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How To Get Local Channels on Firestick Free – Its Just 1 Simple Hack (Guide)

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With so many Live streaming apps coming up every day, you might be caught in a fix when deciding which is the best streaming app among Firestick, Roku and other streaming apps. Firestick is one of a kind given the fact that it allows all users to stream their favorite content right on the TV without having to pay for pricy cable TV services.

The decision between the existing Apps such as HULU, Netflix, ROKU and Amazon Prime boils down to the library content and availability of local channels. None of the aforementioned streaming apps offers Local channels for free. Though, not even Firestick has a straightforward way of watching all your local channels. Luckily, there are several alternative ways that you can use to get local channels on your Firestick. Continue reading to learn quick and effective means of accessing local content on your TV without paying for expensive options.

Buy Digital Antenna and Media Server Software

The first and the most straightforward methods of adding local channels on your Amazon TV is the use of a Digital Antenna and Media Server Software. You just need to buy the equipment and attach it to a computer running a media server solution such as Plex Media Server. After this, you will install the Media Server app on the Firestick. Research further to learn how to setup Plex Server because it’s not completely trivial or in the interests of this article. This is one of the best methods because you will get all local channels that are broadcasted in your area on your TV for free.

Using Network-Based apps

This is another effective method of getting local channels on your Firestick. You only need a subscription plan with your local TV provider. After that, use the login credentials at once and the Amazon Firestick will use this information to offer you some local channels.

Channel-specific apps

There are countless TV stations with applications that can easily be added to Amazon Firestick. Unluckily, these channel apps only work for the specific channel. That said, if you want to watch multiple local channels, the only chance is to add more local channels to the specific apps. The process of hunting down all specific channels is complicated and takes time. Although it’s tiring, it’s a bargain-based solution that proves to be quite reliable.

Using Third-Party Applications

There are a couple of third-party applications that can easily provide all your favorite local channels. One of these applications is Kodi, which is an open-source media server solution with countless add-ons that offer local channels regardless of where you are in the world. The only challenge with this solution is that the repository community is anarchic and you will definitely have to spend a lot of your time searching for specific channels. The advantage is that most of these applications are free and provide lots of channels that you precisely need.

Live Streaming Services

You probably don’t want to mess around with antennas or choose the overpriced cable TV services. In this regard to live streaming service is the best option for you. Live streaming services allow you to build your own customizable package which includes all the channels that you need. Unfortunately, most live stream services are costly. But instead of paying for 100+ channels that you don’t watch, you can customize your channel list. The market is currently flocking with these streaming services. The best and the most popular services are; Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, AT&T TV Now, YouTube TV and many others.

Cable Based Networks have apps too

There are more than 30 apps provided by the cable-based networks. Some of these apps include the Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, FreeForm, Lifetime, MTV, TNT, TBS, SyFy and many others. You can actually enjoy an endless library of content from any of the cable networks such as ABC and NBC. However, you will need a subscription to unlock everything. Although the subscription is sometimes pricy, the end benefits are countless and it may be your best option after all.


Can I get local channels on Firestick?

Yes, there are some tricks Firestick users take advantage of to access local channels on Firestick. The Fire TV owners have introduced four options to access local channels which are Individual networks or Standalone Streaming services that are provided by TV providers.

Can I watch Local channels on Firestick for Free?

Yes, there are several free Live TV streaming services that you can use. Firestick being one of them is by far the best Free Live TV streaming that offers you local TV channels such as The CW, PBS, Fox, ABC and CBS.

Are there any free channels on Amazon Firestick?

It has channels that are similar to the ones offered by your cable provider. As a matter of fact, there are 180+ free channels for you to choose according to your liking. These channels are free to watch and stream from all devices.

Can I watch Normal TV on Firestick?

Yes, you can watch regular TV channels on the Amazon Firestick. Firestick users have a chance to choose channels based on their preferences. Firestick gives all users a chance to connect to multiple streaming devices.

Which is better, Roku or Firestick?

Roku and Firestick are the best streaming apps that you will get out there. The debate of which one of the two better boils down to specific preferences. For people that are new in streaming, Roku is easier to use. But if you are a streaming guru, Firestick proves to have a vast range of movies and TV shows for you.


You have countless solutions if you want to get local channels on your Firestick for Free. Some of the solutions explained above are premium subscriptions. I have equally discussed some free alternatives too. The one you will go for will depend on your personal preferences and the benefits you anticipate to get from the specific option.

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