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surewest internet review

Surewest Internet Review – Worth it in 2021

In the US market, there are many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering relatively similar Internet plans at closely analogous prices. Choosing between them can be a very unnerving experience especially when you don’t have hint points. Although the prices and the internet speeds don’t differ significantly, the idea is to select the ISP that will match your specific Internet needs and Budget.

Most internet Hunters make the mistake of jumping for a specific ISP before reading the service agreement, before finding out enough information about the company’s customer care, weaknesses, and outages and complains. The chances of suffering are also high in case you choose an ISP before researching all the fees or failing to focus on reliability.

To help you discern and make a decision about ISPs in the US market, I’m offering enough information about one of the key players in the Industry, Surewest Internet. Hold on as we dig deeper to determine Surewest Internet speeds, prices, outages, Customer ratings, reliability, availability and applications.

Surewest Internet Overview

Surewest Internet is now part of the Consolidated Communications offering Business Communications and Broadband services. The company is currently headquartered in Mattoon, Illinois. Among the main services you can get from this company includes Internet, Data, Voice, Managed and hosted services, cloud and IT services.

As I stated earlier, Surewest Internet was acquired in July 2012 by the Consolidated Communications and eventually extended the services to Roseville, California and Kansas City. This means that today, people are supplied by Surewest Internet through the name, Consolidated Communications.

Surewest Internet availability

People can Get Surewest Internet through Consolidated Communications in major States and Cities Including Sacramento, California, Roseville and Kansas City. As if this is not enough, the services are available to other major cities inclusion Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Lowe, Wisconsin.

Description of the services

Surewest Internet is now available in Fiber and DSL connection types. This indicates that you can now get fast Internet packages and Medium speed Internet services from Consolidated Internet any time of the year. The internet speeds range from 10Mbps to 940Mbps.

Surewest Summary Table

Category Features Prices
Internet services DSL and Fiber Connections  
Cheapest Internet plan 10Mbps $25 per month
Fastest Internet Plan 940Mbps $76.95 per month
Wi-Fi equipment fee Rental fees $10 per month
Paper Invoice fee Cost of printing and mailing the bills $1 per month
Network care Plus/wireless This is the plan with their Consolidated Internet service $6.95 for the network Care Plus or $11.95 per month for wireless.
Recovery fee Broadband recovery fee $2.97
Installation fees N/A N/A
Contracts Monthly or Term contracts Depends on the Options
Data caps N/A N/A

Surewest Internet Pros

  • Fiber availability
  • High speed Internet
  • Low-end cheap Internet plans
  • Relatively better customer service
  • No installation fees
  • No data caps

Surewest Internet cons

  • Offers varies depending on where you live
  • Prices differ across states
  • The price lock is only valid up to 12 months.

Surewest Internet plans and prices

As I clearly explained above, Surewest Offers both Fiber and DSL internet plans. Unlike most competitors the company’s pricing and speeds vary greatly from one state to the other. Given that the prices vary for both Fiber and DSL, I’ll have to cover each of the services separately.

Surewest Fiber Plans

The Fiber plans you will get from Surewest will also depend on where you reside currently and whether the service is available or not. This is true because Fiber Internet is not widely available. The below Fiber Internet packages are based on the information available for people in California and Sacramento.

Low-end Internet Plan

Fiber Internet is known for fast Internet speeds across all dimensions. Surewest Offers Internet plans of up to 940Mbps. The company offers 6-20Mbps on their low end Internet speeds. This is the best internet speed for people that want to browse, watch YouTube, send and open emails. It is also great for online shopping, keeping up with social media and HD streaming and Gaming. The price for this is $21.95 per month.

Faster Surewest Internet plan

Surewest has a couple of middle-class faster Internet plans for competitive gaming, music streaming, downloading and uploading files. Getting 50-100Mbps from Surewest is a great deal for people that want to enjoy some of these services. It’s no doubt that Surewest Internet 50-100Mbps is affordable. You will only have to pay $46.95 per month.

The Blazing package

Here, you get download speeds of up to 1Gbps. This is what is advertised but the actual download speeds for this package is 940Mbps. The rest of the speed is needed for the technology that delivers such high Internet speeds.

This package is the fastest on the list and the best for people that want to connect and keep up with everything from heavy streaming, gaming, smart applications and the house security features. Another thing to note about this internet package is that the price is reasonable and one of the most affordable around.

Another important take away is all the plans in this case attracts a Free Wi-Fi router for your home and you will not have to deal with any data caps. The prices for these three subcategories includes the taxes, fees and several other applicable Internet charges.

I would also like to state that the prices on that list are viable to the date of writing this review. The download speeds and the corresponding prices are likely to change depending on some factors within the business or in the market.

Surewest DSL internet plans

I had stated that Surewest Internet is available in both the DSL and Fiber Optic. The problem with fiber optic internet is that it’s available to a limited Number of people. Besides that, people in the rural areas will not get any Fiber internet deals. For that reason, DSL is set to penetrate the areas and provide high speed Internet at a relatively lower price. Here are the DSL internet plans and the prices from Surewest Internet.

