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Netflix Delete Watch History It Will Only Take You 5 Steps

Netflix Delete Watch History – 5 Step Easy Guide 2021

If you wanted to learn about the Netflix Delete Watch History then this 2021 guide will help you along and answer any questions and more.

Just like every other streaming service, Netflix always keeps track of all the content you’ve watched. With the ‘Continue Watching’ feature, it’s possible to jump back to the series at the very point where you started.

Maybe you started watching a series and from the first episode, you knew its not for you. Or perhaps a movie fails to make a good impression and you decide to bail out.

Your family member or your friend may have watched content on your Netflix account and filled the ‘Continue Watching’ list with shows you’ve seen before.

Whatever be the reason for deciding to delete your Netflix history, it is not complicated.

The only challenge is that it might be a bit time-consuming because there is no possible way to delete an entire history within a short time.

Each content must be removed individually. It’s less of an issue if you decide to remove just one or two contents.

Deleting Netflix history on mobile

  1. Boot the Netflix app whether on an Android or iOS device. Use your credentials to log in.
  2. Search for the ‘Continue Watching’ category. This can be seen near the top, close to the content list.
  3. From the ‘Continue Watching’ list, decided which one you might want to remove. Then click the three dots seen on the bottom left corner.
  4. A submenu will be shown. The following instructions will appear at the bottom; ‘Remove from the row.’ When you click on it, the content will be deleted from the history.
  5. You’ll receive a prompt from Netflix if you wish to continue to remove selected content. Press Remove to confirm. If you later change your mind and still want to access the content, you can search and Netflix will remember the point where you bailed out.

Deleting Netflix history on desktop

  1. Load up Netflix on your desktop.
  2. On the Netflix desktop website, search for the ‘Continue Watching’ section which is located above the content list.
  3. From the history, choose what to delete. Then hover the content tile to expand it. Playing a preview will get to bring other options.
  4. When your cursor is on top of the content you wish to remove, press the ‘X’ button and it will be deleted.
  5. You’ll receive a prompt from Netflix to confirm the removal. Next, you’ll be asked to give a streamer for the removal. The essence is to enable the algorithm to recommend better content for you.

Recovering deleted NetFlix History or Profile

It can be annoying when you lose your viewing history or profile. When you detect any self-directed history or profile removal, this is usually an issue with Netflix remote servers or timeout issues. If it continues, you need to perform some refreshes, then try and log in and out.

How to log in and log out from the App?

If the application opens, yet without your profile, it may be as a result of the inconsistent network that often happens between the Netflix app and the server.

To resolve this;

  1. Sign in to your Netflix account, then search for Log out
  2. Now log in again to display your main profile.

Alternatively, you can reach out to Netflix customer support if the attempt didn’t work. The customer representatives work round the clock to see they provide solutions to a complaint by different users. A deleted profile can be recovered as well as the full history.

Seek help Online

  1. Sign in to your Netflix account.
  2. Tab the ‘My Account’ option >>> followed by ‘Help Center’.
  3. Scroll towards the bottom of the page, search for the Help Center page. From here, you can reach out to Netflix support through a live chat.

Use a Telephone Help

Netflix provided a toll-free number you can dial and seek solutions to the challenges you’re facing. They’ve professionals behind these lines with the prerequisite experience to handle any issue. They’re always willing to assist you.

Ask Forum members

If you’re still not satisfied with both suggested solutions, forums are another platform where you can seek help.

On Netflix forums, you can get to see some of these issues being reported by other users and how they were able to resolve them.

The truth is that majority of the time, NetFlix finds it difficult to deal with the disappeared history or profile. Just prepare for the worst.

In Conclusion

These are all you’re required to know. Now, none of your family members or friends will get to know you watched a cheesy movie or TV show. But it’s important to note that viewing history for any kids account remains the same and cants be deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my Netflix history suddenly disappear?

Sometimes, you might discover that your account data comprising your Netflix history and profile will suddenly disappear.

However, this often happens as a result of poor connection between the servers. To resolve this, try and re-establish the lost connection. Navigate to the logout section, tap on it, and log in again.

Where can I locate my Netflix viewing history?

It’s possible to see the particular history watched on each profile of your Netflix account. For those making use of the web, navigate to the Account page, click on parental & profile control settings for the specific profile you intend to see. From there you can open the viewing activities.

Can I get Netflix not to save history?

To succeed in hiding titles from your viewing history;

  1. Navigate to your Account page, from a web browser
  2. Open Parental & Profile Controls for the profile you’re interested in.
  3. Tab on the Viewing Activity.
  4. Within the Activity page, search for the hide icon which can be seen next to the title or episode you want to hide.

On my TV, can I still delete Netflix history?

Regrettably, there’s no way to delete Netflix history from your TV. However, when you clear your history on any device, it will see your telly-based shame quickly amended.


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