible device to stream your favorite TV shows and movies.

And whether you are tech-savvy or not, you can have your Fubo TV or Hulu with Live TV ready to roll by following the detailed installation manual from your preferred provider.

Many times, you only have to install your preferred live TV streaming provider app on a compatible device, and you’re good to go.

What devices are compatible with Hulu + Live TV and Fubo TV

With the myriads of available devices on the market today, streaming Fubo TV and Hulu + Live TV has never been easier.

From smartphones to smart TV and more, you can pretty much stream Fubo TV on any updated device. Here, check out the list of devices that are compatible with Fubo TV.

Fubo TV compatible devices

  • Google Chromecast
  • iPhone, iPad
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Android smartphone and tablet
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Online

Like Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV also boasts of a vast array of compatible devices that allows for seamless streaming. Here is a list of some of them.

Hulu + Live TV compatible devices

  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Google Chromecast
  • Apple TV (4th generation or later)
  • Xbox One
  • Amazon Fire Tablets
  • Xbox 360
  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  • Roku and Roku Stick
  • iPhones and iPads
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Smart TV
  • PlayStation

Bundled services

Thanks to bundling, you’ll enjoy mouthwatering discounts when you combine base plans with add-ons or extras.

For people tired of paying through their nose for their preferred packages, and looking for something that helps them save more, you’re welcome to explore bundling.

Thankfully, Fubo TV and Hulu with Live TV offer some of the best bundling deals you’ll come across. These bundle plans not only live up to their promises but also help lower pricing.

With Fubo TV, for instance, you can bundle the company’s regular TV packages together with add-ons for a more robust TV experience.

And if you are an avid sports fan, you’ll want to bundle Fubo TV sports add-ons. This way, you’ll never miss a single game from your favorite sporting events.

As far as bundling is concerned, Hulu with Live TV is prepared to give TV lovers something to think about.

While the company’s regular TV package already ushers users into a world of mind-blowing entertainment, their bundling deals will completely revolutionize how they watch TV.

Thanks to Hulu with Live TV, customers can bundle Hulu TV along with Disney+ and ESPN+ for a remarkable experience.

If you think you’ve seen a better deal, wait till you get this mix on and you’ll be wowed by the number of programs you can stream all day long.

Fubo TV and Hulu + Live TV: Channel comparison

Want tons of brilliant channels you’ll love? Well, not to worry, Fubo TV and Hulu with Live TV have you covered as they feature some of the best TV channels you’ll come across.

Let’s explore further, shall we?

Fubo TV channel selections

With Fubo TV, you’ll get access to tons of channels at a reasonable price. And compared to other live TV streaming services, Fubo TV ensures you get more bang for your buck.

Trust us when we say there are only a few live TV streaming services that will give you nearly 100 channels for $60.

With Fubo TV, your channel lineup is only limited by which of their packages you settle for. While their basic package, the Fubo Standard plan features 95 channels, their Ultra package, which is Fubo TV’s top tier package features more than 164 channels.

Where Fubo lacks a bit is in their premium channel selections. At the moment, Fubo TV only has two premium channels, Showtime and AMC Premiere.

That’s not so impressive, especially when you compare it to the competition that features almost all the popular premium channels.

Again, Fubo TV makes up for their limited premium channel selections, with a robust sports selection.

Thanks to their sports-based models, Fubo TV serves sports lovers with more sports channels than they will ever get with other live TV streaming services.

With either the Fubo Standard package or the family deluxe package from Fubo TV, sports fans will enjoy access to nearly 30 sports channels.

And if you’re interested in more sports action, you can opt for Fubo TV’s Ultra package which ushers you to a world of unlimited sports action with 50 impressive sports channels.

Hulu with Live TV channel selections

Without a doubt, Hulu with Live TV features an expansive and impressive channel list, so you’ll not be disappointed.

From lifestyle to kids channels to news networks and more, Hulu TV ensures they meet the unique needs of their diverse audience.

Hulu TV currently boasts extensive coverage for sports, TV shows, news, movies, and more. Given Hulu’s robust channel selections, we doubt you’ll ever run out of programs to watch.

And whether you decide to try their ad package or ad-free package, you’ll enjoy access to over 65 of the best TV channels.

The only difference here is that the ad-free version is more expensive than the Hulu TV ad package.

When it comes to premium channel offerings, Hulu with Live TV brings their ‘A’ game on as they roll out access to the best of premium channels.

With Hulu TV, you can expand your channel selections by adding top premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime.

The minute you add these premium channel selections, you’ll enjoy access to all the live and on-demand networks offered by Hulu with Live TV.

With that, you can binge-watch new and old episodes of your favorite TV shows.

Sports offerings

Hulu TV and Fubo TV serve their teeming users’ unlimited sports content. So if you’re a rabid sports fan, you’ll not go wrong to give either of these providers a try.

