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Fire TV Error Code Playback Renderer Error 7 Ways To Make It Work

Fire TV Error Code Playback Renderer Error – Easy Fix Guide 2021

Fire TV error code playback renderer error and how to fix it will be the basis of the article.

Encountering an error when you try to stream a movie on Amazon Prime Video can be frustrating especially when you’re expecting to watch a particular movie.

Just like any other streaming service, Amazon Prime Video is also susceptible to technical issues. Among the common problems is the playback_renderer_error code.

If you’ve experienced this playback problem especially when watching content on Prime Video, the app will suddenly stop functioning and the error message will appear with the inscription;

‘Video Unavailable – we’re unable to play your video right now by simply trying again in a few minutes or contact amazon customer service at Error code: Playback_renderer_error’.

The error can also appear when a user tries to use stream using either Firestick 4K or Fire TV Stick, Android device users; tablets, and phones, as well as people making use of Samsung smart TV.

Cause of Video Playback Errors

Most times the playback problems arise as a result of unsupported codec packs or the absence of device derives.

There are times when abrupt interruption will be corrupt the video file during download/ transfer/processing or due to a virus in the drive.

List of causes of video playback issues on a computer;

  1. Lack of supporting codecs.
  2. Corrupt video file.
  3. Media Player not compatible with file type
  4. Device drivers are not updated
  5. Inadequate system configuration needed for HD videos
  6. Sudden disruption during video download or transfer.

How to fix it?

There are basic troubleshooting methods you can adopt to resolve Playback Renderer issues you experience on your installed Prime Video app.

The most common of them is just to exit and relaunch after few seconds. This has a way of refreshing your connection together with the app processes.

1. Power Cycle Your Network or Streaming Devices

  1. Turn off and disconnect your streaming device, together with your modem or router.
  2. Be patient for few minutes before connecting your devices back.
  3. Switch on your streaming device and reconnect back to the Internet.
  4. Tap the Amazon Prime Video app and relaunch.

2. Adjust the Video Resolution on the Amazon Prime Video App

It’s possible to reduce the video resolution of your account. To get this done, navigate to the settings menu of the Prime video app, then display settings. Choose a lower resolution from here.

3. Disconnect and connect back the Audio Device

If you’re making use of a wired audio device when you experience the ‘Audio Renderer’ error, the next step is to disconnect and connect back your device.

Though this might not resolve the error for good, it can be a temporary solution that has worked for many.

On the other hand, if you connected more than one audio playback device to the same system, you need to unplug all and connect back just one for playback. The connection of multiple devices has been proven to lead to this error.

4. On your streaming app, disable hardware Acceleration

  1. Navigate your Amazon Prime Video app settings menu
  2. Choose My stuff.
  3. Select Stream and Download.
  4. Search for Use hardware acceleration.
  5. Inactivate the option.

5. Streaming Device Update

Whether you’re making use of a mobile device, smart TV, streaming player, or computer, it is always advisable to regularly update the operating system. This to a large extent will make sure your device is compatible with the Amazon Prime Video app.

6. Reinstallation of Amazon Prime Video App

If at this point the error persists, then it’s time to install the latest version of the Amazon Prime Video App. Follow the installation procedure based on the streaming device you’re using. Then, search for Amazon Prime Video on the app store, click and install.

7. Restart the Computer

Most times when you experience this error, there will be a prompt for you to restart your computer. Many users have confirmed that simply doing this helps restore the device. So, it’s worth doing.

In Conclusion

Playback_renderer_error can be experienced by any user no matter the device being used. Following simple troubleshooting methods like restarting the device, power cycling the network, or reinstalling the app can help fix the issue.

Included in this write-up are simple steps you can follow to actualize this. If none of the suggested methods worked for you, feel free to reach out to Amazon Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Amazon playback renderer error be fixed?

This can be fixed by following simple troubleshooting methods. Among the thing to do will be to exit the app and relaunch it. This refreshes the app and connection processes.

How can I easily fix the Firestick playback error?

If you’re currently experiencing issues related to media playing with your Fire TV or not paring to a device, the first troubleshooting method to do will be to shut down then restart. Rebooting helps reload the system. Doing just this can resolve it.

Why do I experience playback errors when using my Amazon Prime?

Once you notice this error, you should restart your device. If the data persist, the next will be to clear the app data. Navigate to settings >>> Apps or Application Manager >>> Amazon Video >>> Tap on Clear Data >>> tap on Ok.

There might be a prompt to resign again. This fixes a lot of common problems on the Amazon Prime Video app.

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