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West Virginia high speed internet wifi

West Virginia Internet and TV Providers – Updated Guide 2022

Are you looking for the best Internet Wifi and Cable TV deals in West Virginia, then read on

The state of West Virginia is situated in the Appalachian region of the Southern United States. It shares its borders with Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Covering 62,754 square kilometers, it is the 41st largest state in terms of area in the United States. Also, having a population of around 1.79 million people, it is the 38th largest state in terms of population.

The state has some historic coal mining and logging industries and is widely known for its hills and mountains. West Virginia offers many outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, hunting, and mountain biking.

Along with all of these fantastic features, West Virginia is also home to some of the best satellite and fiber cable TV and internet services. Because of this facility, this state is a happy place for its residents.

Major cities of West Virginia

In total, the state has 55 counties. Some of the state’s major cities include Charleston, Morgantown, Huntington, Beckley, Parkersburg, and Martinsburg. A few of these cities are discussed below with their population and what makes them special.


The city of Charleston is the capital of West Virginia. In 2010 the city was estimated to have a population of 51,400 inhabitants, but this number decreased to 46,536 in 2019. Still, Charleston is the most populous city in the state of West Virginia.

The Charleston Metropolitan area has a population of around 211,037 people, according to a census carried out in 2018. Charleston plays the role of being the center of industry, commerce, and government of Kanawha County.

Charleston is the seat of Kanawha County. The economy of the city revolves around government, medicine, trade, utilities, and education. Some other essential industries include salt, natural gas, and coal.

The city is popular because it is the home of the West Virginia baseball team, the Yeager airport, and the University of Charleston, both inside and outside the city. The state covers a total area of 84.54 square kilometers.


The city of Beckley sits in Raleigh County. It is also the county seat for Raleigh County. The city gets its name from the first Clerk of the House of Representatives, John James Beckley.

The city covers an area of 24.6 square kilometers and, according to a census from 2018, has a population of 16,183. The city is full of historical sights and many beautiful natural attractions.


The city of Martinsburg is in Berkeley County and also is its county seat. The population of the city was an estimate of approximately 17,454 in 2019.

This fact made Martinsburg the largest city in the entire Eastern Panhandle. It is also the eighth-largest municipality in West Virginia.


The city of Morgantown is the county seat of Monongalia County. The city sits along the Monongahela River. The famous University of West Virginia stands in this city.

According to a 2010 census, the city had a population of 29,660 people, and the Morgantown Metropolitan area had a population of 137,176. Morgantown is the largest city in Northcentral West Virginia, covering an area of 27.01 square kilometers.

Best Cable TV Deals in West Virginia


This cable TV provider operates in most states and cities of the USA, including West Virginia. The company gives you a two-year price guarantee.

For those of you who don’t know what a price guarantee means, the price you see on the packages is what you pay, nothing more, nothing less than that amount; no extra taxes or hidden charges. This way, you always know exactly how much you need for your monthly cable TV bill and do not worry about additional charges for anything.

Dish packages start from $59.99 a month, offering 190 channels that you can enjoy. These packages go all the way up to $94.99 a month for over 290 channels.


Spectrum cable TV service offers you to choose from more than 200 channels to enjoy HD quality videos for less than 40 dollars a month.

This company is one of the best cable TV services providing the most HD channels on the market. Plus, it allows you to choose from three different packages, namely charter, double play silver, and triple-play gold.

They vary in terms of their perks and features, as well as their pricing. You can choose whichever you like based on your personal preferences and requirements.

Best Internet and WiFi Providers in West Virginia


This service provider allows you to access a DSL internet with exceptional coverage over 807% of West Virginia. The prices start from 20 dollars per month, and the speed goes from 12 Mbps to 30 Mbps.

Apart from internet services, the company also provides cheap cable TV and phone bundles to its customers.


HughesNet has a download speed of 25 MBPS and has a city coverage of 94 percent in West Virginia. This particular service provider features a satellite internet service that costs you from a minimum price of $60 to a maximum of $150.

You can choose one out of four different plans based on the data you want to use per month and the budget that you have for it.

The only drawback of this internet service is that it is slower than wired internet connections. Plus, it is prone to weather interruptions and can cause fluctuations in your internet usage.


With its cable internet service, Shantal is a popular name in West Virginia. It offers 3 MBPS to 101 MBPS of internet download speed over your phone and other digital gadgets. The company has a maximum coverage of over 78% of the state.


Along with the fantastic opportunities for recreation and tourism, West Virginia offers some of the best cable TV and internet services to locals and foreign visitors.

It helps the state and its residents stay aware, technologically advanced, and up to date with the world’s current happenings. Thus, popular and affordable service providers from across the country have invested and spread their services to West Virginia.