Mint Mobile Vs T Mobile Which One Suits Your Wants

Mint Mobile Vs T Mobile – Which is The Best Cell Provider

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We are all familiar with the stress, that comes with choosing the right mobile carrier, therefore we decided to compare Mint Mobile and T Mobile, to make your choice far easier.

Recently, the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) business has taken some lumps in the US. But still, as the mobile competition shifts the focus from money orientation to customer orientation, the MVNO business is also reshaping itself.

According to Mr. Gauntt, the wireless competition in the US is shifting greatly from the battle of market share to the battle of Mobile wallet share.

The US is seen as one of the most Important Global MVNO markets for various reasons. The first reason is that the market is not yet saturated as is the case with many Western European Countries.

In the US, the idea of using MVNOs such as Mint Mobile and T Mobile to penetrate some of the remaining demographics such as rural areas is still raw.

If you are currently in the market for a new Mobile Phone contract or a SIM card, you might have to consider the different alternatives in the market. One of these alternatives is Mint Mobile which operates through the T-Mobile network.

T-Mobile offers relatively similar services but they might consider deprioritization. This clearly means that the T-Mobile customers will get relatively faster speeds and highly reliable services.

To make the process easy and straightforward we have compiled a review document comparing these two phone service providers.

Mint Mobile vs. T-Mobile: Overview

T-Mobile and Mint Mobile are two major wireless carriers that offer powerful and affordable phone plans.

Mint Mobile uses a T-Mobile network which means that the reliability of Mint Mobile services is directly affected by the operations of T-Mobile.

Regardless of this fact, T-Mobile plans are relatively pricy. Mint is a newer carrier that runs on the T-Mobile network. Since this company uses a third-party network, there are minimal operation costs which is the reason why it offers relatively cheaper plans.

Besides being a relatively newer provider in the market, Mint Mobile has a strangely successful story. Over time, the company has made some inroads in the prepaid carrier market.

Instead of having to be tied to long-term contracts and paying a monthly rate, Mint Mobile encourages people to buy services in bulk and pay in advance.

You can choose plans from 3-12 months of service. The longer you contract the lower your rates are. The savings are pretty enticing, especially if compared to what you get with other carriers.

Like many prepaid carriers, Mint Mobile doesn’t work through its own infrastructure. It’s an MVNO and for that reason, it operates on the existing infrastructure of larger providers such as T-Mobile. Mint Mobile uses the T-Mobile network and existing infrastructure to provide its services.

If you want to get Mint services, you will have to consider Mint’s availability in your area. Luckily, Mint provides a map on its website that can easily help you determine, if the service will definitely work for you.

T-Mobile on the other hand is a brand name used by Mobile Communications subsidiaries of the Deutsche Telcom AG. The company is currently providing services in many countries including Albania, Croatia, Hungary, and now the United States. The main target of these companies is to offer affordable and highly reliable phone services.

Mint Mobile vs. T-Mobile: Coverage

Mint Mobile and T-Mobile use the same Network. Sprint and T-Mobile have merged which makes them the largest 5G Network in America.

While 5G is in constant growth, you can count on T-Mobile and Sprint to offer the largest and the most reliable coverage in the country.

T-Mobile provides a coverage map with details about the places where their network and phone services are the most reliable. Mint Phone services are available in all the places where the T-Mobile coverage is strong.

Mint vs. T-Mobile Unlimited data plan comparison

In 2021, Mint is clearly offering relatively cheaper phone plans. However, you might have to miss out on some nice perks when you choose Mint Mobile.

This is definitely the reason why you have to weigh the two providers before you settle with any of them. What this means is that the Mint Mobile prices are lower but T-Mobile has the perks.

You don’t have to be a celebrated mathematician to notice that Mint prices are among the cheapest in the market. But still, you must understand that price is not the same thing as value.

The T-Mobile plans are relatively expensive but they might provide more value to you. So, let’s take a closer look at what T-Mobile and Mint Mobile provide and their plans.

If you are one of the people out there looking for a cheaper alternative for individual plans, then you’ve got tons of options from T-Mobile and Mint. The cheapest Individual plan with Mint Mobile costs $15, while the most expensive costs $30 every month.

The 4GB data plan that comes with 4GB full-speed data and no contract will attract $15 every month. The second most affordable Mint Individual Plan is a 10GB data plan with 10GB data full-speed data and no contract. You can as well get a 15GB data plan without any contract for only $25.

For heavy data users, you will significantly benefit from an Unlimited Individual plan from Mint Mobile that costs $30 every month. For all individual plans, you will not tie yourself in any long-term contracts as shown in the table below.

Mint Data Plan Price Contract
4GB Plan $15 N/A
10GB plan $20 N/A
15GB Plan $25 N/A
Unlimited Data Plan $30 N/A

All the four plans above come with unlimited Messages and Minutes. You can now go ahead and text your heart out.

Furthermore, the plans come with the same limited features. You have a mobile hotspot up to your data cap without any additional costs and subscriptions.

The only visible difference between all these plans is the 4G LTE data allotment. The allotment ranges from 3GB to Unlimited. If you surpass your data allotment, your browsing speed will significantly vary.

T-Mobile’s Individual Plans

To compare these two carriers and determine the winner in terms of inclusions and prices, we have to welcome what T-Mobile has to offer.

T-Mobile on its hand offers more variety than Mint. You have a Text and a Text Only plan that has no data. You also have a couple of limited-data options. Users will also get three different unlimited data plans that all offer different perks and data caps.

