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Optimum Cable TV Review

Optimum Cable TV Review – Is it Worth It in 2022

Optimum TV isn’t your regular TV service provider for 2022, as they are set up much differently. With Optimum TV, you can finally experience the TV you want, the way you like. From offering customers the hottest premium channels to delivering exciting sports content and more, Optimum TV is prepped to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience.

Plus, you get to enjoy their cloud-based DVR service that allows you to record 15 programs simultaneously.

But while Optimum TV rolls out an impressive number of channels at a reasonable price, their hidden charges stack up quickly. Here, check out all the information you need to know about Optimum TV.

Optimum TV pricing

One of the biggest complaints about Optimum TV is the additional fees they charge. Each of their packages features a monthly broadcast/sports fee that costs $14.96, and that’s not to mention the extra $11 they charge for a cable box receivers. It doesn’t end there as you’ll also be billed $17.99 every month if you opt for their cloud-based DVR service.

When you stack up these additional fees, you’ll agree that their initial pricing seems more like a joke. Although you always have the option to use your own equipment, doing that will mean missing out on some of the features offered by Optimum TV.

But lets set the record straight, while we may be complaining about the hidden fees charged by Optimum TV, don’t forget that other cable providers also tuck these fees in as well.

That said, Optimum TV pricing is in-line with the pricing charged by some of the biggest TV service providers out there.

What we would like to see from each cable service provider in the coming years is all-inclusive pricing; this way, customers know exactly what they are signing up for. Of all the cable TV brands we have seen so far, only DISH had the fewest additional fees.

Optimum TV package and channel pricing

Optimum TV offers its customers the best packages they will ever come across. The best part is that you wouldn’t have to agree to a contract.

Featuring three exciting packages and impressive channel lineups you can choose from, Optimum TV will have you glued to your TV screens all day long. Here, take a look at some of their exciting packages and pricing;

Optimum TV Core Package

The optimum Core package has to be one of the most affordable TV packages out there. At just $64.99, this incredible TV package will grant you access to 220+ channels.

And the cool part is that you don’t have to sign a contract. With this package, you can watch some of your favorite channels, including Cartoon Network and Food network. We would also like to add that this package includes big names like ESPN, Nickelodeon, and HGTV.

Optimum TV Select package

Optimum TV Select package is beefier and doubles your channel count. So for avid TV lovers who want more, this package is just what you’re looking for. At $74.95 a month, this package will unlock access to the best TV channels, including Starz Encore, family channels, movies, and sports-based channels.

It is a fantastic upgrade from their Core package and will cost you only ten bucks more. If you’d like to watch entertaining channels like Sundance TV, BBC World News, and NFL Network, then you should give their Select package a try.

Optimum TV Premier package

With Optimum TV Premiere package, you can kiss goodbye to add-ons as this package bundles premium channels and on-demand content to help you save more. If you’re tired of those annoying add-on services that cost you nearly $39 a month, this is the package for you.

By subscribing to this package, you’ll unlock access premium channels like HBO, STARZ, and SHOWTIME.

For those who want to get more from their TV service subscription, the Optimum TV Premiere package will ensure you never miss out on your favorite shows. This is because it includes the Optimum Sports and Entertainment Pak to keep you and your loved ones entertained.

Additional fees

Like we mentioned earlier, one of the most annoying things about Optimum TV is the additional fees they charge. By opting for their services, you’ll be required to pay a one-time installation fee of $49, and this doesn’t depend on the number of cable boxes you have. If you have more than one cable box in your home, you’ll have to pay an extra $11 per month for every additional cable box.

To unlock access to on-demand channels like HBO, CINEMAX, and showtime, you’ll pay an extra $4.95 to $14.99 monthly. For sports enthusiasts who can’t do without their favorite sports channels like ESPN, MLB Network, and NFL RedZone, you’ll have to subscribe to their Sports and Entertainment Pak, and that will cost $10 a month.

Optimum TV channel lineups

Offering a minimum of 220+ channels and a maximum of 420+ channels, depending on the package you opt for, Optimum TV competes favorably with the big names in this industry. On top of that, they offer you access to premium channels and sports-based content, even with their most basic package.

Another cool thing to note is that you’ll enjoy SD and HD channels absolutely free. This takes Optimum TV up a notch as other TV service providers usually charge you extra fees for their HD channels.

But before you get too excited, remember you’ll need a box that is capable of receiving HD.

Optimum TV DVR

Unlike other TV service providers, Optimum TV offers you only a cloud DVR, which is limited in a lot of ways. With their cloud-based DVR, you can record 15 shows simultaneously, which is cool, by the way. That’s not all; their cloud DVR also allows you to record 300 hours of SD and 75 hours of HD. This will not suffice for heavy users as you’ll find yourself continuously deleting recordings to create space for new content you’d like to record.

Thankfully, their DVR comes with a multi-room feature that lets you start a show in one room and finish in another. Did we forget to add that their DVR allows you to pause and rewind live TV? This isn’t something you see with other DVRs.

Optimum TV bundles

Optimum TV offers a variety of bundles you can take advantage of, especially if you’re looking to save more. With their bundling services, you can easily combine TV, internet, and phone services for less. We particularly like their Tripple play bundle, which starts at $69.99 a month and offers you access to 200+ channels, 200Mbps internet speeds as well as unlimited nationwide calling.

Watch on the go

Uniquely designed to support Amazon, Android, and iOS devices, the Optimum TV app, allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the go. More so, their app allows you to manage, control, and schedule your favorite programs. While their app is still limited in function, we hope they will include a download option in future updates.

Frequently asked questions

Does Optimum TV offer free installation?

With Optimum TV, there is no free installation as the company charges you a one-time installation fee of $45. So if this is a problem, you should be looking elsewhere.

Does Optimum TV bundle services?

Like other TV service providers, Optimum TV offers impressive bundling services you can take advantage of. So, feel free to select one that works for you.

Does Optimum TV offer on-demand content?

With thousands of TV shows and movies, Optimum TV sure has tons of on-demand content to keep you busy all day.


If you’re looking to keep up with your favorite movies and TV shows while enjoying access to premium channels at an affordable price, then Optimum TV wouldn’t be such a bad choice. Plus, they offer a pretty cool DVR you’ll love.

We understand that their extra charges can be such a turn-off, but if you’re looking for pretty decent TV service, you’ll be pleased to give Optimum TV a try.