With Fubo TV sports entertainment is something you’ve never experienced. With over 50 brilliant sports channels up for watching, Fubo TV has become the go-to live streaming provider for avid sports lovers.

Some of the excellent sports channels featured on Fubo TV include the golf channel, Fubo Sports Network, NBC Sports Network, NFL Network, BeIN Sports, Big Ten Network, TVG, Olympic Channel, TUDN, Pac-12, and more.

Although Hulu with Live TV doesn’t measure up to Fubo TV in terms of sports channels, they still get a slice of the cake as they feature some fantastic sports channels that will thrill sports lovers.

With access to top sports networks like ESPN, NBC, and CBS Networks, you can finally relax and stream everything from NASCAR to NCAA Basketball.

Plus, Hulu TV delivers something you’ll not see with other live TV streaming services- Live rather than just on-demand sports.

In terms of sports, Fubo TV takes the victory as they offer a unique sports proposition you’ll not get with other live TV streaming services including Hulu TV.

Fubo TV vs Hulu with Live TV: Price comparison

Looking to get value from your monthly TV bills? Then you’re welcome to give Fubo TV and Hulu TV a try. These live TV streaming providers offer some of the best deals you’ll see in the TV industry.

To get hooked to Hulu with Live TV, you don’t have to break the bank as they keep their pricing pretty standard.

With $54.99 per month, you’ll get hooked to this fantastic live TV streaming provider that is giving cable and satellite TV a run for their money.

Although the $54.99 plan from Hulu with Live TV comes with ads, which can be a bit annoying, there is a no ads package that costs an extra $5.

Should you opt for this package, you’ll be paying $59.99 per month, instead.

While Hulu TV plans are in sync with the industry’s average in terms of pricing, we love the fact that they include Hulu on-demand in the mix.

And you know what, Hulu on-demand features thousands of titles that go head to head with selections on Netflix.

Fubo TV pricing

Compared to Hulu with Live TV, Fubo TV is way pricey. But we love the fact that Fubo TV gives users more bang for their buck. And unlike Hulu with Live TV, Fubo TV gives users a lot of options in terms of packages.

With Fubo TV, you can explore all of the company’s four packages and decide which of them works for you.

Here, let’s break things down, so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Fubo TV packages and pricing

  • Fubo Standard

The Fubo standard package has everything you’re looking for, including a massive channel count. With nearly 95 incredible TV channels, this terrific package from Fubo TV has way more channels than you’ll get with Hulu TV. The only issue is that it is expensive. For a start, this package costs $54.99 per month.

  • Family

This package costs exactly like the Fubo standard package. Plus, it offers access to 95 channels, which is the same as the Fubo standard package.

The only difference, however, is pricing. While the Fubo Standard package costs $54.99, this package sells for $59.99. The additional $5 is for extra 500 hours of DVR storage space.

  • Family plan with Showtime

With lots of fantastic channels, including premium channel selections, this superb package lets you catch up with your favorite TV shows and movies.

With nearly 104 channels featured on this package, you and your loved ones can sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite TV shows.

The best part is that you also get a premium channel (Showtime) included in the mix for $69.99 per month.

  • Ultra package

Are you interested in more channel selections? Then all you need is to subscribe to the Ultra plan from Fubo TV.

Amazingly, this package provides access to more channels than you can ever keep up with. With over 164 channels to its name, this package has everything you want from your TV subscription. You can get hooked to this package for only $84.99 per month.

Equipment fees and DVR

One thing we love about live TV streaming services is that they don’t need the installation of fancy equipment before you can start streaming your favorite channels.

What this means is that you’ll not incur extra charges for equipment, which is a great thing, especially for people who want to keep costs low.

In terms of DVR, Fubo TV gives you some options you should consider. If you decide to go for the Fubo Standard package, you only get 30 hours of DVR storage, which honestly isn’t so great.

To bump things up, you’re better off with either the Fubo Family plan or the Fubo Ultra plan as both of these packages give 500GB of cloud DVR storage space. And you know what, it only costs an extra $5 to get your DVR upgraded.

With Hulu TV, on the other hand, users get 50 hours of cloud DVR. But you can upgrade to 200 hours of DVR storage for an extra $9 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fubo TV offer contracts?

There are no contracts or commitments with Fubo TV, which makes it great for people who don’t like being locked into a contract.

Can I stream sports with Hulu TV?

Although Hulu TV has a brilliant selection of sports channels, they play second fiddle to Fubo TV in this regard.

Does Fubo TV feature premium channels?

While Fubo TV has premium channels, they only have two premium channels they can boast of.

Can I cancel my subscription to Fubo TV?

With no contract or commitments, you can pretty much cancel your Fubo TV subscription anytime you like.


It’s quite a close call to determine which of these providers come top, especially putting into consideration their unique TV services. If you’re interested in more sports programs, then you’ll fancy Fubo TV.

However, if you’re looking for a more diverse live TV streaming service provider with lots of brilliant channels, Hulu with Live TV will make an excellent choice.

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