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How to get WIFI without an internet provider

How to get Wifi without an internet provider

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Everyone wants to get access to the Internet at the lowest cost possible. Although getting the internet is quite easy, most people want access to unlimited home internet. In the US,

So how to get WIFI without an internet provider?

We’ll show you how, we all know that internet can be expensive, and can cost up to $60 per month. If you don’t have that amount for the internet, then there are several other tactics you can implement to get internet access without those expensive internet providers.

The fact remains that getting on the web, streaming your favorite movie on Netflix or working from home is very expensive in the US. But there’s no need to pay the whole amount if you haven’t planned for it. The below-shared methods work for you whether you have ISP or not.


This is the first strategy that we are going to discuss today because its among the most popular ways of accessing the internet in your computer, SmartTV and other devices without an internet provider. Though, you should be ready to pay for the regular mobile data.

On the other hand, there are two major drawbacks of tethering your device. The first drawback is that you are independent of the signal of your phone. This is an indication that if your phone has a poor signal, the overall internet access will be very slow. However, if you are in a city where the Network is fine, you are going to enjoy it.

The second drawback is that laptops and computers are very likely to use more data than the phone. This shows that you may end up wasting a lot of your money along the way. You could also be there for a quick surprise when the phone bill on your phone.

Mobile Hotspot

This is the most common method of accessing the Internet at home without an Internet provider. This is especially the case with people that wants to use their laptops without relying on internet providers. Though, you should be very prepared to pay some upfront costs.

The cost comes in because you have to buy a hotspot device and pay for the subscription. To save significantly on this move, choose any of the many companies that offer mobile hotspots. The technology and the price varies drastically.

Because of the increase in the companies offering the same technology and packages, we would like to recommend a few of them. These are Verizon Jetpack MIFI, Nighthawk LTE Mobile Hotspot and Roaming Man U2 Global 4G WI-FI Hotspot.

WIFI without internet provider

WI-FI USB Dongle

This is a technology known as the Internet stick offering a cheaper and very reliable method of accessing the Internet on your laptop or a computer without ISP. With such a technology, you don’t have to commit to a very expensive long term mobile access plan. You just have to get this device and eventually switch to 3G, 4G or 5G internet access which can be obtained with aircards.

The internet sticks for laptops and computers are very light and smaller than mobile hotspots. It’s an indication that they work well for people that needs Internet access while in transit. Though, you will have to put up with one of the main drawbacks. The drawback is the signal strength and the WIFI speed and range.

You don’t expect to see that as good as when you are using USB Dongle or hotspots.

For the people interested in this option, check for the best WI-FI USB adapters available in your locality.

Get someone’s internet

The likelihood of someone in your area or party having Internet access is very high. Some of them may have login credentials that they can share with you with ease. If that us the case, then get in touch and get the login credentials.

From their computer, you can share their internet. To do that in a windows computer, go to Settings, Network and Internet, Mobile Hotspot. Here you can choose the Internet you intend to share and put the sharing on.

The only drawback if more than 2 people is using the net, including your friend using the internet, then they are consuming 2x times the internet than usual which can chew threw data usage easily.

Public WI-FI

It’s also very easy to use public WI-FI when you need to browse or use the Internet to chat or read messages. Though, this depends on where you find yourself when you need the Internet.

Public WI-FI, especially in public institutions including schools, Café, Restaurant or Hospitals, can serve you.

One major drawback of public WI-FI is that most hackers target this as their point of crime. These criminals can set their public WII-FI and use them to get personal information such as emails and passwords. This shows that you should be very careful about the connection you choose. If possible, only use public WI-FI that you know where it’s coming from.

Use applications such as WI-FI Finder connect and WI-FI master Key to detect nearby WI-FI and establish whether they are secure. As you join public WI-FI, take additional measures to ensure your security and privacy.

Common Questions For Getting WIFI without a cable internet plan

Can I get WI-FI without Internet Provider?

Yes, this is the question we have been answering above. There are numerous ways of accessing the Internet wherever you are without having to rely on a WI-FI provider. Some of these measures include using public WI-FI, tethering, sharing connections with your friends and many others.

How can I get the Internet without an ISP?

To access the Internet, you need ISP. However; some options are available which we have already covered above. However, some of these methods will also cost you some money. This means that not using ISP doesn’t save you a lot of money. Tethering can cost you money because you will pay the carrier for normal rates.

Can you get Internet for free?

Yes, there are some options available but most of them will still cost you. If you choose to use public wi-fi, you need to be very careful and observant of your privacy and security. One thing I don’t agree with completely is that you can get internet that is absolutely Free. You may get cheap Internet but not Free Internet

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