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Verizon Sim Card Not Working How to fix guide guid

Verizon Sim Card Not Working – Quick Fix (Guide)

Verizon sim card not working is one of the errors being experienced by Verizon subscribers. Even though Verizon has excellent coverage, no network is without its flaws.

Despite this, the network still functions perfectly well, thanks to their density towers that continue to provides the correct signal strength. With this, the communication strength is improved whether you’re in urban or rural areas. Let’s now delve into some of the things you can do to get your Verizon SIM card working again

Verizon Sim Card Not Working

Check for the right coverage

Checking to ascertain if you’re receiving the right coverage at your residence is the first step towards correcting this issue. Numerous factors can prevent your Verizon SIM from functioning.

So it’s essential to endeavor to be in a higher spot, especially if your location is a rural area. By so doing, you’ll get real coverage, and in turn, your SIM will start working as it’s supposed to.

Check your phone Compatibility to Verizon Network

Most people do not have the right phone that is compatible with the Verizon network. Actually, the Verizon network can function effectively with other carrier’s locked phones. However, the phone must have the capacity to run the CDMA network comfortably. Once the phone you’re using is not a product of Verizon, it’s essential to check the compatibility.

Furthermore, you must ensure the mobile phone you’re using is not locked by another carrier. In other words, the phone must function well with CDMA to have a great experience with Verizon. This is very important because that’s the only guarantee if you don’t want to have any problem with your Verizon SIM card.

Check if the SIM is appropriately Activated

If the approaches above did not work for you, you might need to check if the SIM is activated. For your SIM to connect over the Verizon network, it needs to be activated so you can use it optimally. SIM deactivation happens typically when you delay paying your dues or bills as at when due. If you purchased a new SIM for your phone, you still need to check to ensure it’s activated. Kindly reach out to Verizon support for activation assistance.

Check the SIM for any sign of damage.

SIM cards are a very delicate chip. This means that a lot of factors can affect it. For instance; humidity, excessive heat can affect it. Also, forcing a SIM into a phone can damage it. You might need to remove the SIM from the tray and physically observe it for any form of damage. If you notice anything, then the SIM card needs replacement. With this, you’ll never have to worry yourself with any issue pertaining to SIM card again.

Take out the Battery and SIM Card

Removing your phone battery (if it can be removed) and the SIM card is another fix you need to try. But before you do this, first turn off your phone, remove the SIM and battery, then wait for 60 seconds to re-insert them again.

Most times, the SIM can either shift from the tray as a result of manhandling the phone. This has been why many users tend to add a piece of paper or even a tap to make their SIM tight. It actually works because it makes the SIM card firm, hence preventing it from shifting from the tray.

Clear the Cache to rectify the SIM Card Error.

Clearing the cache of your phone is another method you can apply to fix any SIM error. Doing this is easy and straightforward. Follow the steps below;

  1. Navigate to settings
  2. Click on storage
  3. Then internal storage
  4. Cached data

Once you tap on the cached data, a pop-up will inform you that the cache that comprises all the applications on the device will be cleared. Next is to click on delete to effect the change.

In Conclusion

If there is a possible way to get to know what is wrong with your SIM card, there won’t be any need to waste your time trying out all these suggested solutions. Since there isn’t, trying all methods thoroughly is all you’ve got. This error needs to be rectified, or else it can affect your mobile data.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best method to reactivate the Verizon SIM card?

It’s actually possible to reconnect service for a SIM card or a different device than you have previously done. This can be done on the reconnect service page found on the My Verizon page. All you need do is to follow the prompt; in the end, the service will be reconnected.

My new SIM is not working. What could be the cause?

Without you being aware of it, dust can get between the SIM, including your phone, thereby leading to communication issues. To remove this dust;

  • First, turn off your phone and unmount the SIM card
  • Swap the battery and turn your phone on without inserting the SIM.
  • Again switch off the phone and replace the SIM, then restart.

Why does my SIM card always show no service?

One of the primary reasons why your phone may show No Service might be connected to a cellular radio device that is disabled. As soon as the test ends, check on the bottom and tab on the menu to recheck the radio data. This should enable it. At the end of this, restart the service.

What’s the best method to place an order for a new SIM card?

Verizon SIM is free of charge for all customers. Some devices being sold by Verizon already have a SIM inserted it. For a new SIM, these are ways to get;

Online order – With this method, the SIM can be mailed to you at the address used during the order. Sometimes, it will be mailed to a nearby Verizon outlet for you to pick up. To order;

  • You can visit any Verizon Retail store and get the SIM card that day.
  • Alternatively, you can visit any authorized Verizon retailer and get the SIM card. It will get to you in the space of 3 days.

Note: the account owner has to be present for any in-store pick-up.