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on demand on directv now

How to Access on Demand on DirecTV Now – Follow Along Tutorial

Directv now is a streaming service that offers people live and on demand programs and TV shows. After subscribing to the service, you will get a free 7-day trial and 4 pricing packages with prices ranging from $35 to $70, without any contract or credit check.

Furthermore, on demand means that you can watch pre-recorded shows just like it happens with Netflix and Hulu. Directv on demand lets you watch thousands of your favorite movies and TV shows by just connecting to a HD DVR through your home internet. Movies are frequently available on the Directv on demand weeks before the new releases are available on movies services. The service is helpful for the people that watch past TV episodes and old movies.

New customers can choose to take the HD DVR and receive DirecTV on demand service. This happens at the ordering stage and helps you get access to on demand movies and TV shows. After this, the installer is supposed to connect a Directv cinema connection kit to the DVR and home network. The installation in many instances is free.

If you are a customer with the Whole-Home DVR service, you will probably not connect the HD DVR to the router. Instead, you will be required to order the Directv Cinema connection kit. You also have a chance to upgrade to a Directv plus HD DVR and get access to Directv on demand when the router is not within the Ethernet cable distance.

How to watch Directv on demand

Getting access to Directv on demand is quite straightforward. Take the steps as explained below and you will instantly get access to thousands of the hottest and latest TV shows and movies.

Press Menu or Go to CH.1000, CH. 1100. You can choose any of the two but if you press Menu on the remote to access on demand, you will receive a title to watch. When you get the title to watch, choose your playback option as shown below.

  • Watch Now-if you press Watch Now, it will start to download to watch
  • Record-The title will download and record and the show will appear on your list to watch later.
  • Add to Queue-It may not be available but after download to your playlist, it will be available.

Additionally, many networks offer on demand programs and if you want to check, you can add 1 in front of the channel number. Good examples are the Discovery Channel Ch.278 that has an on demand.

Using Menu

  • Click MENU on the remote and proceed to Search&Browse and then on Demand.
  • Proceed to guide and highlight the name of the channel that has a plus sign and it will take you to on demand.
  • You can proceed to Channel 1000.
  • To search for the on demand content, click on MENU, go to search and then browse and eventually Smart Search. The On demand Content will include a VOD icon right on the title.

Is the channel really ‘’on demand”

Many people previously criticized Directv due to its speeds of the day, meaning you could mainly access SD programming fast enough. The HD programs take about four times longer which made many people record them and watch later. With today’s fast internet speeds, it’s pretty easy to watch on demand faster. In addition, Directv has massive amounts of free content. The content gives great value especially if you don’t really want to subscribe to Hulu or Netflix.

How many simultaneous streams are allowed?

You can only watch on two devices simultaneously. This is unfortunate but if you want DirecTV to be your one and only TV solution for the whole family, you can proceed to choose another alternative. With Directv, when one person is watching on the TV and someone else is on another device, that’s it, no one else can enjoy the shows. This might take some serious coordination if more than two people live together.

Can I watch Football and regional sports channel on Demand?

DirecTV doesn’t offer the Red Zone Channel or NFL Sunday Ticket. But yes, you can watch football and regional sports. With that said, the blackout rules still apply. This means that you cannot watch the NFL there. The availability of sports channels will greatly vary depending on where you live.


What does on demand mean on Directv?

On demand is a collection of thousands of titles and content that is available for watching on demand. You can browse the library and you will get access to a selection of great TV shows and Movies.

Do you get charged for on demand?

No, there are hundreds of free shows and movies that you can watch for free on demand. But you can always get more movies and TV shows and other features after subscribing.

Is on demand free on Directv?

Yes, on demand is offered for free on Directv. However, there are Pay per View Movies and shows that you can purchase any time.

Why Can’t I get on demand on Directv?

If you are having Directv on demand problems, then you are not alone. This might be an issue with the Internet connection or even the Home network. To solve it, just make sure you are connected to the internet and the connection is stable.

How long before Directv is on demand?

The time it takes depends on several factors. In most cases, it can take up to 24 hours due to technical issues. But frankly speaking, the technician should always inform you of the time it will take and what to expect at the end of it all.


Many movies and TV shows on Demand are free but you can choose to go for a paid subscription if you need to watch PPV movies and TV shows. Content that is paid for will always have a dollar sign on it and if you don’t want children to buy on demand programs, you can set spending limits with Parental controls.


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Jill Burns
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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