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verzion vs optimum

Verizon vs Optimum – Compare Internet Services In Your Area

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Verizon Fios and Optimum are two highly rated internet service providers in the US. Optimum runs both cable and fiber lines, while Verizon Fios operates on a mostly fiber-optic network.

Both companies more or less offer the same speed and pricing on their internet plans and they serve similar areas, so it will be interesting to see which is the better network provider.

Comparing Verizon Fios vs Optimum Internet Services

Here’s a brief description of how Optimum and Verizon fare against each other on streaming, gaming, and web browsing.

Verizon Internet Overview

Verizon Fios runs their internet service through both fiber-optic and DSL lines. They’re known for their dedication to providing blistering internet speeds through their fiber-optic network.

According to the FCC, Verizon Fios delivers 107.9% of their advertised speed. This means you’re getting more speed than what you’re paying for which is simply amazing.

Verizon’s ultra-fast internet speeds make their plans ideal for video streaming and online gaming. You’ll rarely experience interruptions when you’re working with its stable connection.

If you’re a heavy gamer or have several family members connecting to the network simultaneously, you should get the Fios Gigabit plan. But if you’re living solo, the 200Mbps plan is enough for smooth gaming and streaming experience.

With Verizon Fios, you’ll forget what a buffering icon looks like.


  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds
  • No annual contracts
  • Fast and reliable internet speed
  • Transparent fee structure


  • Limited coverage area
  • Poor TV bundle performance
  • Limited internet plans

Optimum Internet Overview

Optimum offers four internet plans ranging from 200Mbps to 940Mbps. Their 200Mbps plan is enough for seamlessly streaming HD movies, while their Gigabit plan is designed for heavy internet usage.

If you’re a solo gamer, either the 200Mbps or 300Mbps plan will suffice. But if you want to have an uninterrupted gaming experience while everyone in the house is connected to the Wi-Fi network, the 400Mbps and the 940Mbps plans are the recommended options.

Altice is the parent company of Optimum and it offers Altice Fiber under the Optimum brand. It’s recommended to go for Altice plans if you can get this service in your area.


  • Fast internet service
  • Unlimited data allowance
  • Good mid-tier prices
  • High customer satisfaction


  • Limited internet plans to choose from
  • Limited service area
  • Mostly runs on a cable connection which is susceptible to slowdowns

Verizon vs Optimum compare internet providers

Major Points to Consider Before Deciding Between These Services

In choosing an internet service provider, it’s best to look at the following factors to determine which is best suited to your needs.

Speed – Is it fast Enough?

The minimum speed that Verizon Fios provides to customers is 200Mbps. There’s also a 400Mbps plan that’s ideal for larger families and heavy internet users.

Verizon Fios’ cream of the crop is their 940Mbps gigabit plan with an upload speed of 880Mbps. This lightning-fast internet speed is delivered through a fiber network, so expect a hassle-free experience with this plan.

But for some areas out of reach of Verizon Fios’ fiber network, there’s a DSL service that can deliver speeds of up to 15Mbps. The speeds of the DSL plans are acceptable for casual browsing, but not for heavy usage.

Optimum’s internet speed plans range from 200Mbps to 940Mbps. The plans are offered through either cable or fiber network, depending on which is more appropriate for your location.

In comparison, the 200Mbps speed from Optimum’s internet service might not be as consistently fast as the one offered by Verizon because of the difference in the technology these companies use.

Monthly Cost – Is it worth it?

Verizon Fios’ monthly plan ranges from $39.99 to $79.99. This rate is only applicable for the 12-month promotional period, so expect the price of your monthly subscription to increase after this.

Still, considering you’ll get a gigabit plan for less than a hundred dollars per month is already a good deal. Other network providers charge higher than this and they don’t provide the same connection stability that Verizon gives.

Optimum’s internet plans cost from $39.99 to $69.99. This also applies for the first year of subscription only and doesn’t include other fees and taxes.

The price of Optimum’s Gigabit offer is slightly lower than Verizon and this is worth considering especially if you’re on a budget.

Verizon Fios’ doesn’t require an annual contract. They won’t force you to be their subscriber for longer than you can handle if you’re not satisfied with their service.

Optimum, on the other hand, has an annual contract that you should take into consideration.

Installation & Equipment Costs

The installation fee for Verizon Fios is priced at $99. However, the setup charges can be waived if you apply online.

Verizon’s router can be rented for $15 per month. But if you get the Verizon gigabit plan, the fee for the router will already be included in your monthly bill.

Optimum Internet’s installation fee is also priced at $99.99. Their modem can be rented for $10 a month, which is cheaper when compared to Verizon.

You can always use your router, but you have to make sure it’s compatible with the network. Check which models are supported by each provider through their website.

Data Allowance

Both Optimum Internet and Verizon Fios don’t enforce any monthly data limit. This means you can surf, download, and play all you want without worrying about hitting that annoying data cap.

Bundled Deals Phone + TV + Internet

Verizon Fios offers streaming and TV bundles that can be partnered with internet plans. They also have home phone deals that can get you connected to domestic and international lines with ease.

Aside from internet service, Optimum also offers TV, mobile, audio, and smart home packages to subscribers. The audio bundle enables you to integrate Amazon Alexa into your household, while the smart home option connects security, lights, aircon, and other smart devices to the home network.

