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fix Xfinity Error

How to fix Xfinity Error – error ftde.xact.3321.1107296356 (Guide)

Xfinity is a top-rated Internet and Telecommunication company offering services to Millions of Americans, including Movie and TV show streaming services. It’s very common to experience some basic problems with Xfinity Internet, Xfinity Stream app, and Wi-Fi connection from time to time. For that reason, every user should learn how to troubleshoot these issues without having to contact Xfinity Customer service or spending bucks on a technician.

When trying to stream, I have heard claims from some users that they’re getting this message ”Sorry, we’re having trouble” This error shows you that the Xfinity Stream is currently unavailable. I understand this is a frustrating and disheartening encounter, but several factors can cause it. Luckily, it can be resolved from home without the need to involve any genius head.

People usually get this message on their browser, and for that reason, there are several possible causes. Before solving any problem, always try to understand the root cause and eventually approach the issue from here.

Possible causes of Xfinity error ftde.xact.3321.1107296356

Content Blockers on

If you’ve received this on your browser, there are chances that content blockers are on. This is common with Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers. If you just downloaded a new Browser and this is the message you get, there are chances that the Content, ad or cookie blocker is enabled by default.

Problem with the Internet

There’s a likelihood that the page took too long to load a reason why you definitely got this message. If your Internet speed is low, you can expect pages to load slower than normal. Most pages have a set load time, and if this time is surpassed before opening the page, it’s not likely to load.

The browser is not up to date.

We are advised to update our browsers constantly to keep up with the growing tech world. In case a browser is outdated, it actually miscommunicates with the page, which is probable to cause more problems. For that reason, always check for any new Updates available as the first step to see whether the page will load.

Privacy Badger

This extension on Chrome blocks all hidden 3rd party trackers, which are following you on the internet and monitoring your browsing habits. Today most websites have this issue, and for that reason, if it’s on, there are chances that most pages will not run well.

Problem with Flash Player or media components

Another cause of this type of error is if the recent updates affected your computer and if the Flash Player is not working normally. This is common, and people don’t know what to do about it. We’ll see that in the solutions section.

Unsupported Browser

Not all Browsers are supported by the Xfinity Stream. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have Chrome, Firefox, Safari 10+, Internet Explorer 11+, and Edge Browsers, you will not enjoy a stable stream.

The System Compatibility

Lastly, this error can appear if your computer system is not compatible or is unsupported by the Xfinity Stream. It only supports Windows 7+, Mac OS X10.7.

(Solved) What are the possible solutions for Xfinity Error?

1. Disable all Ad Blockers

Its common sense that if the Ad and Cookie Blocker extensions cause the problem on your browser, you should unblock it. Try and check if there are any ad blockers and eventually disable it. After that, restart the browser and Try again.

2. Choose supported Browsers

I stated clearly most browsers do not support the Xfinity stream. If you have been using an unsupported or an outdated browser, it’s important to consider changing it or downloading supported versions of the same browser.

3. Choose supported Systems

If you haven’t been using Windows 7+, or Mac OS X10.7+, please harry and update your computer. This way, the system will be able to keep up with the compatibility features of Xfinity Stream. This sounds easy, but you may incur some additional costs in Buying Licenses for these updates.

4. Reset and Repair

Some browsers have features such as Reset and Repair, which can actually help you in this move. If you are using Edge Browser, you have the chance of trying its repair feature. Go to the Edge main Icon and click Reset and Repair. You can still uninstall and reinstall the same browser to see whether the issue will be solved.

5. Reset the DRM

If the Flash Player or the media components cause this issue, the only approach, in this case, is to reset the DRM and see if it will fix this problem. In many instances, this will work easily for you.

6. Get in Touch with Comcast

If all the above approaches didn’t work for you, it’s imperative and wise to contact Xfinity to check the application itself. Maybe there’s an issue at their end or with your account, which should be addressed before you benefit from Xfinity Stream.


Why is Xfinity Stream not working on Roku?

There are few reasons why Xfinity error is not working on Roku. Luckily, this problem can be resolved with ease. You can try to reset the username and the password for Roku account. Another solution is to head to Roku settings>Network and set another connection.

Does Xfinity stream work away from home?

Yes, it’s actually going to work from wherever you are. But most of its features require that users be connected to the Home Wi-Fi. This is an indication that Xfinity intends for it to be used mainly at home. This doesn’t mean you cannot use it from wherever you are. You will only have to give up Live TV features.

Why does my Xfinity app Keep Freezing?

There are likely issues with your Internet connection, or many other applications are using the internet connection. Check whether there are similar applications using the same connection.


A couple of things ranging from acute to serious can cause Xfinity error. Many of such problems can be resolved at home without having to contact the company. But if the problem persists, it’s advised to alert the Comcast Xfinity to check on the application from their side.

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