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Optimum internet service review

Optimum Internet Review – Still Worth it in 2022

If your internet seams costly, slow, or unreliable, the first step to take is to look for alternative Internet providers in your area. If the alternative Internet Service Provider (ISP) is good, then there are chances that you can disconnect and swiftly change to cheaper, reliable, and fast speed Internet. Before that, you need to delve deeper into the industry checking reviews, available Internet plans, outages and Uptime, and many other factors for concrete evidence that the other provider will meet all your requirements.

To provide that useful information, I’ve specifically hunted enough information about Optimum Internet. Let’s see how Optimum Internet compares to competitors in terms of Internet plans and prices, availability, reliability, hidden fees, Contracts, and Bundle Offers.

Optimum Internet Overview

Optimum is a popular Internet service provider, especially for people in New York. The Company brings Cable Internet to most Americans in the Northeast. People in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey will truly understand what I’m talking about. Besides its Internet, Optimum offers TV and Phone services to the same customers. You will find about two million Wi-Fi hotspots around the country as well.

Optimum availability

Optimum Internet is available to all the people in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York. This indicates that optimum Internet is available to many people.

Optimum Internet Review Summary Table

Category Features Price
Cheapest Optimum Internet plan Optimum 300 $39.99
Fastest Optimum Internet plan Optimum 940Mbps $69.99
Contract N/A N/A
Equipment Modem and Router rental $10 per month
Early Termination fees N/A N/A
Standard Installation fees Coaxial able, One wireless device setup and two outlets $99
Premium, Installation fees Game console, Smart TV, Computer, alarm system and wireless devices $149.99

Optimum Internet plans and Prices

I understand how it feels finding out that Optimum Internet is relatively expensive than other ISPs. But remember the price might be high but it will probably stay like that for life. The price is not an introductory one and hence we don’t expect it to vary over time.

I like seeing many Internet Options with any ISP, unfortunately, this is not the case with Optimum Internet. Currently, Optimum only has two Internet only plans. Luckily, the speeds are average but perfect for most Internet applications including streaming, Gaming and browsing.

The Optimum Internet 400Mbps comes with a Price for Life Guarantee. This indicates that you’re going to pay $64.99 for life. Though, comparing to some competitors, this price is too high for the same internet speeds. Moreover, the Optimum Internet 300 is stellar even when compared H2H with the competitors.

Remember I mentioned earlier that Optimum prices are too high for standard speed? If for example you compared Optimum Internet to RCN or Comcast Xfinity which are the major competitors, you will understand what I mean with higher prices.

The 500Mbps from RCN is available at $50 per month in New York where Optimum is charging $64.99 for 400Mbps. On the other hand, Extreme Pro internet plan from Xfinity with Download speeds of 600Mbps is slightly expensive to 400Mbps from Optimum. As a matter of fact, the price difference is only $5.

Another popular Optimum Competitor is CenturyLink which offers price for Life Guarantee for all the Internet plans. CenturyLink 1,000Mbps is cheaper than Optimum 400Mbps. This is serious but there’s likelihood that all these alternatives are not available in your area.

Optimum also lacks variety in its Geographical Footprint. Optimum Internet is not available everywhere. In fact, the coverage area for some of the ISPs is two times larger. The prices will remain the same regardless of where you get the Internet from.

Optimum Internet speeds and Data cap Information

I’ve already pointed out that Optimum only offers two Internet plans for Cable Internet: 300Mbps and 400Mbps. This speed might be just enough for your Home and Business needs but I would like to see 500Mbps and 1Gbps Internet plans readily available to all Americans.

Unfortunately, the Internet speeds that are advertised in the ISPs website are not always the same as what you get. Consequently, you might want to compare what your Company delivers and what they advertises on the site. The Federal Communications Commission report shows that Optimum delivers up to 112% of the advertised Speeds. This is good news because there are some ISPs offering lower than advertised speeds.

Optimum Data Caps

I never want to come across such terms as Data caps, because I’m a serious Internet user with greater chances of surpassing the advertised data caps. This is especially the case with these ISPs offering as low as 400GB data caps.

Optimum doesn’t feature any data caps but the Company is likely to monitor your data usage and throttle or slow the Internet. This is actually different from the 1TB data caps that most ISPs offer with their specific Internet plans.

Optimum fees, Contracts and Equipment

Optimum doesn’t feature any kind of a contract to Internet users. I understand, Contracts are annoying and no one wants to think of them. When I noticed Optimum doesn’t offer any kind of Contract, I was all happy. Lack of one-year or two-year contracts paired with the Company’s Price for Life Guarantee is a win over most ISPs such as Xfinity and CenturyLink.


You will definitely have to pay for equipment rental. That is if you don’t want to invest on compatible Equipment directly from Amazon. The ARRIS TM804G Modem will cost you $10 per month. You can as well add a smart router at the top of that.

People that are sure are going to stay with Optimum Internet for more than a year, I advise to invest in your own equipment. If you do your math wisely, $10 per month would cost you $120 in a year while you can get a reasonably priced compatible router and a smart modem from Amazon at a relatively cheaper price.

