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Verizon Error Message Sent But Not Delivered

Message Sent But Not Delivered – Verizon Error (Solved)

If you’re currently facing Verizon message sent but not delivered, then this write-up is for you. No carrier is void of its own errors, so Verizon is not exceptional.

Meanwhile, the telecom network remains among the best carriers when compared with others. Subscribers still prefer it because of its high-quality network performance backed with outstanding coverage and juicy plans. Having said this, lets outlined why this error occurs and the best possible way to fix it

Reasons why Verizon messages do not get delivered

Below are some of the reasons why your Verizon messages might not get delivered;

The phone is out of the carrier’s reach or might be switched off.

At times, while sending messages, you might receive a busy signal. When SMS is not delivered on the first try, it will be re-sent automatically without you being aware of it.

Hence, once the network is available again, your message will still be delivered. Most of Verizon’s system is configured to deliver your sent message within 6 hours. But it will be marked failed when all attempts to send the message didn’t work out.


Sending messages via Verizon implies you’ll also receive a delivery report from the operator. When there is no response from the operators, it means the sender won’t be notified, meaning the message failed.

The number might be roaming

When a number is roaming abroad, there is no guarantee that the message will be delivered to the receiver. So it’s essential to know if the number is currently in your home country.

The carrier is intentionally blocking the message.

You might not be conscious of it, but sometimes the operator can decide to block some message route. This necessitates that the SMS service will re-route the sent message through another available route. This can result in momentary delivery issues.

The number might be sent to your “Do Not Disturb” category.

There is a list where phone owners can add numbers manually. This prevents messages from any A2P connection not to reach the number.

SMS message settings might be turned off from the phone settings.

When you use different applications to receive messages, it might malfunction at a certain point. This means the application might not be able to receive notifications because it might be turned off. Even when the conflicting application is removed, the default application might still be in the position of not receiving any message.

Technical difficulties from the carrier.

This can happen when the carrier is facing a technical challenge. By this, the hardware involved might be having difficulties in delivering your message.

How to rectify Verizon message sent but not delivered.

Check to ascertain if the delivery report is switched on.

In recent times, most phones are designed with a feature that helps users check the status of the message they sent. With the help of this feature, it’s easier to access the message status. In most phones, especially the Android operating system, this feature is disabled while on default. You can follow the steps below to learn how to switch it back.

  • First, you need to open the message application on your phone.
  • At the upper right corner of your phone, click on settings from the drop-down menu
  • Tab on the advanced settings
  • Carefully scroll down, you’ll see the SMS delivery report. From there, please enable it.
  • Once the delivery report settings have been enabled, subsequently, you’ll be able to see that the status of all your messages will be automatically changed from sent to ‘delivered’.


Another method to rectify this error is to try resetting the app. To start with, you need to reset the default message application. This will help clear all the cache files. For those making use of the Verizon message+ app, it’s also important to reset it and enable it to function optimally and show the status. In a situation where the application reset didn’t solve the problem, then next is to reset your phone

Enable the Request Receipts Option

When you’re incapable of accessing your message’s delivery status, next is to proceed and enable the request receipt option. In other to enable this setting, the steps are outlined below;

  • Navigate to the Message+ app and click on the menu
  • Click on the settings and tab on the conversation
  • Next is to click on the request receipt. Thus will enable it
  • If the request receipts are enabled on the Message+ app and your phone, it will now be possible to alter the status from sent straight to deliver.

Remove the Battery

Another option is to remove the battery from the phone, then wait for about 5-7 minutes before putting it back. When the phone has been switched on after installing the battery, next is dial this code “*228” from the new window that will appear, press the two (2). This will automatically fix the delivery status.

Troubleshooting the Network

If all the above-listed methods didn’t fix the issue, the next would be to reset the network settings on your phone. This is important because it will help to rectify the network issues by automatically changing the setting to default. Remember, you need to enter the password again. So you need to have access to all passwords and settings.

In Conclusion

From the write-up, you can now see a couple of reasons why your messages are sent, yet they go undelivered. Possible solutions on how to rectify this was also outlined. When this list is followed judiciously, it will definitely clear up things and also ensure you undelivered messages will not occur again.

Frequently asked questions

What is the main difference between sent & delivered on messenger?

Sent signifies that the message sent has been forwarded to the cellular network for instant delivery. On the other hand, Delivered means that the message sent has been transferred to the recipient’s phone.

What is the implication when your message is sent but not delivered?

What it actually means is that the message you sent did not get to the recipient. Sometimes, the recipient might be on the phone, and once they hang up, the message will be delivered.

Why didn’t my iMessage signify delivered?

Whenever you experience this, it implies that the recipient is using a non-iOSdevice, especially Android. In other words, the sent message needs to be resent as a normal message and not iMessage.

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