T-Mobile offers an essential plan that comes with a 50GB cap. After surpassing this cap, the speeds will be slowed significantly.

Moving on to Magenta Plan, you get a 50GB Data Cap that will feature International texting, video streaming in high quality, and a free Netflix subscription as shown in the table below.

T-Mobile Plan Price/month Inclusions Contract
$20 Unlimited Talk & Text Only $20 No data includes N/A
Essentials $60 Unlimited Data N/A
Magenta $70 Unlimited Data N/A
Magenta Max $85 Unlimited Data N/A

If you are a stern phone user, you might have to consider T-Mobile’s Magenta Plus that gives you unlimited Top-Quality video streaming and unlimited data. You also get Free Netflix and plenty of special offers any time of the day. But still, you’ll have to pay more for these services.

The price tag in this regard is a clear indication that T-Mobile’s Magenta Plus Plan costs about 3 times what Mint Unlimited Data plan costs.

This is actually a lot of extra dough to pay for limited perks and slightly increased performance. Though, you have to sit down and decide whether this plan is worth it to you.

Winner: Mint Mobile wins the battle of prices

Mint Mobile vs. T- Mobile: Prepaid Plans

Mint Mobile offers Prepaid Plans. What this means to the users is that you are supposed to pay for the services before you receive them.

Automatically you will not have to worry about a credit check when you are signing up. All the Mint plans reviewed above are postpaid meaning that you can pay the bills at the end of every month.

But still, there are few prepaid plans. Take a look at some Prepaid Plans that are offered by Mint Mobile.

Mint Prepaid Plans Inclusions Contract Price/Month
T-Mobile connect Unlimited Talk & Text + 2.5 GB data 2.5GB Data

Per 1 month recharge

N/A $15+$10 Upfront
T-Mobile Connect Unlimited Talk, Text& 5.5 GB of data 5.5GB Data

Per 1 Month Recharge

N/A $25+ $10 Upfront
Simply Prepaid With 10GB LTE Data 10GB Full speed Data

Per 1 Month recharge

N/A $40+ $10 Upfront
Simply Prepaid Unlimited Unlimited Data N/A $50+ $10 Upfront
Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus Unlimited Data

Per 1 Month Recharge

N/A $60

As you can see in the table above, these prepaid Mint Plans are cheaper than what you get from T-Mobile. But still, they are $20 to $30 pricer than the Mint Mobile’s Plans and they don’t come with some cool perks that postpaid plans come with.

If you are trying to decide between the Mint and T-Mobile Prepaid, choose Mint but only if you are ready to sacrifice some of the perks.

Mint Mobile vs. T- Mobile: Family Plans

When you head to the stores, you will definitely not buy biscuits for yourself only, you will have to buy food for your whole family including children and workers.

It is the same when shopping for a cell phone plan. However, most carriers don’t provide Family plans which makes paying the bills easier and can as well save you a lot of money.

Unfortunately, Mint Mobile doesn’t offer any Family plans. This means it can be overall expensive for every member of your family to be connected.

Fortunately, you can get Family plans with T-Mobile as shown in the table below.

T-Mobile Family Plan Inclusions Number of lines Price/month
Essentials Unlimited Data 3 $90
Magenta| Family Plan Unlimited Data 3 $120
Magenta Max| Family Plan Unlimited Data 3 $140

I started by saying that you cannot compare the price of a service with its value. With the Family plan, it’s easy to notice that you’ll save tons of money when you bundle with T-Mobile.

A single line on the essential Plan will cost $60 every month. But three plans of the same will cost $90. This means you can save significantly for three lines.

When you take the time to compare the savings offered by T-Mobile’s Family plan and what Mint Mobile offers, you will realize that the two companies have the same value.

Mint Mobile vs. T- Mobile: Deprioritization and Throttling

Slow data is the worst experience that a heavy streamer or browser can come across. To avoid slowdowns, you have to avoid data throttling and deprioritization.

Mint Mobile’s Unlimited Data plan comes with a 35GB data cap. This means that immediately you surpass this ceiling, your data speed will be lowered.

Mint customers are always subject to Data deprioritization mainly because Mint uses T-Mobile’s infrastructure.

T-Mobile will always prioritize its customers in case of slow services.


What’s the difference between Mint Mobile and T-Mobile?

These two companies are the most popular MVNOs in the country. Mint is a low-cost carrier that gets its network from T-Mobile. The company offers cheap cell phone plans.

Is Mint Mobile as good as T-Mobile?

Mint Mobile gets its network from T-Mobile. This means that the two companies have the same coverage. Mint Mobile offers phone services including calls, text, and data at a very low cost.

But still, T-Mobile might consider prioritizing its customers, which means that there might be slower speeds during busy hours.

Do T-Mobile Phones work with Mint Mobile?

Yes, most T-Mobile Phones should work with Mint Mobile. However, you should ensure that the device is unlocked. After this, you can bring your own phone to Mint Mobile. To be sure, use the IMEI checker to see if your phone is compatible.

Final verdict

I know you are wondering which of these two providers is the best for you.

In terms of Individual plans, Mint has four basic plans ranging from 3GB to unlimited data. T-Mobile on the other hand has a wider variety. But remember Mint prices are cheaper.

Moving on Mint Mobile doesn’t offer any Family plans. T-Mobile’s family plans are of great value for bigger households.

In terms of network performance, these two companies perform the same because they are on the same network. However, you can expect deprioritization with Mint Mobile.

To cut the long story short, the prices for these two providers might vary but they have a relatively similar value. Take your time to choose a service that works for you not only because of the price but in terms of performance, value, and reliability.


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