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Total Wireless internet plans - cheap and easy internet data plans

Total Wireless Review – Are They Worth It in 2021

Whats the scoop about Total Wireless, is it good? Should you switch? we answer all your questions and more in our 2021 review of Total Wireless services.

The MVNO market is expected to register a CAGR of 4.21% within a period of 5 years in the US. The market is currently considered mature and established. Every day, new MVNOs pop up with different offers and prices for Phone users with limited and Unlimited Calls and Text offers.

People, especially those in rural areas, would benefit from data offers from MVNOs such as Total Wireless.

Given the MVNO market has many options, it’s always important for phone users to check reviews for specific options in their area. Today, Total Wireless seems like a good option for people in search of unlimited calls and texts.

But is the company a good option for you? What about the data plans and prices? Are there any hidden fees that you will be forced to pay after signing up? To get answers to these questions, let’s find out in this Total wireless review.

Total wireless overview

Total Wireless is an MVNO using Networks from Verizon. MVNOs are small but highly reliable phone and internet service providers that use wireless networks from Giant providers such as Verizon and T-Mobile to provide their services. MVNOs buy data, text, and minutes from giant companies at wholesale prices and resell the services to users in rural areas and other uncovered parts of the country.

Being an MVNO, Total Wireless is in a contract with Verizon to provide low-cost phone services that can cut users’ bills by more than half. Total Wireless is, however, owned by TracFone but works solely as an independent company providing unlimited calls and texts and data bundles to budget phone users. Is this company worth it?

Total wireless Plans and prices

The most recent upgrade to the Total wireless plans and prices is an unlimited plan that offers you 25GB of data at a very low monthly price. This will only cost you $50 every month. There are a number of single and family data plans that you can get from this provider.

Users can get unlimited text, calls and a 5GB per month plan at a price of $35 every month. Users switching from Verizon to Total Wireless can end up saving an annual amount exceeding $840.

Do you want to use Wi-Fi at home and Business?

The 5GB plan is cheap and steadfast. But you can choose to buy 5GB at an extra $10 that rolls over every month. All the plans that are found in the Total wireless website have unlimited calls and texts. The differences in price are resolute to the amount of data you will choose.


  • Cheap and affordable data
  • Good network coverage
  • Autobuy discounts of more than $2.8
  • No surprise overage charges
  • The service is suitable for TracFone users.
  • It’s cheaper than
  • It offers phone payment plans.
  • Bring your own phone.
  • Family plans that reduce average costs per person
  • Flexibility in the sense that you can buy additional data according to your data usage and needs
  • Reliable connections


  • Customer service is not the best.
  • No truly unlimited data plans
  • International texting is not supported.

Single Line and Family Plans

New customers can get 1.5 times more data than the data shown on the website. But remember, Mobile Hotspot is not allowed with all the plans. The best family and a single line plan is Total wireless 1GB that supports BYOD and price with auto-pay billing of $23.7.

The normal price is $25 every month. A family with more than one user can choose the Total wireless 3.5GB. Unluckily, you will only be allowed to get this plan after purchasing WWireless’s $25 unlimited talk and text plan. The price of this plan will get to normal after two months.

Another thing to note is that autopay billing must be enabled for this plan. If you don’t complete the data for the previous month, the remaining data will be carried over to the next month. The autopay bill will cost $25, but the normal price is $28.75.

The Features

Users can also get data to add on the card that is included with all the plans at any time. The cost is $10 per 5GB. As stated earlier, any data that will not be completely utilized will be added to the next month’s data without any expiration. International calling is only allowed after purchasing a $10 add on card.

There are different prices on the plan you choose, depending on where you call. International texting is not allowed. The table below shows all the Total wireless plans, prices, and unique features.

Single line plans
1GB of high-speed data $25 or $23.70 with auto-refill
5GB of high-speed data $35 or $33.20 with auto-refill
Unlimited: 25GB of high-speed data, then 2G $50 or $47.50 with auto-refill
Shared “unlimited” family plans 
2 lines: 30GB of shared high-speed data, then 2G $60 or $57 with auto-refill
3 lines: 60GB of shared high-speed, then 2G $85 or $80.70 with auto-refill
4 lines: 100GB of shared high-speed, then 2G $100 or $95 with auto-refill


Besides the above plans and prices, there are several extras that you can enjoy together with the main plans.


Users can add 5GB of data at an extra $10, including the tax. The data doesn’t expire, and the user starts after the active data from the main plan is completely consumed. Unluckily, you cannot use the data for hotspots. But the remaining data after usage will be moved to the next month. Depending on your internet usage, you can purchase as much data as you need.

Global calling

To reach out to people abroad, you will have to pay an extra $10 for the service. However, the prices for international calls will depend on the length of the call and where you are calling. The main feature here is that you can call anywhere you want in the world and add the service to any service plan.