Customer Support

Verizon Fios’ service portal is segmented according to the solutions they provide including internet, TV, and home phone services. The most frequently encountered issues of customers can be easily found on the page, which is good if you need a quick answer to your problem. There’s also a section for accounts and billing, payments, connection transfer, and plan upgrades.

If you can’t find the solution you’re looking for, you can chat with their tech support team through their website or their FB page. They’re available 24/7, so you can reach out to them whenever it’s convenient with you.

Lastly, if you prefer talking with an agent, you can request a call with them on your preferred schedule. Just leave the time when you want them to call you back and wait for Verizon’s support team to contact you.

When you visit Optimum’s customer support portal, you’ll be required to pick the type of equipment you’re using. The portal will redirect you to the appropriate FAQ section where you can find the answer to just about any question related to your concern.

Optimum also has a dedicated support app that makes it easy to contact the tech team, view your bill statements, and make payments.

If you can’t find anything that helps you with your problem, you can chat with Optimum’s customer support team on their official website or you can call them on the numbers listed per region.

Service Availability Nationwide

Optimum Internet is available in very limited states in the US, including:

  • Connecticut
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania

Verizon Fios is also available in select states in the country, but they have a wider reach compared to Optimum. The places that Verizon Fios covers include:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia

Both companies are continuously expanding their coverage area to reach more customers in the future.

Customer Reviews – What People Are Saying

Verizon Customers Say:

In an industry where it’s common to hear customer complaints because of poor service, Verizon stands out among its competitors. You’ll rarely have to call customer service when it comes to internet connection issues since there’s barely any that lasts too long to be a grave concern. And if you need to contact them, rest assured that the company is known for taking good care of their customers by being as helpful as they can on your concerns.

Although Verizon is put on a pedestal for their great internet service, people don’t usually recommend their TV plans. Weak signal reception, pixelated channels, and unfriendly DVR user interface are some of the complaints said about Fios TV.

Optimum Customers Say:

Optimum customers are satisfied with the company’s internet service. According to surveys, it’s on the top three among the competition when it comes to customer service. The internet provider garnered high remarks on reliability, tech support, and billing which are all major factors for customers in choosing a service provider.

The only downside with Optimum is its very limited service area. They provide cable internet to only a handful of states and even less for fiber internet connection.

Alternative Internet Provider Choices:

Aside from Verizon and Optimum, here are other notable service providers to consider:

Cox Internet

Cox Internet is a telecom company that provides internet-only plans and customizable bundles where you can mix and match TV and internet packages. They serve both residential and commercial customers, with the latter given additional options for integrating security systems and cloud services.

Xfinity Internet

Xfinity is available in over 41 states across the country. Their internet plans range from 15Mbps to 2Gbps, with prices starting from around $40 a month.

Xfinity provides mobile bundle plans to subscribers with unlimited data, talk, and text features for only $45 a month. They also have limited data plans that start from $12 a month for those who are on a budget.


Spectrum is a provider of internet, cable TV, home phone, and mobile services to over 44 states across the US. They have solutions for residential, business, and enterprise levels, with broadband and fiber connection options.

Spectrum’s 100Mbps plan costs $49.99 per month, while its gigabit plan is priced at $109.99. This provider is known for delivering high internet speeds without any data cap.

difference between Verizon and Optimum


What internet speed do I need?

The speed you need will depend on factors such as usage frequency, purpose, and number of devices that will connect to the network simultaneously.

For casual gaming, surfing, and streaming of one to three people in the house, a 100Mbps or 200Mbps plan will suffice. For 4K streaming and better gaming experience, 300Mbps to 600Mbps plans will do the trick. For the best gaming, streaming, and downloading experience of multiple users in the household, 1Gbps plans are the best plans to consider.

Which internet provider should I get?

In choosing the internet provider to subscribe to, consider your budget and your location. Service providers present competitive introductory prices to entice customers to subscribe to their network. But remember that the discounted monthly costs will increase once the promo period expires, so make sure you know ahead of time how much you’ll be paying for the service.

Check also your location on which network provider performs best in the area. Fiber internet is the best in the market because it works great regardless of your location. Cable internet tends to slow down during peak hours, while DSL lines get slower and less stable the farther you are from the cell tower.

Do Optimum and Verizon Fios have TV bundles?

Both internet service providers offer TV bundles with their internet plans. You can choose to subscribe to the packages they offer or go for a standalone internet connection.


Verizon Fios is a very competitive contender in the fiber internet arena, but their limited coverage is the biggest disadvantage of the network. Their TV plan is also not recommended, so better get another provider for this function.

On the other hand, Optimum’s strong suit is its good pricing and satisfactory internet service. They also have excellent customer relations which is why they’re highly recommended by existing clients. Service reliability and customer satisfaction are what they focus on to compensate for their limited coverage area.

If you’re okay with cable internet, you’ll never go wrong with Optimum’s above-average service. But if you have the money and Verizon Fios is available in your area, grab the opportunity to install fiber internet in your household.

To summarize, Verizon FIOS vs Optimum, they are both good services with their own pros and cons which have been subjective to many users, that said if you are in the area to get any service it generally comes down to price, service uptime and speeds which both have shined in.

What Internet Service is Available in My Area?

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