Verizon Error Message – What To Do When You See It

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Are you experiencing problems when trying to send text messages using Verizon? Well, this is a very common error that most Verizon service users have encountered at one point.

This problematic error message prevents you from sending messages to your contact, and you know what, it is quite tricky to resolve. But not to worry, we are here to ensure that you fix the problem so you can get back to sending text messages to your colleagues, business partners, family, and friends again.

That said, let’s give you some little background about this error and why you seem to be encountering it when sending text messages.

What causes of Verizon error message when texting

Haven read multiple complaints from Verizon users about this error message; we set to work to investigate the reason for the error and profer possible solutions to fix the problem.

More so, we explored some of the reasons why you seem to be getting this error message and have listed them as follows.

Messaging app: From what we have come to discover, Verizon error message is sometimes triggered because of the messaging application the user is using to send messages. The thing is, some messaging applications seem to run into problems when sending messages over Verizon.

Using signal extender: If you’re using a signal extender, then it is most likely the culprit for the error message you’re receiving. While signal extender undoubtedly delivers better coverage, sometimes it can malfunction and prevent you from sending Verizon messages. So, if you’re using a signal extender, switch it off and try again to see if you can send messages without any problem.

iMessage: Sometimes, you get the Verizon error message when trying to text an iPhone user directly from your Android device. The truth is when the iMessage feature is activated on iPhone; it tends to block messages sent from Android devices.

Now that you know why you’re getting Verizon error messages when trying to send a text let’s take you through some working solutions.

What to do when you get the Verizon error message

Having provided you with some possible reasons why you’re getting Verizon error message when sending text messages, it’s time to take you through a list of solutions you can try to have the problem fixed. Here, check out some solutions to solve the Verizon error message.

Try switching messaging app

Although Android boasts a plethora of messaging apps, you can send messages to other people. If you’re experiencing the Verizon error message, we strongly suggest you try to send messages using Verizon’s Official app.

From what we discovered, most users who switched to Verizon’s official app no longer experienced this error message.

The possible reason you were having challenges sending messages directly from your Android messaging app may be due to your messaging app’s inability to communicate with the Verizon server.

Disable signal extender

There is no doubt that signal extender comes with many perks you don’t want to miss. But guess what, when you’re experiencing the Verizon error message, the most likely culprit is your signal extender.

To be sure, try to disable your signal extender and turn off the Wi-Fi. When that’s done, try to send the message again and see if it is delivered. If the message delivers, then you know for sure that it was your signal extender that was causing the problem.

To keep using your signal extender, simply contact Verizon customer support and request them to send a technician to fix the extender.

Disable iMessage

This error can sometimes be triggered when sending a message from an Android to an iPhone while the iMessage feature is enabled. To fix the problem, you can simply disable the iMessage feature on the iPhone and see if the issue is resolved.

Here is how to disable iMessage on an iPhone.

  1. Navigate to Settings on your iPhone
  2. Choose the Messages option.
  3. Tap on the iMessage option and toggle it off
  4. Finally, try sending the message again and see if the problem persists.

If not, then you know the problem has been finally resolved.

Contact Verizon customer support

If you have tried all the solutions listed and still getting an error when trying to send a text message, the next best thing to do is contact Verizon customer support to see how they can help you resolve the issue.

And because they are quite responsive and available round the clock, you shouldn’t have any problems contacting them.


Besides some of the solutions outlined above, we have a workaround for this problem that seems to work for most people.

According to multiple users, if you get the Verizon error message when trying to send messages on your device, keep pressing the send button continuously for some time. Eventually, the message should deliver.

Unfortunately, most users had to tap send for at least a dozen times before successfully sending a message.

Frequently asked questions

Can I fix the Verizon error message myself?

Solving Verizon error message doesn’t require any technical skills, so you can do it all by yourself. The only thing is, you have to ensure you follow every instruction to the latter.

To solve the Verizon error message, simply explore some of the solutions highlighted above. If the first solution doesn’t solve the problem, try the next solution to see if it works.

Does resetting Network settings solve Verizon error message?

In most cases, resetting your network settings helps to solve many Verizon error codes. So, if you’re having problems sending messages over your cellular network, you can reset network settings and see if that solves the problem.

But keep in mind that resetting your phone’s network settings will return your configurations to default settings. So before you proceed, have that in mind.

What triggers the Verizon error message?

Verizon error message can be triggered by many things, including the type of messaging app you’re using to send messages. Not just that, this error message can also be caused by signal extenders or the iMessage app.


Not being able to send messages over Verizon can be super frustrating. Thankfully, this error message can be easily fixed. Simply check out the solutions listed in today’s post. We are sure one of them will work for you.

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