The 5GHZ WiFi Range What Are Its Advantages

The 5GHZ WiFi Range – What Are Its Advantages?

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For a better understanding of the 5GHZ WiFi range, read on to find out.

When you’re making use of a wireless network and you discover things aren’t working as they are supposed to, someone might suggest that the strength of the signal might be poor or you’re away from the Wi-Fi range.

So, what’s exactly the range of a regular Wi-Fi network? Do you have to be close to your wireless access or router for a good connection? Let’s find out.

Wi-Fi Range

The range of a wireless network is not fit rather it varies depending on the network type. A network comprising of one wireless router in a standard home can be enough for a single-family dwelling. Though more might still be required.

Networks with many access points in a business environment can be enough for the entire building. In recent times, different hotspot networks that can reach quite a mile have been constructed in some cities.

The resources involved in maintaining these networks keep increasing as the range increases. However, on a general note, Wi-Fi routers configured on a 2.4 GHz band extend to 150 feet indoors and an outdoor range of 300 feet. But for routers configured on 5 GHz (especially newer models of 802.11n & 802.11ac) can cover a greater distance.

Attributes of 5GHZ Wi-Fi

Coverage area and data rate

The 5GHZ Wi-Fi offers a smaller coverage but it has a higher data rate. Hence, once there is an increase in frequency, there is a reduction in its ability to penetrate solid objects.

This is the reason why its usage is for outdoor deployment. In addition, if the frequency keeps increasing, the faster it transmits data.

In other words, the 5GHZ Wi-Fi carries huge data and even sends it faster. In short, it offers an excellent Wi-Fi performance.


The GHz range used by a Wi-Fi device cannot be linked to the maximum speed rather the environment in your device will be set up, which determines that.

When it comes to speed, the 5GHZ Wi-Fi offers 1300 Mbps which is less overcrowded than a 2.4GHz. This is because it is used by fewer devices and also has more channels.

However, in general, the maximum speed is dependent on the access point being supported by the Wi-Fi itself. This varies from 802.11b, 802.11ac 802.11g, or 802.11n.


This is the main factor that affects the scope of a network and causes it to slow down. For 5GHZ Wi-Fi, radars, phones, perimeter sensors, digital satellites, and cordless are the greatest source of interference.

In addition, when you’ve different devices in the same frequency, there will be interference and it will distort signal characteristics especially at the receiving point.

In other words, devices around your Wi-Fi will determine if it will be fast or slow.

The 5GHZ Wi-Fi finds it difficult to pass through solid objects as a result of the characteristics of its electromagnetic waves.

Hence, if you’ve your Wi-Fi networks around an area with much interference, certainly, it will slow down. Another thing you should note, whenever you’re using a 5GHZ frequency device like a laptop, tablet, USB adapter, a smartphone must be supported by this frequency.


This happens whenever different devices try to make use of the same radio space. The 5GHZ Wi-Fi does not experience congestion/overcrowding because it’s configured with more channels and free radio air.

In all, it has about 23 different channels. However, the availability of the channels is based on the country in which its deployment is situated. This will determine the connection speed and stability.


The cost of a 5GHZ access point is always on the high side because 5GHZ Wi-Fi is still new in the market. In addition, it supports 2.4GHZ which is why it thrives.

In Conclusion

The Wi-Fi range of any access point in question is different from one device to another. But the main factors that determine this is the device transmitter, 802.11 protocol, physical obstructions, and the radio interference around the setup area.

The distance at which a device can connect to the 5GHZ Wi-Fi can also be affected by the orientation of the antenna. As you turn the device in a different direction, you’ll see the connection improve.

Some do have directional antennas which enhances longer reach especially towards the area the antenna points to and shorter reach in other areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What the range of 5GHZ Wi-Fi is like?

The 5GHZ Wi-Fi offers faster data rates at a very short distance when compared to the 2.4GHz frequency that covers a far distance. The difference is that 5GHZ performs faster and also transmits data faster.

Can a 5GHZ Wi-Fi pass through the wall?

One of the disadvantages of a 5GHZ is its inability to penetrate through the wall, unlike the 2.4GHz. This in general, will affect the access reach when you are in a building (office or home) because many walls will disrupt the service from the antenna to the user.

Why is it that my 5GHZ Wi-Fi is so weak?

On a general note, it’s important to understand that whenever the frequency is lower, the farther the Wi-Fi signal can travel.

Hence, any device hooked up to 5GHZ Wi-Fi, will experience a shorter range. But if the ratio exceeds 1:1 (or 0dB), there will be more signal rather than noise.

What is the maximum speed of 5GHZ Wi-Fi?

The speed is 1300 Mbps, unlike the 2.4 GHz that is only limited to 450 Mbps and nothing more.


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