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DirecTV Protection Plan - is it worth it

DirecTV Protection Plan – Is it Worth It

Life has so many uncertainties, and it’s always prudent to be ready for what might come next. You might have stumbled upon the Directv protection plan, and you’re wondering if it’s worth the investment.

What is the Directv protection plan about, and how is it beneficial to the users? Basically, a protection plan is a service contract that’s designed to guarantee maintenance, repairs, and replacements of the most critical household systems at no extra cost. The plan may include routine safety checks and maintenance. The impressive thing about this is that it makes the user’s life more comfortable and shortens the list of things to worry about.

The Directv protection plan offers customers a complete Directv system protection that includes upgrading the latest equipment after every two years. In addition, the plan covers several of the vital equipment like the remote controls, dish antenna, receivers, and wiring. That said, people often feel that purchasing the protection plan is not worth the time and money. Well, it’s not worth the investment if many of the defects and flaws can be seen within the warranty period for the product.

Many people have the Directv protection plan on their account but don’t really understand what it’s for. It can help protect your entertainment devices like laptops and tablets. If you still need to know more, this brief will elaborate on things and save a little bit of your time.

The protection plan choices

The Directv protection plan is usually offered to the customers during the sign-up. Since it doesn’t cost a lot of money, people often simply add it to their service. But if you want to get the protection plan, it’s crucial to pick the suitable choice for you. The protection plan choices include;

  • Directv Protection plan-This particular plan protects all of your Directv devices, plus equipment upgrade every two years.
  • Directv Protection plan premier-It includes everything that’s in the Directv protection plan. It will also cover your old and new entertainment devices, including laptops, plasma TVs, tablets, LED TVs, and computers.
  • Directv Protection plan premier with Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH)-It includes everything that’s in the premier plan, together with accidental damage. The accidental damage covered includes cracked screens for laptops, drops, and spills. However, it does not cover the Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Chromecast, and some other streaming players.

What is covered in the protection plan?

Initially, the protection plan was meant to cover the technical issues brought about by the equipment malfunction or failure and issues with dish alignment. However, the plan has been upgraded over time to cover almost all the equipment inside your home. This means everything in your home that provides AT&T service is covered in the protection plan.

Accidental damage was added to the plan because there were many reports of people having a hard time troubleshooting. Another significant addition was the receiver upgrade every two years at absolutely no cost. The protection plan is actually meant to ensure the customers have an easy time. For instance, if you’re remote is damaged or has suddenly stopped working, you can get it replaced with a new one for free.

What you get with the Directv protection plan

At only $8.99 per month, you become eligible for the latest receiver upgrade after every two years. Another significant benefit is coverage for your Directv system. If you actually run into any issues with the system or its components, repair, replacement, and troubleshooting are guaranteed. You can also call a professional technician to visit your home and repair Directv equipment at absolutely no cost. This repair includes cable outlets, wiring, and jacks. You also get replacements for receivers and remote controls that have stopped functioning.

Directv protection plan premier plus ADH

The main benefit you will get with this plan is that it covers accidental damage caused by human error during handling. It safeguards your laptops and tablets against any kind of accidental damage. This mainly includes drops and spills. There is repair and replacements for laptops or tablets accidentally damaged while handling. For instance, your laptop’s cracked screen may be repaired, or you get a new laptop if it’s entirely damaged.

Directv protection plan premier

The premier plan costs about $20 per month and covers just about every entertainment equipment in your home. It also includes the ones you may buy later. The main benefit of this particular plan is that it covers a wide range of equipment. These include home theater systems, 3D glasses, TVs, TV remotes, routers and modems, desktops, laptops, and tablets. In case the devices stop functioning for a reason covered in the plan, they will troubleshoot, repair, or replace them for free. You will appreciate the 24-hour technical support for any issues affecting your Directv viewing experience.

What is not covered in the Directv protection plan?

The protection plan works more or less in a similar way to the insurance company. You surely wouldn’t want something to happen to your device and when you think it’s covered, discover later it’s not. Therefore, it’s crucial to read between the lines and understand the terms of the warranty. Not everything will be covered in the protection plan. Damage caused by fallen trees, water, animal damage, and misalignment due to strong winds is often not a part of the protection plan.

Also, issues arising from human error might not be covered. For instance, cutting any of the wires or moving the equipment doesn’t fall in the eligibility criteria.

Can I cancel the Directv protection plan at any time?

You are allowed to cancel the plan within the first 30 days after purchasing it or any other time after the first 12 months of coverage. The cancellation will not cost you anything.


The Directv protection plan is vital for the people who are tired of paying hefty amounts of money to get a technician who will troubleshoot and fix issues with their Directv system. You’re also granted access to round the clock customer support and service calls. But if you feel it’s not worth it, you can always avoid it.

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