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Washington Internet & Cable TV Deals – What Providers Are Near Me?

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Are you looking for the best Internet Wifi and Cable TV deals in Washington, then read on

The state of Washington is situated in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States of America. It got its name from the first president of the United States, George Washington. Washington State shares its border with the Pacific Ocean, Idaho, Oregon, and the Canadian province, British Columbia. It is very commonly referred to as “The Washington State” to avoid any confusion with Washington DC, which is the nation’s capital. The state has an area of 71,362 square kilometers and is the 18th largest state in the US. In 2019, the state had a population of just over 7.6 million inhabitants, making it the country’s 13th most populous state. The Seattle Metropolitan area alone is home to almost 60 percent of the residents of Washington state.

Washington is known for its industries, such as the Aircraft and missiles, shipbuilding, metal and metal products, chemicals, and machinery manufacturing industries. It is also the leading producer of lumber and is the largest producer of apples, hops, and spearmint oil. Washington state is the second-best wine producer as well. Because of its extreme importance in the country, Washington has some of the best internet and cheap cable TV service providers.

Major Cities of Washington

As of 2010, Washington state comprises 281 cities and towns. Some of the state’s major cities include Olympia, Seattle, Takoma, Redmond, Spokane, Bellevue, and Vancouver. A few of these cities are discussed below.


The city of Olympia is the capital city of Washington. It is the largest city as well as the county seat of Thurston County. A census from 2018 shows the population of the city to be approximately 52,555. It became the 24th largest city in Washington back in 2010, with a population of 46,479. The city is neighbors with Lacey and Tumwater. The city of Olympia spreads over 52 square kilometers of land. It is a perfect place to live in Washington state, but living in this particular city is a bit more expensive than living in most cities throughout the nation.


The city of Seattle is a seaport city situated on the West Coast of the US. The city of Seattle is the largest in Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of Northern America. According to 2018, the city of Seattle had a population of approximately 744,955 inhabitants. The population of the Seattle Metropolitan area was over 3 million, making it the 13th largest Metropolitan area of the nation. It is supposedly one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The city has an area of 217 square kilometers.


Bellevue sits in the Eastside region of King County. It is the third-largest city in the Seattle Metropolitan area. The population of Bellevue was estimated to be 147,599 through a census carried out in 2018. Out of the 522 communities in the state of Washington, Bellevue is the sixth wealthiest. Bellevue is home to over 140 companies and ranks as one of the best places to live in and start a business. The city has an area of 97.14 square kilometers.

best washington cable tv deals

Best Cable TV Deals in Washington

Looking for discounted HD cable tv deals in Washington? Explore the options for new cable services near you by clicking the map below. Click here to see the available internet options in your area

We are saving Washington residents massively on their cable subscription, which includes:

  • Free install and equipment offer valued at $250
  • No contracts
  • Fixed price guaranteed 
  • No down deposit
  • Easy Approvals
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Free Premium 3-Month Trial for Starz, Showtime, HBO and more
  • New Rural cable tv & satellite coverage in Washington

Wave Broadband

This cable TV service provider is well-known for its fiber connection, 90+ channels, and an affordable price range of approximately 30 dollars per month. Apart from this, the service features a Roku streaming device or a TiVo streaming DVR. Furthermore, Wave also offers internet and phone services at low prices.


With a price guarantee of 2 years, Dish provides satellite cable TV services with over 290 channels. The service provides you with several different packages according to your individual needs and budget. The starting price of these packages is 60 dollars a month, going as high as you want. Each package has a separate number of channels that you can choose based on your personal preferences.


Spectrum is a cable TV provider that offers you 200 plus channels at a starting price of approximately $50 per month. It features free HD channels, which you do not have to pay any extra bucks. However, Spectrum is not just a cable TV provider. It features internet services, as well.

Washington internet wifi service

Best Internet and WiFi Providers in Washington

Looking to save money on wifi and internet? Explore these internet discounts for Washington residents. New WIFI and internet services near you offering the best monthly prices and no contracts.

These internet deals are exclusive to Washington state residents only. Click here to see the available cable options in your area

  • Free install and equipment offer valued at $250
  • No contracts
  • Fixed price guaranteed 
  • No down deposit
  • Easy Approvals
  • Cheaper Internet plans available in all Washington rural and remote areas


This particular name is growing in Washington State in terms of popularity, especially in Seattle. Centurylink is a fiber internet service provider that offers a maximum download speed of 1000 Mbps and is available in about 62% of Seattle. Starting at less than $50 the month, you can choose to pay only as long as you keep a particular package. Once your packet expires or you discontinue it, you no longer have to pay for anything.


Viasat is a satellite internet service provider well-known in all of Washington, but especially popular in Seattle. It features a maximum download speed of up to 25 MBPS and is knowingly the US’s fastest residential satellite internet. For precisely $50 a month, you can start your experience with this service provider and choose various packages afterward. These packages differ in terms of the data as well as their total monthly prices.


For its 1000 MBPS maximum download speed and a starting price of fewer than 30 dollars a month, Xfinity has become a crowd favorite in many states. The public of Washington is also pleased with the company’s services. It allows you to access millions of Wi-Fi hotspots on your phones, laptops, and other gadgets throughout the country, let alone the Washington state.


Because Washington State is an integral part of the country with its wine business, industries, and many other attractions, the quality of phone, cable TV and internet services are bound to be up to the mark. Thus, some of the best internet and cable service providers have extended their services to Washington State. These service providers allow their customers to choose various options in terms of companies, data, channels, and budgets. This facility will enable residents to be fully empowered in terms of phone and online communication.

What Internet Service is Available in My Area?

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