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Frontier Bonded DSL - How It Works & Why Its Important

Frontier Bonded DSL – How It Works & Why Its Important

The increased use of the internet has really changed several things in life. Your employees are always sharing sensitive business information about your business among themselves, distributers, and management. At home, increased internet use has benefited most people, and some of them can manage their businesses from home. With that said, among the issues we currently worry about is the increased internet traffic for personal and business use. Users and companies that don’t have access to the expensive but highly reliable fiber optic service are forced to combine several ADSL lines to come up with a single aggregated connection for greater bandwidth capacity. This offers enhanced download and upload speeds.

Frontier Bonded DSL is where many of these ADSL lines are joined together through a couple of processes. Here are the three distinct processes that are commonly used.

  • The data is split up in to separate streams at the packet level
  • The streams are sent simultaneously over a number of ADSL lines in the Frontier bonded connection.
  • The data is eventually combined into an original form before being sent to the internet

Individuals can combine two or even more than two ADSL or ADSL2+ connections. This enhances better load-bearing functions and resilience. The single high-speed connection will provide reliable internet stability and faster connection speeds for the personal and business use. People no longer have to bear with sluggish internet speeds.

What is Frontier Bonded DSL and how does it work?

This is a connection where multiple traditional ADSL lines are combined to form a giant tunnel of connections. Eventually, this reduces the downtime that is definitely caused by numerous connections. The result is a boosted data stream speeds over the network. The Frontier Bonded DSL works by splitting the data packets to different streams and ultimately sending them over multiple lines. This depends on how many ADSLs you connected together.

At last, the data will be reconstructed to its original state, after which it will be sent to the greater internet or the next node in the network. The process is the same both sides and when downloading and uploading the data. It actually makes the data transfer system more functional and reliable than the traditional single ADSL connection.

Mediatory device

For the lines to be bonded, you need a mediatory device that bonds together the broadband-enabled phone lines and facilitates network splitting and recombining the data streams for efficient transfers. Each line will have its own modem and connects to the bonder, which acts as a gateway and handles all the requests through Ethernet cable to the internet.

Frontier offers a wide array of extra features together with the bonded lines. These features are highly suitable for both home and business users. The most important thing is that it increases the quality of service provided by Frontier as an Internet Service Provider. It’s actually a perfect solution to the internet needs and requirements of the ever growing number of users.

Pros of Frontier Bonded DSL

Issues are quickly solved

The company closely and thoroughly monitors the Bonded DSL system, and if there are any issues with a single line, this will be swiftly noticed and solved. The data traffic is easily transferred through another line without having to cause any disconnections or slow internet.


Frontier understands just how important it is for a business to have reliable and stable internet connections. This is definitely because all the data for most businesses is web-based and, in most cases, stored in the cloud. For that reason, the ISP wants to ensure there are no halted business operations because of outages and slow internet. Additionally, if there are problems with a line, data can be transmitted through another line.

Extreme IP Flexibility

Businesses benefit from smooth operations, which is definitely what Frontier Bonded DSL offers. Therefore, it provides incredible IP flexibility to all the users to ensure that their connections are tailored to their specific needs. Private IPs that come with the routed addresses are equally important.

Bonded DSL connection works better than a single line

Suppose speed, stability, and efficiency of internet are important to you and your business. In that case, you can quickly agree with me that the Bonded DSL connection works way better than a single line. It offers increased connection stability eliminating slow internet and establishes more efficient downlinks and upstreams. This is what Frontier customers get with the Frontier Bonded DSL.


What happens when a line fails?

There are high chances that single lines can fail with time. So what happens if a single line in a Bonded DSL connection fails? The lines are constantly monitored by the ISP’s central bonder and the on-site bonder. In case one of the lines fails, a report will be sent immediately and the company will seek viable ways to correct. These two are likely to stop the traffic flow on the specific line if it fails and continue to pass the traffic to others. The line failure will completely be transparent to the users.

Bonded ADSL vs. Traditional ADSL: which is better?

Unlike Bonded DSL, the traditional ADSL is established by connecting an ADSL modem to a BT phone line. A router or a firewall will definitely have to sit between the network and the modem. This is common with most single lines. On the other hand, Bonded DSL lines are together installed to create a bonding network. Each of the lines that are in Bonded DSL connections have their unique Modems and the modems are connected to the border or the mediating device. Given the functionality of these two technologies, it’s definitely easy to realize that Frontier Bonded DSL is better than the traditional ADSL.

Are the Bonding Hardware the same?

Bonding hardware varies widely from one provider to the other and highly depends on whether or not the customer can manage the broadband circuit. If the customer cannot do that, then the ISP will definitely have to bring hardware that will serve the purpose.


Frontier Bonded DSL was introduced to boost the speed, efficiency and reliability of internet connections for personal and business use. With all the benefits shared above, you wouldn’t go wrong with such technology especially when your business relies heavily on Internet uptime and reliability.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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John Hollaway
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Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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