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Internet Status Walled Garden - 6 Step Guide

Internet Status Walled Garden – 6 Step Guide

Walled Garden is simply the browsing environment that controls and manages websites, and the information internet users can get at a time. In most cases, Internet Service Providers only want to keep the users navigating the websites that they deem appropriate. The first reason is to shield their users from inappropriate content such as pornography. CenturyLink and American Online are two companies that put the Walled Garden on their internet. This mostly comes unnoticed for many reasons.

Where walled Garden is used by ISPs

In most cases, Walled Garden is used in schools. The students and teachers alike are required to access only the information that is deemed appropriate for the specific purposes of studies. For that reason, ISPs are consulted to impose a Walled Garden on school Internet specifically.

Why do I keep getting Verizon Walled Garden messages?

I have come across several people complaining that they keep on getting Verizon, CenturyLink and American Online Walled garden messages. Although some of the people claim they can still access the internet regardless, there is a whole lot of them who are not happy about such incidences. So what are the reasons why you’re getting Walled Garden Message on the router?

The Reset Button on the ISP-provided router is pressed

One of the main reason you are getting these messages is that you’ve pressed the reset Button the Verizon-provided DSL router. I don’t precisely understand why this is the case, but I have heard some claims that the company wants to be involved whenever there are problems with their specific routers. It’s like the Internet user is not supposed to tamper with the rented modem and routers.

The mode is accidentally on

Many people agree that there is absolutely no reason for Verizon and other ISPs TO limit the amount of information you can access online. For that reason, if you see this message, be sure that the DSL modem-router Walled Garden was on by accident, but it’s now off. That’s why you can access the internet even after getting the notification.

Addresses are caches in the computer

Another major reason is that some of the addresses in the computer are cached in the DNS or web browser’s cache as Walled Garden page. This is actually why we experience this issue from time to time.

The address is cached somewhere in your organization’s network

In some other instances, the address is not cached in the browser or the computer but in your organization’s network. This is one way organizations encourage people to access only websites that are recommended.

The internet is disabled

It’s easy to realize that the ISP has disabled or put some limits on your internet. If they received a DMCA complaint, or if there’s any other issue with your account, they will probably do something on their end to limit or disable the internet. Always consult with customer support.

It’s set by the administrator

In certain situations where the administrator wants you to access only the websites that are recommended so that you keep working or studying, they may actually limit the amount of data you can get from certain websites using the same methods.

How to deal with Walled Garden?

In case you encounter Walled Garden and got frustrated because you cannot access certain websites, here are viable solutions. Some of these solutions are only useful when you have an understanding of how the internet, modems and networks work.

Call the IT department

If the cause of the issue is the fact that the reset button is pressed, it’s wise to call the IP department so that they can log into a hidden page in the modem-router and turn the mode on again. This is easy and will get you back to work swiftly.

Refresh the page in the browser

Some addresses may be cached on the browser and limit you from accessing the information you need. To solve this issue, try to refresh the page in the browser and clear the browser cache. For people that are using Windows computer, go to the command prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns

Ask your organizations IT department about it

In case the organization is using a proxy server to cache webpages or is using a local DNS server to cache some addresses, and you now cannot access what you need, it’s important to get in touch with your IT department and explain this.

Call the ISP

In most cases, Walled Garden can be on in your home internet, and there’s no way you can get the problem solved. Contact the provider and question their actions. Ask the Customer service to help you deal with this issue. The support team will actually try to understand where the problem is and solve it remotely. In some instances, it’s an issue with your account that can only be solved by the ISP customer support.


What does Walled Garden mean on modem?

This means that your modem is authenticated with a set of generic PPP credentials. You will probably not be able to surf the internet when the modem is in the Walled Garden. It’s necessary to call your ISP to have the PPP credentials programmed into the modem.

My internet shows Walled Garden: what does that mean?

Walled Garden is the browsing environment that manages the website users and the information you can access. It’s familiar with many ISPs, and if you notice this is the case, you should always get in touch with the ISP to see what they can do on their side.

What is the purpose of Walled Garden?

The term walled Garden means that the ISP only wants you to access the websites or information that they want you to see. It’s a popular method that is used by many ISPs to manage users and show them exactly what they want them to see.


A couple of things can cause Walled Garden, which is why you should always find the root cause before seeking help. But in all instances, unplug the router and plug it back to power after 10 seconds. If the issue is not eliminated, reach out to your IT department or the ISP support.

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