I recommend double checking for the equipment compatibility and the featured download speeds. Most users ends up making this costly mistake of buying unsupported equipment.

Optimum fee and Charges

The basic Monthly cost as advertised on the website is not the only price that you will be required to pay for the internet plans. You will probably have to pay taxes, equipment, and installation as stipulated on the Optimum website.

You will definitely not be required to pay an early termination fees because there are no contracts. Sadly, you still have to pay for standard and Premium installation fees. Besides the fact that Optimum has some additional fees to pay, I like its transparency on this. To sum it all up for you, check the below list of Fees that will accrue together with installation and Monthly Bills.

  • Activation fees-I don’t know why ISPs charge an activation fees but I’m trying to think of it as security deposit. This is not on the list but I was thinking it can affect you when billing. The Optimum Terms states that the deposit is refundable within 60 days after cancelling the service. This reminds me that I can cancel the Internet service any time of the year.
  • Standard Installation fees-To set up the Coaxial Cable, Wireless Device and the Outlets, you will be required to pay $99 as standard Installation fees.
  • Premium Installation fee-For people that wants additional installation services such as hard-wiring the smart TV, gaming console, alarm system, computer or any other additional professional service, the whole cost will be $149.99.
  • Network enhancement fee-Who can tell me what this is? I don’t understand where Activation fees and Network enhancement fees comes from. But at least Optimum Internet has openly disclosed that you will pay a network enhancement fee of $3.50 every month.

Optimum Internet reliability

The Optimum Internet has been compared by the American Customer Satisfaction Index to many other ISPs in the country. Optimum had a score of 63/100 from ACSI report in 2019. Compared to other ISPs in the same area, Optimum equates well and is even ranked higher than most of them. But this score was a downgrade from the score they had few years ago.

Optimum Customer service

Internet Providers are among the lowest ranked companies in terms of customer service quality. Optimum being one of them, you don’t expect it to have a score that reflects satisfaction from the side of the consumers. Optimum has a list of frustrated customers.

Though, getting help from Optimum website is very easy because they have a live chat and contacts for direct phone calls. A lot of their previous and current customers are happy with this. But there’s a group of frustrated customers claiming that Optimum customer service is not highly responsive. This means that the support may fail to provide the needed support.

Comparing Optimum Customer service with that of the main competitors, Optimum will rank higher. I actually noticed that Optimum was given a 5/5 rating by JD power for the high quality customer service. Nevertheless, I don’t believe that any ISP can score a 5/5 star for quality customer service.

Optimum Internet application vs. Internet plan recommendations


Gamers would like an unbroken gaming experience that is only possible with Internet speeds of more than 50Mbps. This one points that Optimum meets the criteria of the best Internet speeds for gamers. The recommendation in this case is the Optimum 400 plan. The reason why this internet plan is recommended is because of the high Download and Upload speeds. You get 40Mbps upload speed and 400Mbps download speeds.


Internet speeds of more than 100Mbps and 40Mbps download and Upload is more than enough to stream on Mixer and Twitch. It’s also perfect for Video-calls, video conferencing and families with many members connected. In this case, Optimum 400 plan comes with the best download speeds for streamers and Upload speeds for Video conferencing and other purposes.

Speedy Browsing

Why would you need 100Mbps to keep up with your local and International news? As a matter of fact, 10Mbps is enough for that purpose. That way, Optimum offers the best services around here in terms of download and Internet speed for daily internet browsing.

Upload and Download

We all care about the download speed and if it’s more than enough, most of us gets comfortable. But the fact is, every person that runs a Business that involves a lot of file and Docs download and Upload, they’re likely to suffer from low speed uploads.

Optimum Internet has got you covered with both high speed download and Upload speeds. For the best experience uploading huge docs and files, go for Optimum 200Mbps. This Plan is more than enough to get your website updated.

Optimum Bundle and Deals

Optimum is ranked high when it comes to Bundling Options. The Company gives all users an opportunity to Bundle TV with Internet and Home Phone. The Company has what they usually advertise: Altice One. This gives you all the services including Internet, TV, streaming applications, Wi-Fi service and many other things at a slightly affordable price to what you get from competitors.

For the first year, you will only be required to pay $10. Furthermore, there are other Bundle Options that you can try with Optimum Internet. The Options are cheaper than the selections available on Spectrum and other competitors. Check this list to get a clear picture of what I’m talking about.

Optimum Bundle Features Price/Month
Altice One+ Internet Core Optimum TV+ 200Mbps Internet $64.99
Optimum Core TV + Optimum 200+ Home Phone Core Optimum + 200Mbos+ Home Phone $69.99
Optimum Core TV+ Optimum 300+ Phone Core Optimum TV+ 300Mbps+ Home Phone $79.99
Optimum Core TV + Optimum 400+ Phone Core Optimum TV + 400Mbps+ Home Phone $89.99

In case you order Optimum services online, you will get Free Installation from the Company. There are other deals such as $200 Amazon Gift Card and limited Deals that can be found on the Company’s website.

What do customers think about Optimum Internet service?

