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Frndly TV Review - the Truth on how it compares

Frndly TV Review – The Truth On How It Compares To Other Services

Philo is not the only cheap TV streaming service in the American market. Frndly TV is a close competitor offering cheap TV streaming services to you. Since the bills for Cable and Satellite TV is on the rise, you might want to know the options you’ve got regarding TV streaming services. Some Streaming services are $50-$70 a month, which is still very expensive.

Frndly TV targets budgeters with its plans and want to make it easy for live streamers to stream their favorite content cheaply. The platform has TV Bundles that offer you cable news, live sports, and local channels. But is Frndly TV better than Philo and other streaming TV services? Is the price reasonable and their services reliable? Read on to get the answers.

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Frndly TV plans and Prices

Frndly TV offers 3 TV plans all at a cost lower than $9.99 every month. All the plans don’t have any contract, meaning you can cancel the service any time of the month. Furthermore, Frndly TV gives users the option to purchase an annual plan that can save you up to 25% ‘ off the annual bills. The company has a 7-day free trial where new subscribers can gauge the service before paying.

Checking the Channels, it’s easy to detect that a Frndly TV is a skinny TV Bundle. The three plans offered on the website have the same 15 channels. The channels are family-friendly, meaning that the entire family can watch the content together.

Frndly TV, Price, and features
Price Basic: $5.99/month
Classic: $7.99/month
Premium: $9.99/month
Price per channel 40 to 67 cents
Annual plan option Yes
Free trial 7 days

The Three plans offered by Frndly TV are Basic, Classic and Premium. Channel lineup for Frndly TV is the same for the three plans. The only difference is the video quality and the Cloud DVR capabilities. Another major difference between the plans is the number of simultaneous streams that a family can take. Regardless of whether you want to go with the monthly or annual payment plan, you will get 7 days to test the service. If you want to cancel the service, visit Frndly website and navigate to the settings page.

Features of Frndly TV

  • Users can stream content on major digital devices
  • It functions with selected channels
  • The starting price is perfect for all type of users

Is Frndly TV legit?

Yes, the Network and the App are perfect and works well. Subscribers only need to have high speed internet to start watching.

How to Install Frndly TV on Roku

You can obviously install Frndly TV on Roku devices. The process should not be very complicated. Follow the process below to install Frndly TV on Roku.

  • Click Search on your Roku Device
  • Type Frndly TV on the search Bar
  • Click on the results and choose Frndly TV
  • Proceed to add the Channel
  • Press Ok and Return to the Home screen of your Roku and locate the channel
  • Take your remote and click the star icon on the remote and select to move channels.
  • You can now choose to move the app wherever you want on your screen.
  • Launch the service and start working immediately
  • That’s the process, you can now enjoy your favorite content any time of the day.

Installing Frndly TV on Firestick

It’s now very easy to install Frndly TV on Firestick/Fire TV any time you want. Follow the below steps to successfully install Frndly TV on Firestick.

  • Click Search on the Home screen of your FireStick/Fire TV. Now type in the word ‘’Frndly TV” and click search. After that, click the first option that will show.
  • Under apps & Games, choose Frndly TV app
  • Now click Get
  • You can choose to open the app but I personally recommend holding down the Home button using your Remote. This will get you back to the Home page where you can choose what to do with the app.
  • From the Home page, Click apps and choose the Frndly TV app and select Move. This way, you can easily choose where to put the app.
  • Launch the app and start using.

That’s the process of installing Frndly TV on Firestick and Fire TV.

Channels offered by Frndly TV

Frndly TV will offer 15 channels with its basic, classic ad Premium plans. You will get Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies and Hallmark Drama ad Mysteries. Other programs includes Game Show Network, Curiosity stream, Outdoor channel, UPtv, World Fishing Network, Sportsman channel, BabyFirst TV, Light TV, QVC, The weather channel, INSP and PixL.

With Frndly TV, you will not get a long channel list. It includes a few niche networks but I personally think that the channel list touches on all niches to keep the family entertained.

Benefits of Frndly TV

  • 3 Main package plans
  • Very affordable plans
  • Up to 15 Channels
  • Unlimited DVR recordings
  • Compatible with all popular Media players
  • Family-friendly channels
  • Streaming abilities in the go
  • Up to 4 simultaneous connections


  • The channel list is not long

Will you get a Frndly TV DVR?

Yes, after subscribing, users get a Cloud DVR at no additional charges. However, this is only for the Frndly TV classic and Premium plans. It indicates that if you choose the Basic Plan, you will not have features such as recordings and scheduled watch. There are many advantages of using the DVR. First of all, the cloud DVR comes with unlimited storage that allows you to record as many programs, movies and TV shows as you wish. It also gives you the ability to forward and rewind the recorded content without any restrictions and lastly, the recordings will stay active for a period of three months for the Classic Plan and 9 months for the topmost plan.