Fast Internet Package

This is the cheapest DSL internet package that you can secure from Surewest. The speeds starts from 10Mbps and prices as low as $25 per month. If you are one of the people out there that only cares about some basic Internet usage such as browsing and keeping up with social media, then you are lucky enough to get 10Mbps at a price less than $30 per month.

Faster Plan

Just like it’s the case with Surewest Fiber plans, people can choose speeds of 25Mbps which are perfect for streaming, gaming, upload and downloads and keeping your websites updated. But remember this is not enough internet speed for a seamless internet usage especially if you have a large family.

Blazing DSL internet plan

This is the fastest DSL internet plan from Surewest. Users have access to speeds of up to 50Mbps at a price that is lower than $50 per month. Although this speed cannot match some speeds from competitors, it’s enough for HD streaming, connecting your smart TV, keeping up with the current trends on FB or Twitter and most importantly downloading and Uploading videos and Pictures.

The price for the three Internet plans changes from one place to the other. What this means is that depending on your location, you may have to pay differently for the same speeds. This is common with some Internet service providers for specific reasons that are not disclosed to us.

Another thing that will make the difference is the technology that is used to supply you the Internet. If you live in areas where Surewest Fiber Internet is available, you will definitely enjoy high speed Internet at prices that are slightly slower than those of DSL. You cannot compare 500Mbps Fiber internet and DSL internet 50Mbps.

Other services offered by Surewest

There are several other services that you are going to get from Surewest. I will later discuss about the Bundling Options. For now, just know that you can get TV, Home Phone and other services from this company.

Internet speed and Data caps

Every time I think of switching my Internet service providers, the first thing I want to confirm is the overall Internet speeds that I’m going to get in my area. As indicated earlier, Surewest offers both DSL and Fiber Internet. The speeds between these two types of connections vary greatly. What this means is that the internet speeds that Fiber Internet users get differ significantly from what DSL internet users get.

Luckily, Surewest Internet is available in a larger area. The Fiber Internet is available to a great number of Americans offering them super speed Internets of up to 940Mbps download speeds and more than 100Mbps upload speeds.

In case you’re not lucky enough to get Surewest Fiber Internet, you can equally enjoy the DSL internet. The only drawback is that the Internet speeds will not match those of Fiber Internet. Another one is that you will be forced to pay more for slower Internet. The speeds for DSL internet is lower than 100Mbps download speeds. As a matter of fact, the fastest DSL plan from Surewest is 50Mbps. The upload speeds are lower.

This is an indication that serious internet users should go for alternatives. Business wouldn’t also benefit meaningfully from download speeds of 50Mbps. This internet speed is enough for download and Uploads but it’s not the best Internet speed for seamless streaming, Gaming and Multiple internet users.

Network Performance: Outages and Uptime

I usually don’t see people being bothered by the amount time they waste with Internet downtime. Most residents using Internet for some basic Uses will never care if there’s an outage for 1 hour a day. But if you operate a Business that relies heavily on Internet speeds, Uptime and reliability, Internet performance is a serious thing to consider.

Luckily, Surewest is very clear on speeds and Prices. This means that there are chances of getting exactly what you pay for in terms of Internet speeds and reliability. However, it doesn’t go without some basic Issues. I have specifically spotted some users complaining about constant Internet Outages in major cities. This is serious because that is where most people are operating Home Businesses and Freelancing.

I would equally want to point out that Surewest Internet connections especially the Fiber internet option is not available in a broad area. They cover this by advertising Uninterrupted Internet service which they equally never deliver.

But where will you find a company that is so open about its flaws? Consolidated Communications assures you that if you connect more than one device, the internet speed and reliability will vary ominously. They advise that if you’ve picked the low speed plans, the performance can be compromised if many devices are connected at once.

The advertised vs. actual internet speeds will vary depending on a couple of factors. Some of these factors includes Wireless network, Hubs, NIC cards, routers and switches. But the speeds with Consolidated Internet not very bad.

Other Surewest Internet benefits

Besides the high speed Internet offered by Surewest through the Fiber Internet connection, the reasonable prices and no data cap options, Surewest offers a couple of other benefits that you should understand before choosing it.

Contract Buyout Plan

Are you stuck on your current Plan but still not enjoying the services of your current Internet service provider? If yes, then Surewest will get you out of that Plan. Surewest Internet will buy all the contracts up to $200. It doesn’t matter whether you’re stuck on an internet or TV contract.

But this is not done the same way other ISPs do. The company will not approach your current Internet service provider to buy the contract. Surewest will give you a $200 credit after you present the copy of the terms with your current provider.

Home Wi-Fi and Network Care plus Wireless

I haven’t found this with many ISPs out there. When you pick any of the packages from Surewest, you automatically qualify for a Home Wi-Fi and Network Care plus Wireless. This means that you’re covered for all the troubleshooting that you may encounter with the modem. You won’t incur any costs when the modem and the router are broken.

But you should be ready to pay $11.95 every month. I understand this is a high price but remember it covers the lease on the router, expert installation and tech Support.

