Roku Error Codes Easy Ways To Fix Them

Roku Error Codes – Easy Ways To Fix Them

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Subscribers facing different Roku error codes, read on to learn how to fix them. As you make use of your Roku device, you might experience different Roku error codes such as 001, 003, 005, 011, 015, 018, 019, and much more.

In this write-up, we’ll outline and explain some of these error codes and itemize how to troubleshoot them.

Standard Roku Error Codes and approaches to fix them

Roku Error Code 001

This is an error message associated with Roku activation. It normally shows up whenever the activation code you entered is being rejected by your Roku server.

The error can occur because you entered the wrong activation code or your Roku server is experiencing issues. In both scenarios, it will be difficult to proceed with any setup. So, you need to get rid of it.

Troubleshooting Roku Error Code 001

You can try the suggestions below to fix Roku error code 001 on your Roku device;

  1. First, you need to ascertain the code you’re about to key in is contains the correct password.
  2. Crosscheck if there are any typo errors as you type.
  3. Check if the speed of your internet is slow.
  4. If the problem is from the server, check for any available updates.
  5. Check if Roku is well connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Roku Error Code 003

Just like other digital devices, the software of your Roku device needs to be updated as at when due. Failure to do this will result in Roku error 003.

Apart from this, if you have a faulty router or network, it can also trigger this error. Hence, it’s important to make a detailed diagnosis of any attached device to your system.

Troubleshooting Roku Error Code 003

  1. Ensure the selected Wi-Fi is the correct network.
  2. Verify the login values for the network is the correct one.
  3. Make there is nothing wrong with your router.
  4. Crosscheck fi Roku is getting the needed Wi-Fi signal.
  5. Restart your router and Roku device, proceed to connect again to the network.

Roku Error Code 005

This error code 005 shows up on the screen during a system update. It terminates the update as a result of issues related to network connectivity. Once it occurs, inspect the Wi-Fi network to ascertain the working status.

Troubleshooting Roku Error Code 005

  1. Examine the Roku device and make sure it is connected to an available Wi-Fi network.
  2. Make the login details provided are all correct as you connect to the network.
  3. Try to relink the Roku device to the network.
  4. In the interim, restart your router and Roku device.

Roku Error Code 009

This 009 error will show up on your screen at the time Roku experiences a problem gaining access to the internet. The error messages that usually appear on the screen are;

  • ‘Not linked to the internet’.
  • ‘Incapable of connecting to wireless Network’
  • ‘Roku error code 009’

What it means is that your device actually established a connection but it’s still unable to make any connection to the internet.

Troubleshooting Roku Error Code 009

To rectify this error, follow the guild line below;

  1. Properly connect Roku to the Wi-Fi network.
  2. Check for the current internet speed.
  3. Contact your internet service provider if there are any internet-related problems.
  4. Startup the Roku setup procedure again.

Roku Error Code 011 and 014

Error code 011 is similar to error code 014. the significance of both errors indicates your Roku is currently struggling as it tries to establish a connection to get updates.

Also, you may get to see the message ‘Roku can’t connect to a local network error’. Hence, whenever there is a failure in a software update, this error will be displayed. This is a result of the connectivity of the software server.

Troubleshooting Roku Error 011 and 014

  1. First ‘Disable Network Pings.’ You can use the remote for this.
  2. Check if there is any problem with the Roku server. Sometimes it will be down for routine maintenance or repair. If so then you need to be patient for the maintenance round to be over.
  3. In the interim, check your Wi-Fi network to ensure it’s receiving fast internet speed.
  4. Next is to connect your Roku directly to the router through an Ethernet cable rather than a Wi-Fi option.
  5. Alternatively, you can make use of the ‘Secret Screen’ option from the Roku remote to update the software.

Roku Error Code 018

This error code shows your Roku device is struggling to receive fast internet access. In other words, whenever Roku starts getting a slow internet connection, you’ll begin to see error 018 on your screen.

Most times, you’ll see this error when streaming channels and because of slow internet, you’ll end up losing access to the channels. At this point, you need to fix it.

Troubleshooting Roku Error Code 018

This error can be sorted out by inspecting the Wi-Fi network as well as the Roku connection.

  1. Crosscheck to ensure your Wi-Fi network functions appropriately.
  2. Roku needs to be connected correctly to your Wi-Fi network.
  3. Use free tools online to check internet speed.
  4. Reach out to your ISP when your internet speed is slow.
  5. Do not congest your network. So, detach other devices connected to your network.
  6. For any other information out there, reach out to Roku professionals.

In Conclusion

These are some of the errors you might likely experience. Your duty is to carefully read about them and know how to fix the errors and start enjoying your entertainment. If the error persists, don’t forget to reach out to Roku for any further guidance.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most seldom Roku error code?

Some of the common errors you might likely experience as you stream are as follows;

What does error code 16 mean on Roku?

You’re likely going to experience this error code at the point of launching a channel when the internet connection has already been lost. To fix it, click on set up the connection, network settings and then follow on-screen instructions. If it lingers, you can suspect a weak wireless signal.

What does error code 014 signify on Roku?

Its means there is a failure in the software update. The happens often whenever the device is not finding it easy to hook up to the internet. This leads to an interruption in a software update.


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