Frndly TV Equipment and Fees

You need a high-speed connection to start using Stream Frndly TV is. Besides the Internet connection, you also need a supported device such as Roku Express to start streaming Frndly TV contents after signup. You may also have to get supported media players such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. If possible test the trial period using Amazon Fire TV stick, chrome or Roku Express. Regardless of which player you use, the streaming quality should be consistent and with no buffering. According to the company’s website, you just need speeds above 5Mbps to stream in HD quality.

Frndly TV supported devices

Frndly TV can be streamed using your computer, Smart TV or phone. Regardless of the device you’ll be using to stream the content, you are supposed to invest in a couple of supposed devices as explained above. Luckily, the service covers the most popular Media Players including Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. The below is a list of all media players supported by Frndly TV.

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Major web browsers
  • Android and iOS apps

You can use either of the services or just choose the one you think works best for you after several trials. Regardless of the Media Player, you will only need few clicks on the remote to get what you want.

How to get started with Frndly TV

The first step is to create Frndly TV account and choose a plan. The company will issue you with a 7-day trial period to test the services. Visit Frndly TV website and choose to Watch 7 Days Free.

Now choose your plan. If possible, start with the Classic Plan. I personally don’t think that the Basic plan will give you good results.

Proceed to choose whether you want an annual or Monthly-Plan and register your account using an email and password.

The next step is the billing section. Frndly TV requires you to fill the required billing information

Continue and click Submit-Your information will be submitted and your account created. That’s how to successfully create an account with Frndly TV. The company will send a confirmation email to you directing on what to do. Note, you have to cancel the subscription within the 7 days, otherwise, you will not be able to raise concerns before your billing term is over.

What are customers saying about Frndly TV?

There are numerous Frndly TV reviews online. Many users claim that the app and the Frndly TV streaming service is very useful. The main praise being price and the fact that the service supports a couple of devices. It’s very important to check what other users are saying online. It helps people get a clear picture of the service and what to expect. The shows and channels on Frndly TV are family friendly and users love the simplicity and user friendly feature of the Frndly TV App.

Frndly TV Simultaneous Streaming quality

The ability to watch favorite content on several devices simultaneously is very important. The number of simultaneous streaming depends on the plan you have picked. The Basic plan only offers 1 simultaneous stream. The Classic and Premium plans allows 2 and four simultaneous streaming respectively.

Frndly TV user experience

Frndly TV compared to other streaming services does a good job bringing together the most important channels to families. Based on the reviews found online and my experience with Frndly TV, the service is easier but it may not be the best because it allows only 15 channels and very few simultaneous streaming. If you compare Frndly TV to its closest competitor, Philo which offers 60 channels and the fact that you can create more than 10 personal profiles, you will realize that Frndly TV has failed here.

Frndly TV has few on demand sections that feature recent episodes of movies and TV shows. There are very few issues with Buffering and error messages with Frndly TV. Another thing I didn’t like about Frndly TV is the fact that the Basic plan is SD quality only. If you wanted to stream in HD quality, you will be forced to upgrade to Classic and Premium plan.


Friendly TV has more channels than Hulu+ Live TV, Sling TV and YouTube TV. The service can be worth noting if at all it includes one or two of the channels that you are currently missing. The monthly plans are very flexible and also gives you a chance to cancel in case it does serve your needs. Check out the channels listed above and determine whether it has what your family wants. Additionally, the service is compatible with Roku, Chromecast and other Media players. This means you can download and use Frndly Stream service on any device.

Frndly TV Offer — DON’T PAY, Get A 7 Day Free Trial

Frndly TV has given us a special Limited Time Review Offer for you to try


  • 15 Family Friendly Channels
  • No Commitments – Cancel Anytime
  • Works with all casting services like Roku, Fire TV and more

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Is Frndly TV legit?

Yes, the concept for watching TV from Frndly TV is good. The price is also reasonable but I think the streaming app needs some attention to fix some common issues with response and make it more user friendly. The channel guide is awesome and works perfectly fine.

What Channels do you get with Frndly TV?

Frndly TV offers the best TV channels with the current addition being INSP and CuriosityStream. The service provides 15 plus channels and on demand channels all at a very affordable price. You will obviously get The Weather Channel, UPtv, Game Show, Hallmark Drama, Hallmark Movies and INSP among many other channels.

Is Frndly TV on Samsung Smart TV?

Frndly TV is available on Amazon Fire TV and Roku streaming platforms. You can also enjoy Frndly TV from Chromecast devices, Smart TVs ad common web browsers.

Final verdict

Frndly TV may fail to provide everything you need in terms of on-demand content and Live Channels, But I personally think it’s cheaper and very affordable to Budget streamers. It might have only 15 channels but to most people, the available TV packages are cheap and very flexible. You are definitely not tied into long-term commitments and so you can stop the services any time of the day. I don’t see any reason to pay $100 for Cable TV for the same channels you can get for only $9.99 from Frndly TV in HD quality.