The balance of your credit will be rolled over to the next month. Unluckily, the service will only work for calls originating from US. The costs start from as low as 1 cent per minute.

Calling and Texting

Calls and Texts are unlimited but you cannot text your friends and family abroad. There are fewer call drops and missing texts.

The signals are also good, and you can seamlessly make calls and send texts even in the Mountains of Colorado and rural areas.


The amount of data you get with the service plan will depend on how much you are willing and able to pay. T

here are fewer issues with the download and upload speeds. Customer service says that the LTE data download speed is 5Mbps on average. However, customers on Verizon’s name-brand service get more upload and download speeds. But this depends on the quality of the connections.


You can use your phone to create hotspots ad connect laptops and computers. But this was not previously allowed by Total Wireless This is actually a must feature for travelers and people that want to keep all the devices in the house connected.

To get this feature, you should at least get plans starting at $35 per month. It’s important to carefully check all the plans that you are interested in to make sure they offer Hotspot.

Getting started with Total wireless

If you have already decided and want to get started with Total wireless service, you should start by purchasing a Total Wireless Phone. All the information on how to buy the phone is available on the Total wireless website. After getting the phone, what follows is to activate the 30-day plan for the service.

But if you already have a CDMA compatible phone, whether iPhone or Android, you can use it. But you’ll automatically need a CDMA Activation kit and a service plan from Total Wireless. The last alternative is to choose ad purchase an unlocked CDMA compatible cell phone and buy the activation kit from the provider.

Total wireless Coverage and Customer support review

Total Wireless covers the same areas where Verizon service is available. The Total wireless coverage map looks similar to the Verizon Coverage map. To determine whether Total wireless customer service is better than the competition, I checked online for possible reviews and comments.

Although the Internet and phone service industry is marked by poor customer satisfaction, Total Wireless proves to offer relatively better customer services. You can contact customer service using the numbers shared on the website or create a ticket or chat live with the customer service.

Total Wireless Customer reviews

There are horrible stories about Total Wireless on the internet. This is common with MVNOs but remember, subscribers to services offered by giant providers complain too. Although some of the people complain about the services and prices, a good number of them say the services are reliable, and the customer service is quick and dependable.

One of the main complaints is that you cannot use Total Wireless when traveling internationally. Consequently, you will need to buy a local SIM in the country that you are visiting. If you make the mistake of traveling to another country, the service will be automatically discontinued. The customers are also complaining about the slow customer service.

A customer said that she received slow customer service with her defective phone. The user had to wait for a few days before she was directed on what to do. Another one said that he waited for 5 days to get the phone number transferred.

So is Total Wireless a good Phone service provider?

I’m personally pleased with the four-line shared plan and the cheaper and comparatively affordable auto-refill feature on the monthly bill. Very few Phone service providers would roll over unused data to the next month. The service also includes unlimited text and calls.

Users can buy data depending on their monthly data usage. However, there are fewer things I didn’t like about Total Wireless. International texting is disabled, and you may also fail to use your phone while traveling abroad.

There are fewer spotty incidences where the phone can drop or texts fail to send. Luckily, customer support is relatively better, meaning you can always reach out to the support in case of any connection issues.


What carrier is Total Wireless?

The main carrier for Total Wireless is a MVNO based on Verizon’s Network, a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless.

Is Total wireless reliable?

Total Wirelessstands out on reliable connections, affordable and reasonable prices, and 5GB high-speed data. The provider will equally provide unlimited talk and text, which is unique in the market. Compared to the closest competition, Total Wireless is a good option for budgeters that want reliable Internet and phone services.

Is Total wireless better than Straight Talk?

These two companies are good, and they offer pretty affordable Internet and Phone services. But if you have more room in your budget and your internet needs are high, I would recommend Straight Talk. This is mainly because Straight talk offers higher data limits. On the other hand, Total Wirelessdoesn’t offer truly limited data plans.

Is Total Wireless better than TracFone?

There are no major differences between TracFone and Total Wireless. As a matter of fact, TracFone owns Total Wireless.

You may not notice any significant or major differences in their offers, prices, and data limits. But I personally think Total Wireless is better than TracFone because of the high ratings. This is probably because Total Wireless supports unlimited calls and talks. TracFone, on the other hand, has unlimited carryover data.

Is Total Wireless as good as Verizon?

Performance-wise, total wWirelessoutshines Verizon, but it runs on Verizon Network. The fact that Total wireless runs on Verizon networks means that the company’s coverage is dependent on Verizon Coverage. Verizon can as well choose to prioritize their customers in case of serious outages. Total wireless speeds are slower than Verizon speeds. It’s actually about 23% slower than Verizon networks.

Final verdict

Total relatively cheaper unlimited talk and texts. The 5GB data is also enough for an average internet user. But customer support is not very active and you might not be able to send texts to international friends and relatives. All in all, Total Wireless is a high-quality cellular service provider especially when its prices, data and discounts are compared to what competitors offer.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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