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What Channel Is Redzone On Xfinity

What Channel Is Redzone On Xfinity? – Updated Guide 2022

If you are wondering what channel is RedZone on Xfinity and what can you watch in this channel in 2022?

RedZone is not included in the Xfinity channel line-up, However, you can use your Xfinity credentials to sign into RedZone’s website and watch live games on your mobile device or computer.

This brief brings you answers to all the questions you have about RedZone on Xfinity.

What channel is RedZone on Xfinity?

RedZone is a channel owned by NFL Network which airs live look-ins on games around the league. The camera focuses on whichever game looks to be most exciting at the time, ranging from just showing key plays to full game replays. Games that are not aired in RedZone are also shown here as well with only analysis and commercials taking up the time.

You can watch RedZone on Xfinity Channel Number 390. This channel number can equally vary from one state to the other.

Channel Name Channel Number
RedZone 390

What can you do in RedZone on Xfinity?

RedZone is a great way to watch live action from around the league while not having to tune into every game, which may be a bad play or long drawn out. If you want more information about what RedZone shows while it airs, check on the RedZone website.

The service also offers apps for Roku boxes, the PlayStation 4, Apple TV and Chromecast that can be downloaded directly from their respective marketplaces. There is also a mobile app to watch on iPhone and Android phones, but it requires an existing Xfinity TV account.

What can you not do in RedZone on Xfinity?

There is no live streaming for non-Comcast users, which means that if your internet cutting out then having the service activated will be of no use. If you are not a Comcast customer, but you want this type of service, Frontier offers an internet TV service called FiOS that also needs an existing subscription to their home or business internet. If you’ve cut the cord on your cable television as I did (I’m currently paying $54/mo for TV!) then these services may be of interest to you.

If you are a TCN or Verizon service subscriber, all I can say is “sorry”. You can’t have it.

Comcast’s streaming service, Redzone is available for subscribers to the Xfinity TV Comcast service. Being a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I have both TCN and the Comcast Sports Network (CSN) that shows all games either locally or nationally broadcast. If your team is on Redzone each week you can see their scores and other information while

Is there an app for Redzone on Xfinity?

Yes! They do exist for both Android and iPhone users (not iPad yet). You can find them in their respective app stores.

What is Redzone on Comcast?

Redzone is basically direct access to a Football show via a live streaming service. However, it’s not really directly accessible from the Comcast Xfinity service. You have to go through an app for Android or iPhone and register it with your same Comcast credentials in order to see your local games, scores, and other national games. Check some of these right now and keep an update.

Top 6 most Popular Shows to watch on NFL RedZone

There are several sports TV shows that you can watch on NFL RedZone. Here are the top 6 most popular shows to watch on NFL RedZone.

More than a game

The NFL’s top female athletes are highlighted in this series. This program is a look back at the best games and their impacts throughout history, as it relives each game through the eyes of those who played in them.

A Football Life

This show provides an intimate look into the life story of current and former players, coaches, families, teammates, rivals and friends that have helped shape the NFL through football.

Sound FX

This show is produced by NFL Films and provides an inside look into the game’s biggest moments told by the players, coaches, announcers, owners, and fans who loved them on the field.

NFL Replay

The NFL Replay of recent games is re-aired on this program after they initially aired on NFL game day.

NFL RedZone

This show catches viewers up to all the action and latest highlights, as it bounces from game to game, whenever a team enters the red zone.

A Football Life

Narrated by Emmy-winning actor Jon Hamm (Mad Men), this program throws an inside look into the lives of some of pro football’s most well-known legends.

In conclusion, these are the 6 shows that I would recommend watching if you’re ever looking for something to do and have a TV nearby with an NFL RedZone channel. If not, then just go outside and have a good time.


How do I watch NFL on Xfinity?

There are several ways you can watch NFL RedZone on Xfinity right now. The best of them is to tune in to channel 390 on Xfinity. However, the channel number can change and vary from time to time.

What Comcast Package has NFL RedZone?

This channel is available as part of the Comcast sports entertainment package. This means that you can watch this channel with your basic package.

Where can I get the NFL RedZone?

This is available in all streaming services such as Sling TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV and Vidgo. You can as well watch RedZone on channel 390 on Xfinity.

What is the sports entertainment package on Xfinity?

The Xfinity TV has more sports and entertainment package for movies, sports and shows from main networks such as the NFL RedZone, CBS Sports Network, Military History channel and many others.


Xfinity is one of the greatest TV providers in the country. The channel airs NFL RedZone every Sunday. This is where you can stream your favorite games and races right now. You can find this and much more on channel 390 on Xfinity. There are several other TV shows besides the ones in the list above that you can watch right now.

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