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Internet & Cable TV Deals In Alaska

Alaska Internet and TV Providers – Updated Guide 2022

Alaska, also commonly known as ‘The Last Frontier is a State of the United States. Located in the extreme north of the US, Alaska is famous for two things: its wildlife and its climatic conditions.

It has the coldest winters, and almost no summer at all. It is the largest state of America and the seventh-largest sub-national state in the entire world.

Despite the vast area that it covers, it is not very populated. Mainly because of the cold climate year-round, the total population of the largest state of America is 738,432 according to a survey conducted in 2015.

Despite its small population and harsh climatic conditions, it has amazingly good-quality internet Wi-Fi, phone, and cable TV services.

Major Cities in Alaska

Alaska is divided into many towns and cities like any other state in the world is. It has 19 organized boroughs and a single unorganized one. Furthermore, it has 149 cities. The most populated city of Alaska is Anchorage. Some of the major cities and towns of Alaska are as follows:


Anchorage is the most populated city of Alaska with a population of around 298,695. This figure is somewhere approximately 35% to 45% of the total population of the state.

It is also referred to as the ‘Municipality of Anchorage’. Covering 1,706 square miles of pure land, Anchorage is the fourth largest city in America. This city is also the four-time winner of the All-America City Award.


Juneau is the capital of the state of Alaska. It is both a city and a borough. Juneau is most famous for the large species of wildlife that it is home to. It has 280 species of birds living in the area.

And that is just birds alone, so that should give you an idea of its incredible wildlife. It is not very populated, home to only around 32,000 people. It is spread over 8,430 square kilometers of land.


Fairbanks covers an area of 84.49 square kilometres and is one of the most populated metropolitan places in Alaska, second to Anchorage.

According to a 2018 survey, Fairbanks has a population of almost 31,000 people, 30,917 to be exact. The University of Alaska Fairbanks is also located in Fairbanks, as you probably guessed it by the name already.

Another thing that Fairbanks is quite famous for is the aurora, aka the Northern Lights.

Fun fact: Scientifically, the northern lights are above us every night. But we can only see them in the ‘Aurora Season’ when the sky is dark enough.

So if you are someone fascinated by the Northern lights, you might want to visit Fairbanks between August 21 and April 21. You might get lucky, who knows.

These were the three major cities and boroughs of the state of Alaska. Other towns include Ketchikan, Homer, Nome, Wasilla and Kodiak. All these cities have something that makes them worth visiting.

The town ‘where the spirit of Christmas stays year-round’, aka the North Pole, is also in Alaska, in the North Star Borough of Fairbanks.

Best Cable TV Deals in Alaska 

When you live in a place that is as cold is Alaska is, you don’t have many options for outdoor activities to do all year. It is mostly too cold outside for sports or picnics.

This fact leaves the residents with no other option except to make themselves comfortable indoors. And what can be more convenient than sitting in a cozy sofa watching TV to spend your free time, right? So that is what people of Alaska prefer doing as well. Among the many Cable TV providers in the state, some of the top service providers are the following:


DirecTV is one of the most preferred Cable TV service providers in Alaska. They use Satellite-based services and give their customers over 330 channels to choose from.

There is a channel for everybody in there. It may sound like they would charge a lot of money for providing excellent services in an area with such harsh climatic conditions, but it is the opposite. They provide their services at an affordable price, starting from just $35 a month.


Dish also provides satellite-based services, but they are a little higher in price. They give their users many packages to choose from. Packages start from $59.99 a month, with 190+ channels to choose from.

As you increase the number of channels you want, the price goes up. They give a two-year price guarantee, which means that the price you see will be the price you pay. No hidden charges or taxes later on in the future.

Best Internet and Wi-Fi Deals in Alaska

As good as the Alaskan internet services are, there are many cheap and affordable options to go for, without giving up on any quality, such as fiber-optic and DSL. Alaska has 17 internet Wi-Fi services providers, and it is the 47th most connected state of America. Around 91% of the population of Alaska has an internet connection of some kind, wired or unwired. Although there are so many internet providers, not all of them are preferred by everyone. The most preferred internet service providers in Alaska are as follows:


Viasat is the number one internet Wi-Fi service provider in Alaska, specifically in Anchorage. It is capable of giving download speeds of up to 25Mbps.

It is known for being the fastest residential satellite internet in America. They have many packages to choose from, depending on what you need, but the packages start from $50 a month. Also, not all packages of Viasat are available in all areas of Alaska. Some packages are restricted to particular areas of the state only.

Alaska Communications

Alaska Communications provides DSL internet services to its customers. It covers about 88% of Anchorage, which is quite a lot. A plus point is that Alaska Communications gives all its customers the freedom of using unlimited data. The fastest download speeds that people get is somewhere near 50Mbps.

Other honourable mentions in the Internet Wi-Fi service-providers category include GCI-Cable, Borealis Broadband and HughesNet.

Looking to save money on wifi and internet? Explore these internet discounts for Alaska residents. New WIFI and internet services near you offering the best monthly prices and no contracts.


As mentioned before, the harsh weather and limited outdoor activities might be challenging for Alaskans, but a good TV and Wi-Fi access makes things a lot better there. The city is still one of the best places to visit as a tourist.

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