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Is AT&T Internet Good For Gaming

Is AT&T Internet Good For Gaming – Best ISP Recommendations

For most gamers, what they seek most is a reliable, fast internet connection that will prevent them from experiencing lag on their game time.

-As long as the internet provider has an excellent speedy network with low prices, then it’s cool. Therefore in this article, our focus will be on AT&T and other ISPs with the singular aim of identifying whose speed is more suitable for gamers.

That is to say; we want to examine who the king is among ISPs in providing an internet connection for gamers.

AT&T designed various internet speeds that are suitable for gamers. Not only that, but they also have a dedicated support system whose duty is to assist gamers in resolving any challenge that might hamper their connectivity even after signing up with them.

They just want their subscribers to enjoy the fastest speed available while having fun at their game. This is the dream for gaming internet users.

At&t Fiber: Best Fiber Speeds For Gamers

No doubt, fiber optics is the king for internet connectivity, and if now zero in on AT&T’s fiber internet speed, then you’re face to face with the king of kings in fiber internet speed. There is nothing as important as a fiber connection for gamers who prefer to live-stream – it’s the real deal here.

AT&T’s fiber is well known for providing fast and reliable internet when needed in the world of gamers – they insist on an internet that will never drop while users are having a gaming experience.

X-raying At&t’s Fiber Internet Bundles:

  • For a startup plan, users can buy the Internet Basic 5 plan, with a download speed of 5mbps or more, at the cost of $49.99 per month.
  • The other is the internet 10-100 package that costs $49.99 a month for 12 months, with the option of increasing it to $60 a month. This package offers up to 100mbps, which is so huge for majority of gamers.
  • For higher speed, then check out the Internet 300 package with a cool 300mbps at the cost of $49.99 a month, available for 12 months with an option to increase it to $70 a month.
  • If you consider yourself a serious and dedicated gamer, the Internet 1000 pack is for you. It offers a whooping 1000mbps or 1 gigabyte for $49.99 a month for 12 months and an increase of $90 a month.

Highlighting The Importance Of At&t Internet For Gaming

In comparison with its DSL counterpart, the speed available for live-streaming and YouTube creator needs is amazing on AT&T’s fiber internet.

The major challenge for gamers on the coast has always been limited coverage; however, this issue has been rendered a thing of the past with the use of AT&T fiber network over Verizon FiOS.

Here are some of the factors why you should use AT&T for gaming;

There have options as regards Internet speeds.

AT&T Internet has made it easy for users to make their choice when it comes to internet speed. So it’s a question of what do you want or which speed suits your lifestyle.

For gaming experiences, what is recommended is 1000Mbps. This assures no internet usage cap, allows you to compete well while gaming as you’ll never be capped out.

There is a provision to have wireless connections or wired-in.

Although AT&T is designed with lightning-fast options for wireless connectivity, the standard recommendation for users that participate in intense gaming is to ensure they’re wired-in. Upon your subscription to any of the AT&T internet plans, users can be wired-in through the Ethernet cable.

This is what ensures you’re not interrupted during any gaming session while on a strong network.

Testing of Internet Speed is available

Again, on AT&T internet, there is a provision to run a speed test. This efficiency can be measured under a minute, whether it’s downloading or uploading speed test.

With this, one can ascertain his/her current internet speed and decide if a faster connection will be preferred.

There is a constant support system

Technical or connectivity issues do arise while gaming online. But not to worry, AT&T is always available with a constant support system to help you in troubleshooting and solving those issues.

Who is AT&T Fiber best for?

There are three categories of people whom AT&T fiber plans suits. They include;

  • People who live where AT&T fiber is installed
  • People whose activities require a super-fast download or upload speeds for either live-streaming or server hosting.
  • Gamers who prefer to play alongside other gamers under the same roof, including those that stream games too.


  • Better fiber availability
  • Reasonable prices for the speed


  • Underwhelming DSL plans
  • 1 TB data cap on all but 1,000 Mbps plan

Profiling Other Isps That Are Good For Gaming

Xfinity: Best Non-fiber Speeds

Xfinity is an ISP that you can count on for speed and performance.

This network allows for several connections of devices while playing any game. So no matter the kind of game you want to play, it will be seamless.

However, a serious setback on Xfinity is the bad customer service in their fold.

Xfinity plans, prices, and speeds

Plan Price Download Speed Data Cap
Performance Starter $19.99 25 Mbps 1.2TB
Performance $55 100 Mbps 1 TB
Performance Pro $70 200 Mbps 1 TB
Blast Pro $80 300 Mbps 1 TB
Extreme Pro $60 600 Mbps 1 TB
Gigabit $84.99 1000 Mbps 1.2TB
Gigabit Pro $299.95 2000 Mbps Unlimited

The Blast Pro Plan downwards is the recommended plan for gamers

Why Xfinity is good for gaming

Among fast ISP internet users, Xfinity has earned the fastest cable internet title that is also reliable.

The speed can go up to 2000 Mbps with different varieties of speed to choose from. Note that the need for speed for a tag-team duo, to which 100 Mbps is enough for, may not be the same for a family of gamers comprising of two or three teens who love playing games with the parents inclusive.

The latter will definitely need the blast pro plan that offers 275 Mbps.

Who is Xfinity Suitable for?

To get the spark you need while gaming, then Xfinity is suitable for people

  • Who doesn’t mind paying a little extra to be contract-free?
  • For gamers who acquire land skill shots by relying on speedy internet.


  • There are no contract options
  • Expect reliable speed performance
  • Enjoy speeds up to 1,000 or 2,000 Mbps


  • Prices vary drastically by location and network architecture
  • Relatively high scary price for the 2,000 Mbps plan

2. Frontier: Best For No Data Caps

Frontier FiOS fiber internet is equipped with unlimited data, a joy for unlimited gaming for users.