Optimum Internet service is an exemplary service in terms of middle speed Internet speeds and prices. However, customers hope that the Company would have brought additional Internet plan options especially those on the lower tier. The prices for the 400Mbps is not evenhanded given that some competitors offer higher Internet speeds at the same price.

Customers also complain a lot about the Optimum customer service. Although this is very common in the industry, most of them say that Optimum Customer service is difficult and takes a lot of time to offer obliging solutions. This is common with other ISPs especially those offering services to a large area.

Don’t forget optimum price is higher than some competitors. Check around for Satellite ISPs such as Viasat and HughesNet that provide Internet service to businesses and people in the rural areas. Although the satellite Internet speeds are lower than those provided by Cable Internet, Its cheaper on its lowest Internet plans.

The Bundling Option that is provided by Optimum is the best around. Combining Internet, TV and Home Phone won’t take you more than $90. This gives you 400Mbps and a couple of channels that you won’t get from major competitors.

If the reviews and user comments available online are significant enough to make a conclusion, then Optimum Customer care is better than that of most competitors. The Company has a couple of positive reviews. Let’s check two of the reviews from Current and former Optimum Internet users.

Anni of Long Beach, NY left a 5 star review for Optimum Internet on Consumeraffairs.com claiming that the Company offers top notch internet services. After signing up for the Company’s Altice one product, she’s very happy of the upgrades she saw. She feared at first that the Company would offer low-end services which was not the case.

Another reviewer said that his experience with Optimum was short and very disappointing. The user had to move for personal reasons and the Optimum Customer rep didn’t tell him that he will not process his request. He had to call for cancellation but still services were not well rendered.

So, is Optimum Internet good?

From the information shared above, Optimum is not the best Internet service but is actually among the most affordable high speed Internet providers. In most categories, Optimum is plenty solid especially if you have a small or a medium sized home-based business or a medium sized family.

However, if you want the best Upload and Download speeds for an incessant streaming and videoconferencing experiences, I recommend checking around for fastest Internet providers in your area and some for the cheapest internet alternatives.

  • Speed-I didn’t like the fact that Optimum doesn’t offer any low speed Internet plan on the list. This puts away all the budget users that would actually need 50Mbps or 20Mbps at a relatively affordable price. Though, the 300 and 400Mbps download speeds are more than enough for most users whether residential or Business. Additionally, you are most probably going to get the speeds promised by Optimum Internet.
  • Prices and Plans-Optimum has some few Internet plans priced differently. The price for the 300Mbps plan is reasonable and in line with what the competitors offer. Though, the 400Mbps Internet plan from Optimum is not affordable or reasonably priced.
  • Contracts and Equipment-There are no contracts and everyone is loving this. Furthermore, you don’t want to deal with Optimum Internet surprises as the year lapses. You have a life guarantee on the prices you are paying today. This is the best of all reasons why Optimum is a nice Internet service provider.
  • Customer service-Just like other ISPs, Optimum has a poor customer service that has been criticized heavily by the internet users. Fortunately, Optimum rates slightly above average which is definitely worth noting.

Things to Consider Before Subscribing to Optimum’s Internet Service

We all know that the Internet industry thrives on Hidden fees, High Internet prices and price surprises. In such an industry, you can be sure that there’s a cost you don’t currently understand that will cost your Bills monthly. However, Optimum Internet aims at doing the Opposite. The Optimum website has details about every service and all the costs that will accrue on the process. It’s upfront about the additional fees and prices that you will have to pay more than the competitors.

You can easily find the list of Monthly charges and service fees that other providers will try to hide from you. Some of these companies will also fail to discuss these charges and fees when prompted. Another thing, Optimum features a 30-day money back Guarantee and there are no cancellation fees or early termination fees. What this means is that someone can cancel the Internet any time of the year without having to worry about additional costs.


Does Optimum provide a router, or can you buy your own?

There is room to choose any of the two options. Optimum gives you the chance to bring your own router for a discounted monthly cost. The good thing is that you will get the same router from Optimum free of charge but pay a monthly cost of 9.99 to rent the modem.

Is Verizon better than Optimum?

Verizon and Optimum are all big Internet providers providing high speed Internet at affordable prices. So, the question of whether Verizon is better than Optimum cannot be clearly explained. It all depends with the kind of Internet you want. Verizon ranks high in providing high speed Internet at affordable price.

Can I move with my Optimum service?

Yes, and this gets you a 2-year Loyalty Discount. You can actually check more information about moving with Optimum service on the Company’s website. However, you will need to input some sensitive information about you such as Name, Last 4 SSN, Email, and Phone Number, Installation Data + Time, Current address and much more.

Does Optimum Throttle Content?

I don’t have evidence that Optimum Throttle content at any time of the year. I know such questions can rise with Net Neutrality.

Optimum Internet final verdict

Although there are major complains about the Company from users especially in terms of prices, lack of low-end internet plans and poor customer service, the 200Mbps-400Mbps is enough for all types of lifestyles. Additionally, a good number of users feels like the Optimum Customer care is good although sometimes fails to deliver on time.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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