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NetZero Wireless Hotspot Plan Review

NetZero Wireless Hotspot Plan Review – A Must Read Before You Buy Guide

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The next most popular thing after food is the ever-increasing need for a Mobile WiFi. It’s hotspot plans is becoming indispensable and has equalled the necessity for food, water and even air. Access to broadband internet is inevitable for people, especially those on frequent travels or businesses.

Since 1990 and with the different stages of technological shifts, NetZero has provided an assortment of connection services to suit each advancement. To prove its competence, NetZero has made available a portable 4G mobile broadband with a flexible plan that can go to any location. There are so many packages to enjoy with NetZero; it includes a free internet plan and no fixed long term durations.

Despite having NetZero obtainable in most parts of the United States, it still has its connective strength lying in its easy accessibility to a 4G network service within the specific region. Now the package plan and speed may differ based on geographical location, but the best way to discover if NetZero is available in your place is by simply checking out their website and key in your area together with your home address.

What Is The NetZero HotSpot?

If your device is Wi-Fi-enabled and can connect to any available internet network, then you can enjoy a mobile hotspot. With the mobile hotspot, more than one device that is Wi-Fi-enabled can connect to its internet. Although mobile hotspot can sometimes be referred to as “MiFi”; let’s always have it at the back of our minds that mobile hotspot is not named a “MiFi”. Instead, the Novatel Company created and registered the name “MiFi” as a brand name for a mobile hotspot device.

Routers or modern portable devices are dedicated to a mobile hotspot, which can also be found on mobile devices like laptops and mobile phones. If you’re thinking of an affordable, tiny and ability to connect to three – ten Wi-Fi-enabled devices, then think of a dedicated hotspot. Many mobile hotspots are now designed to enable easy connection with a 4G LTE while having a 3G for a backup.

Netzero 4G Compatible Devices

The NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband plans are in two different packages. It requires you to buy a device that will help connect your computer to the internet. The dedicated devices are as follows;

NetZero Stick: This is a straightforward pop in and pop out USB device that smoothly goes into a Mac notebook or Personal computer USB port. It can also be easily swapped into any other tool if the need arises, and it cost forty-nine dollars ($49).

NetZero Hotspot: It’s a 4.5ounce device that gives out Wi-Fi signal to devices that are Wi-Fi-enabled within the local area. It can connect as much as eight devices, including a tablet, mobile phone, computer and other mobile devices all at the same time.

Best NetZero Plans

Signing up to a NetZero network plan gives you two options to choose from; you either come on board with your device or buy the NetZero hotspot for fifty-nine point nine five dollars ($59.95). This hotspot device provided by NetZero has an advantage of easy connection to mobile broadband network services and is also able to be a Wi-Fi access point for up to ten devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets all at once.

Wireless networks are broadcasted through towers all over the country which can be received. The NetZero Hotspot hence gives internet connection through an access point that can comfortably handle the connection of up to eight (8) Wi-Fi-enabled devices. It has a built-in wireless router that provides internet connection wherever there is a signal. Works like a cell phone!


Guess the best part! It offers a free monthly plan of 200 MB at zero dollars ($0), which makes NetZero unique. But to qualify for this open package plan, you must purchase fifty-nine point nine five dollars ($59.95) hotspot. Now, this can only go on for twelve months until you are made to upgrade to a must pay plan. You might enjoy the provided plan if you need a handy backup network connection or just trying mobile broadband.

  • At $27.95 as a monthly plan for 2GB – One person plan for light use.
  • At $45.95 as a monthly plan for 4GB – One person plan for moderate use.
  • At $63.95 as a monthly plan for 6GB – One or two people’s plan for reasonable use.
  • At $79.95 as a monthly plan for 8GB – One or two people’s plan for reasonable use.


NetZero plans ranges from 768 Kbps to 3 Mbps, and the speed depends much on the plan you make use of. A 768 Kbps can be fifteen times the speed of dial-up. It is suitable for a cost-conscious user who doesn’t stream videos or does large downloads since this plan isn’t super-fast. NetZero offers a no monthly rate on a wireless router. This is as against other internet service providers that charge a monthly rate on routers needed for connecting to the DSL line. No data usage limits are included in the NetZero low-cost network service plan, which is not like other regular low-cost internet service provider.


While most other internet service provider locks you up with their long term service plan that runs for months or years, the NetZero network service doesn’t do such and make it easy to opt-out. Purchasing the NetZero service providing device is a much better option as you’ve an advantage of enjoying free plan, it also gives you the opportunity of bringing your device instead of purchasing theirs.

Now do keep in mind that NetZero carries hidden charges. For instance, all NetZero plans costs an additional monthly access fee at the rate of three dollars, ninety-five cents ($3.95). It is good also to note that while many other competitors offer unlimited data plan, NetZero does not and as such, has its highest data plan to be 8GB. Therefore, a heavy steamer may be advised to consider a different provider.


When costumers have access to monthly free data on their mobile hotspot, they may opt-out of NetZero because it isn’t so competitive as compared to other competitors. The most sold plan on NetZero is the package with the high-speed free data plan of 200 MB.

With the certified NetZero mobile hotspot, you can enjoy a fast and secure network either for checking your email, streaming videos or just accessing social media.


Is NetZero a useful internet?

With the WiMax provider Clear, NetZero gained popularity because of their dial-up. However, it is limited and best for modest internet users. It is certainly cheaper than most other 4G broadband internet service providers and even some 3G providers too.

How fast is NetZero Hotspot?

NetZero DSL speeds plan ranges from 768 Kbps to 3 Mbps, and the rate depends significantly on the plan you make use of. A 768 Kbps can be fifteen times the speed of dial-up. This is just alright for a cost-conscious user who doesn’t stream videos or does large downloads since this plan isn’t super-fast.

Which is preferable NetZero DSL or NetZero Mobile?

If you’re a low data consumer, then opt for the NetZero DSL because you get a limited internet at a reasonable price. So the choice is yours.

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