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Is Viasat Good For Gaming

Is Viasat Good For Gaming – Question (Answered)

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When it comes to gaming online, especially when using satellite internet, avid gamers usually get the short end of the stick as they have to deal with high latency. This has dramatically impacted gamers’ overall experience, forcing them to look for alternative internet options that make online gaming all shades of amazing.

That said, satellite internet providers like Viasat are doing an incredible job to alter the narrative. While most people will tell you not to bother gaming using satellite internet like Viasat, we have discovered that you’ll most likely game without any problems on satellite internet with a few tweaks and adjustments.

Read on as we take a look at how Viasat latency, download speed, and data caps impact your gaming experience on satellite. Plus, we will share some exciting troubleshooting tips to improve your gaming experience on Viasat.

Can I play my favorite video games with Viasat?

Although Viasat internet lets you play as many games as you like without any hassle, you should keep in mind that Viasat internet isn’t an excellent fit for every game. While some video games have performance problems, others use up a lot of data. Not just that, some games are unplayable over Viasat, and you’ll find out why shortly.

What types of video games work best with Viasat?

If you like simple games like Candy Crush, Roblox, and Minecraft, you’ll not have any problems playing these games with Viasat. Also, single and multiplayer games that don’t depend on split-second reactions work very well with Viasat.

For those who love turn-based games like Words With Friends, you’ll enjoy a smooth gaming experience with Viasat.

That said, keep in mind that most games, even the ones labelled offline or single-player games, will most likely attempt to connect to the internet every now and then. To this end, you should keep an eye on what your devices are trying to download. This way, you can manage your high-speed data accordingly.

What types of games run into problems with Viasat?

If you love fast-paced games, you can play with multiple people over the internet; then we are afraid you’ll run into issues with Viasat and any satellite internet provider. And that’s because satellite internet has a higher latency than most ground-based internet.

Why is latency such a big issue on satellite?

For those who have no idea, latency measures the time taken for a game to respond to an action earlier executed. And because satellites are installed almost 22,300 miles away, it takes a bit longer for specific commands to beam into space and then bounce back to the server hosting the game.

How can latency affect your overall experience?

While latency isn’t a big deal for many online activities, you’ll most likely run into issues when playing fast-paced online games. For instance, you’ll experience latency issues like freezing, stuttering, lagging, and more when playing competitive shooter games like Call of Duty.

Some multiplayer games go as far as limiting or blocking gamers with high latency. This is to ensure that their games run smoothly without any interruptions.

Can I download video games using Viasat?

Sure, you can. But keep an eye on those file sizes, as some video games can be massive. For instance, PC games like RED Dead Redemption are nearly 150 GB in size. And even though mobile games aren’t too large, they can still use up a lot of data.

Remember that even if you end up buying a game disc, you’ll have to update or download a newer version online subsequently. To ensure that your downloads don’t run into problems, we suggest you download games or any large-sized file in the night or early morning when you have only a few people online.

Can you live-stream your gaming sessions with Viasat?

Viasat does a pretty decent job when it comes to uploading prerecorded video clips of your gaming highlights. Plus, you shouldn’t have any problem if you occasionally live stream your gaming sessions for fun.

That said, Viasat isn’t a decent option for professional live streamers, as you’ll have to contend with high latency issues.

How do satellite internet data caps affect your gaming experience?

While data caps may not mean so much to someone using cable, fiber connections, or DSL, it is a pretty big deal for satellite internet users, especially considering that satellite internet offers low data caps. For instance, satellite internet providers like Viasat offers users anywhere from 12 to 150 GB of data every month.

While this may look like a lot of data, this isn’t so much for avid gamers, who spend the bulk of their time online every day. Plus, if you use up your allotted data for the month, Viasat will most likely slow your download speed to between 1 and 5 Mbps, which isn’t so great for online gaming.

Frequently asked questions

What is a good internet connection speed for gaming?

If you’re interested in a hassle-free online gaming experience, then opting for a 25 or 50 Mbps internet plan should work just fine. That said, keep in mind that you may experience stuttering or some lagging issues if you have multiple people and devices using the internet at the same time.

If you plan on sharing your internet plan with your loved ones and don’t want to run into any issues when playing your favorite online games, you’ll be pleased to give Viasat 100 Mbps internet plan a try.

Can you watch video game streamers using Viasat?

Watching video game streamers on Twitch and YouTube isn’t any different from watching other types of videos. So, you shouldn’t have any issues following your favorite video game streams using Viasat.

To improve your overall experience, you can opt for a Viasat plan with a decent internet speed.

Is Viasat good for Fornite?

If you love fast-paced games like Fornite, then using Viasat is a big no-no, and that’s because satellite internet providers like Viasat have high latency that may cause the internet to stutter, lagging, and more.


Although Viasat may not be a pretty decent option when playing competitive games like Call of Duty and Fortnite, no thanks to high latency issues, rest assured that you’ll not run into problems when playing exciting mobile games like Candy Crush, Roblox, and more. Plus, Viasat works great for streaming online gaming sessions, which is good for those interested in online streaming.

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