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Netflix Remove From Continue Watching Do This In 3 Steps

Netflix Remove From Continue Watching – Fix In 3 Steps 2021 Guide

Netflix Remove From Continue Watching and how to go about it will form the basis of our updated guide for 2021.

Every content you get to watch on Netflix has a place it’s stored. This has been set up for some reasons such as; helping you resume a particular movie or TV show from where you’ve stopped.

Apart from that, you can also get to know what exactly you were watching. When you get to sign in to your Netflix account, everything you were watching can be accessed under the category ‘Continue Watching’.

This can easily be located on the Netflix browser page. Most times, it can be shifted to at the top of the category where you click on Netflix.

It can also be pushed further down the page. For those that prefer to see this category on the top and you make use of Chrome to watch Netflix, then it’s easier to make use of Netflix Continue Watching which can always be seen at top of the category.

In the absence of an extension, the entire Netflix category can be seen just beneath the featured content.

This featured content covers a large amount of the screen while other categories are placed below it. This is also fixed at a position or neither can it be removed.

Recently Watched Netflix

Depending on how you make use of your Netflix, the watch again section can always be seen on the front page of Netflix.

This will outline all that you’ve recently watched. Though it might not contain every content but be rest assured you can trace that movie you just finished a few days ago.

What you’ve to do if you intend to see the recently watched content, simply scroll down the page until you get to see the ‘Watch it Again’ section.

As stated earlier you won’t get to see all. Else, there is a full record of the entire content you have watched behind the scenes.

Get Continue Watching on Top

The Netflix Continue Watching can be installed directly from the chrome web store. The Continue Watching section will appear below all the featured content.

Most times other categories will be seen here and not the Continue Watching one. When the extension has been fully installed, the Continue Watching section will be moved to the top of the browser page.

Removing Recently Watched on Netflix

In a situation where you do not want your friends to see your activities on Netflix, you can remove them from the Recently Watched list. Apart from clearing it from here, it will also be removed from the watch again section.

To do this;

  1. Go to the My Activity page.
  2. Click the no entry icon seen towards the right of the exact title you want to clear.
  3. Repeat the same process for the entire titles you want to hide.

When the icon has been clicked, you’ll get a prompt within 24 hours, the title won’t be seen on Netflix service as titles watched.

This will also won’t be used to make any further recommendations going forward unless you get to watch again.

The same can be done for the mobile app. Select My Profile and Viewing Activity. Click on the X seen to the right of the title to remove it from the list.

This will remove the recently watched, Watch Again, and Continue Watching categories on the main page of Netflix.

Removing titles will also affect how Netflix displays titles you can watch. It will set up a profile of all things you would want to watch and will further refine it to some you would like to watch.

Reset your Netflix profile

In a situation where the viewing suggestions Netflix is suggesting are very much similar, it means for some couple of days you’ve been watching the same kind of content.

If you desire to change it, your viewing preference needs to reset to prevent Netflix from showing you titles associated with your previous post.

To do this, you can start by clearing every entry seen on My Activities. You as well reset everything. To start the profile reset, navigate to the bottom of the Activity page, click on hide all, then confirm your choice.

The instruction will prompt Netflix to get rid of all the history. The effect can be seen in 24 hours and when it’s completed, all your Netflix sections will be empty. Hence, you can start building it from the scratch.

In Conclusion

Though the Continue Watching on Netflix can sometimes be useful, that does not mean the feature does not inconvenience others.

All the needed instructions on how to go about this have been provided in this write-up. You can follow it and make the needed adjustment according to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix still ask users to continue watching?

Yes. In a situation where you’ve stopped being active with the Netflix video player, it’s better to remove the prompt by turning off auto-play.

If you prefer not to do this, you can use a browser extension to remove it.

On Netflix, how can I be able to receive series off continue watching?

Below is how you can easily remove any show from your Netflix Continue Watching list either on a tablet or phone;

  1. At the bottom of the tile, click on the three dots of the particular show you intend to remove.
  2. Click on remove from the row.
  3. Click OK and the title will be removed.

What is the duration a show can be on continue watching?

Normally you get to see this prompt after watching three different episodes of any TV show simultaneously especially when any video player control was not used.

This can happen after 90 minutes of nonstop watching, anyone that is greater. To keep watching, turn off the autoplay or dismiss the message of the following episode.

Can I hide my activities on Netflix?

Yes. When this is done, the movie or the particular TV show will be deleted from the Continue Watching. This will take effect in 24 hours.


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