If you’re in an area where AT&T fiber or Verizon FiOS is not available, then it’s a good thing to try out Frontier FiOS.

However, the download speed of Frontier’s fiber lacks behind Verizon FiOS. You may have to spend more money if you wish to gain many users.

Plan Price Download Speed Data Cap
Simply FiOS 50/50 $29.99 50 Mbps Unlimited
Simply FiOS 500/500 $39.99 500 Mbps Unlimited
Simply FiOS Gig Service $74.99 1000 Mbps Unlimited

The Simply FiOS 500/500 is the recommended plan for gamers

Why Frontier is Appropriate for Gamers.

  • Frontier reduced the price of its 1000 Mbps plan, which is really enticing.
  • Downloading and streaming on Frontier plans is unlimited as subscribers enjoy unlimited data.
  • Frontier fiber is readily available for gamers, especially those living under one roof.

Who Frontier is suitable for?

  • If Verizon FiOS is not available to you, get a Frontier fiber connection
  • High live-stream users who need unlimited data
  • The cohabitation of gamers who needs lots of speed and reliable networks.


  • Requires no data caps
  • High fiber speeds


  • Plan packages for users are few.

3. Verizon Fios Home Internet

There is no gamer that doesn’t like internet connection even though you can play games offline.

In the same vein, there is no game that doesn’t need an internet connection or an ISP customer service that does not cater to end users when needed.

Plan Price Download Speed
Internet 200/200 $39.99/month 200 Mbps
Internet 400/400 $59.99/month 400 Mbps
FiOS Gigabit Connection $79.99/month Up to 940 Mbps

Why Verizon FiOS is Suitable for Gamers.

With three plans, which are seen as small in some quarters, the price plan for Verizon FiOS is just right when compared with other ISPs with the same caliber of speed. One key difference is that Verizon FiOS is a fiber-based internet, while most other ISPs are not.

In terms of speed, fiber-based internet is much more reliable, and this is why it is recommended that users choose fiber internet over cable and DSL if they can. In fiber internet, the speed with which to upload or download stuff is usually the same.

Who is Verizon FiOS best for?

The many people enjoy Verizon FiOS the most:

  • East Coast dwellers since Verizon FiOS are available there.
  • Gamers whose enthusiasm is using a reliable, fast, and speed FPS and other quick reaction games.


  • The price is quite reasonable
  • Fantastic fiber connection any day
  • Swift customer service delivery
  • No annual contract


  • The coverage of this internet is limited, nevertheless.

4. Optimum Internet

The choice people have when choosing internet connections should not be homogenous but heterogeneous. This is what users want to see.

In the case of optimum internet, only three internet plan options are available.

These options have different speeds, all of which possess a unique quality for game lovers.

Plan Price Download Speed Data Cap
Optimum 300 $39.99/month 300 Mbps Unlimited
Optimum 400 $64.99/month 400 Mbps Unlimited
Optimum 1 Gig $69.99/month 940 Mbps Unlimited

Let’s Summarize: The Best Internet For Gaming

Gamers have one thing in common: a fast and reliable internet connection. The four ISPs discussed above will definitely not make you lose your game time or disconnect your internet and start leaving a boring lifestyle.

AT&T Fiber – For the best in fiber speeds, this is your best bet. As long as it’s for gaming and streaming, fiber internet is the ultimate. AT&T offers the best available speed at a reasonable rate without making you feel broke.

Xfinity – Looking for non-fiber speed, then this is the best. So you need not get worked up that there is no fiber internet in your locality. Xfinity is readily available across the US and delivers high speed.

With the provision of higher plans on this internet, relax and enjoy reliable upload, download, and streaming of games.

Frontier FiOS -There is no data cap here, totally unlimited. For users who desire a time of continuous download or streaming, subscribing to an internet that is reliable with no data caps, are the best.

Frontier FiOS fits your description, and guess what? You won’t be charged if you use the internet beyond your monthly data limit.

Verizon FiOS Home Internet -Some gamers just want a company that can support them technically at all times. If this is you, Verizon FiOS home internet is yours to have. They’re the best in customer service relations.

When you rate this ISP with others in town, their customer satisfaction scores are always the highest. The internet is also fast.

Optimum Internet – There is good customer service here, a monthly price that ranges between $39.99 – $69.99, and a download speed of 200 – 940 Mbps.

In Conclusion

In the world of gaming, there are essential things that one must consider. You must ask yourself what kind of game you wish to play and how many people will be using the internet simultaneously. You’ll also need to consider other internet activities apart from gaming.

These are what inform your decision on the type of internet speed to go for. You can, therefore, test your internet speed and compare your current speed to that of AT&T since speed and reliability makes every gaming experience worthwhile.


Is AT&T Internet fast enough for gaming?

The benefit of having AT&T internet is quite huge for gamers. For example, the residential internet plan, internet 1000, has a connection speed of 1000 Mbps, three ultra-low latency (pings under 11 milliseconds), unlimited data for home connection, and performs consistently even during peak hours.

What is latency?

The duration it takes a data packet to travel is known as latency. Or put in another way, it is seen as the time between an action and reaction/response (this time game response). Usually, latency is measured in milliseconds, which are relatively small.

However, for a serious gamer who knows about in-game lag, otherwise known as high latency, he will tell you that this is like missing a well-timed shot and getting play of the game in over-watch.

What is packet loss?

We already know what latency means. Thus, packet loss happens when data sent does not get to its destination, which is frustrating for many gamers.

No gamer likes this, and so the next time you hear a gamer use the words “rubber-banding,” “drifting,” or that their game pauses suddenly, then know they’re talking about packet loss.

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