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DirecTV Troubleshooting No signal – How To Fix (Guide)

DirecTV troubleshooting no signal is one of the frustrating things you can experience as a subscriber to DirecTV. This is because suddenly, your transponder signal can disappear at the point of watching your most cherished movie or TV show.

DirecTV Troubleshooting No signal - how to fix guide

If you’re currently experiencing this, there are several things you can do for yourself to rectify this no signal issue. Once you’re familiar with some of the common causes that can result in this and know how to resolve it, the frustrating n0-signal issue will not scare you again.

Most common causes and solutions

Recognizing Unsubscribed Channels

Most DirecTV subscribers always get confused with unsubscribed channels, especially the new customers. In case you’re yet to know the difference, these are set of channels offered by DirecTV but are not included in your package. Typically, you can easily identify them by their unique grey-out appearance among the list of channels. You must understand that these are not as a result of lost signal.

They’re not your problem and in no way related to the signal of your DirecTV. Typically, you’ll see it a default which you can preview anytime in case you intend adding more channel to your current package. Alternative, if you do not want to view them, you can as well hide them.

  1. To do this, on your remote press the DirecTV guide,
  2. Next press the yellow button to displace the guide options.
  3. From the drop-down, select “change favorite list” before selecting “channels I get”. Hence, you’ll only be able to see channels you’re subscribed or direcTV channels blocked on your account.
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Retest the Signal Strength

Whenever you experience the signal loss, you can retest the strength of the signal loss to ascertain what happened. Usually, when you run the test, the result will form a numerical value ranging from 0-100. This will represent the strength of the satellite as well as the receiver. To run this test;

  1. On your remote control, press menu
  2. From the drop-down, select “parental, favs and setup.
  3. Select the system setup
  4. Navigate to satellite and select “view signal strength
  5. The next drop-down will display an array of satellite transponder with its signal strength. To be able to receive this, you need to be connected to a satellite. Once you’re able to see a few transponders with their readings, that should be it.

Bad Weather

You might not know, but factors like rain, sun, and clouds affect your DirecTV signal. You need to know that anything that can physically obstruct the direct line of sight between your DirecTV satellite can have a significant impact on the signal. Terrestrial based obstruction like building or plants is not excluded from this list. Once obstruction like this occurs, it will immediately block the signal path, making it impossible for your DVR to process any signal.

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Indirectly, this leads to instability of pictures on your screen, titled pixels etc. Also, things like solar flares can alter the electromagnetic fields of the earth, hence causing an interruption in the radio-wave of your signal.

More information about DirecTV outages.

Reset your DirecTV Receiver

If the signal loss is as a result of rain fade, do not expect must improvement. You’ve to wait for it to be over. Resetting your receiver is necessary if you’re stuck with no signal error message. What this does is that it will force your system to start afresh with the procedure and make reconnect again to your satellite. If software glitch caused the no signal, it would return to normal once the resetting is over.

There are two likely ways to do this;

  • Press and hold the small red button (close to the access card door) for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Resetting can also be done via the on-screen menu. On your remote, press Menu, select parental, fav’s and setup, system setup, then you’ll see reset.

Be aware that any selected future date program will be affected during the reset process.

In Conclusion

These suggested troubleshooting methods should correct any no signal problem on DirecTV, but peradventure none worked; you can reach out to DirecTV on this hotline 1-800-531-5000—request for technical support when someone picks your call. Via the phone, a skilled technician will advise you on other things you can do so your signal can be restored. There are times when the fault might be from your DVR receiver.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I Troubleshoot no signal issues?

First, you might need to check the programming schedule. This is important because the TV event you intend to watch might have ended or yet to begin. Alternatively, you can as well reset your service, to restore any missing channels.

How do I resolve no signal?

You need to be sure your TV is connected correctly to the source. You can also try changing the inputs from TV, AV, DTV or even DIGITAL TV if you’ve not done so. If the error is not from the inputs, then there is every tendency the antenna might be faulty.

My HDMI is plugged yet my TV says no signal. What could be the problem?

In most cases, your television might be set to input without a device connected to it. Hence, it’s essential to ensure you select the correct input. Also, the source device needs to have its power turned on. Then disconnect the HDMI cable, wait for few seconds before connecting it back again.

What’s the best method to troubleshoot DirecTV?

First, your receiver must be unplugged to changed to another appliance that you know is working. If this works, then there is every tendency the fault is from your receiver. When it does not work, then you need to reset the outlet. You can reset the circuit breaker by pressing the reset button

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