24/7 Remote tech support

I don’t think we should consider this as a benefit because I think it’s a responsibility of the ISP, but there are some issues that your ISP will not handle that will be solved swiftly here. You just have to pay $15.99 per month for Premium support. This is where all the hardware and software issues will be solved very fast. The price might look high but it covers several things including Home Network, PC security, Smartphone support, Third-Party Device support and OS.

Internet security

Where else can you find Kaspersky internet security for your devices? I understand this is an expensive investment in case you choose to go for the service solely. With Surewest Internet, all users have a chance to get Kaspersky Internet security for three computers at a price of $2.99 per month. If you want to get the same Internet security for 5 devices, then you will have to pay $4.99 per month.

Streaming TV services

If you are one of the people that wants to enjoy TV streaming services, this is for you. The company offers streaming TV services as an additional feature whenever you choose any of their internet plans.

Surewest service fees, contracts and Equipment

Consolidated Internet come with month-to-month accounts and Term plans. What this means for internet users is that they can decide to pick any of the Plans and Bundles depending on what they need at the time. If you picked the Month-To-Month accounts, you should give notice to Consolidated Communications early enough. The termination will be effective immediately after notification. You will end up paying an early termination fee if the service is terminated by you. This price will be communicated to you upon notification.

You will be required to pay an equipment rental cost as explained above. Immediately after cancelling the service, it’s important to return the equipment fast.

Bundle Options

You probably need Internet, Phone and TV for your Home entertainment. This is exactly what Surewest Internet offers to you. Verily, you have a chance to pick any of their affordable Home Bundle with Phone services, TV and Internet across the US. You just have to check out with your state and City for installation.

What do the customers think about the service?

In the market, every Internet service provider has their own fair share of unsatisfied customers. Surewest is no exception because I’ve personally found a couple of people complaining about their services, prices, additional features and the fees.

Checking around, it’s easy to notice that most of their customers are complaining too much about Surewest internet stability and reliability. Though, this is particularly with the company’s Wi-Fi signals. Most of them say that the connection is not stable.

Another thing many customers are complaining about is the speed. A great number of them say that the speeds on the ground are lower than the ones on the company’s site. This is common but if you hear more than one person complaining about the same, the issue is serious. But this can be as a result of many factors. The first factor is the fact that most devices are not able to connect to the 1Gbps download speeds, another thing is that the position of the router can affect your Wi-Fi signals.

Another group of users is not complaining about the Internet stability but are constantly blaming the Billing office for unexplained Costs. The prices for these internet plans are a bit steep. Compared to some of the comparators, 50Mbps is not worth $50+ per month.

Besides these two complains, most users are happy that Surewest is trying to bring their Internet to the rural areas. This is unlike most ISPs that only concentrate on the cities and neglect users in the rural areas. The customer service is also applauded for the great work. Although Surewest Customer service is not the best out there, it’s on the list of the most improved Customer service providers.

I support this claim because Surewest has a local customer service unit in every area where their service is available. What this means is that you don’t have to necessarily call the company to get the services. You can choose to visit the company physically for assistance.

Most of the issues that the customers are complaining about can be solved. Those complaining about the price should understand that there are numerous ways to save on Consolidated Communications that can scuffle their monthly bills.

Service cancellation information

We All have our own reasons to cancel an ISP service. It may be because we are relocating, not happy with the services, prices going beyond the Budget or being unreliable. For whatever reason, it’s important to take time to weigh the situations and see what to do about it.

Are you complaining about the Internet service or the Bills, try to visit your local customer care office and negotiate directly. In case you’re sure the service is not the best option for you, follow the steps bellow to cancel.

  • Call the customer service number: 1-844-968-7224
  • As the rep to direct you to the Retention department or the Billing Department
  • Now explain yourself and the reasons why you want to ditch the service
  • Pack the equipment and return to the local store


Is Surewest the same as Consolidated Communications?

Surewest was acquired by Surewest in 2012. This means that Surewest currently offers Internet services as Consolidated Communications.

Is Consolidated Internet High speed?

If you are lucky enough to reside on the areas where Surewest Internet offers Fiber Internet, you will have Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps. unfortunately, people out of this area can only enjoy 50Mbps download speeds on DSL internet connections.

Is Consolidated Communications a good Internet service provider?

The answer to this question depends on personal interpretation of the word ‘’good’’ if a good Internet provider is the one with the cheapest Internet plans, Surewest Internet is the best. If high speed DSL internet plans are a thing to you, then Surewest will not fall anywhere on the list of good Internet service providers.

Is Surewest Internet available in my area?

Surewest Internet is available to many people in major cities. The prices and the internet speeds will vary depending on the current place of residence. To make sure these plans are available in your area, it’s always important to consult with the company directly.

Final verdict

Surewest Internet is now part of the Consolidated Communications that offers Internet, TV, and Phone services to people in both rural and urban areas. The two internet connection types are available to people in the market but there are chances that Surewest Fiber Internet is not in your area.

Regardless, you will access up to 50Mbps DSL internet. The price for these Internet plans are reasonable and the speeds reliable. Surewest may not be the best ISP out there but it has some deals worth noting.

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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
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John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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