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Gaming On Satellite Internet

Gaming On Satellite Internet – Updated Guide 2021

The majority of people would suggest you never to mess with satellite internet gaming. Totally incorrect they are! You can obviously play online games smoothly on the satellite internet by using some tricks and altercations to your perceptions. Challenges such as terrible lags, little data caps of satellite companies may discourage you, but let’s find out if these issues are still prominent in 2020.

Yes, f course, the best choices for gaming aren’t Viasat and HughesNet. There’s just no turning that back. The choice of satellite Internet is not best suited for gaming. However, when your only alternative is satellite internet, please know that online games can still be played. So, let’s see how that can be done without any interruptions.

How latency or lag makes it troublesome to play games using satellite internet?

Online battle royale games such as PUBG, COD, Fortnite, League of Legends, etcetera requires the ping or latency of the connection to be ranged between 50ms to 100ms. However, what latency or ping or lag actually refers to, is unclear to many people.

Latency refers to the amount of time your connection takes to send the inputs from your computer or smartphone to the server of the game and the amount of time to receive the output from the server. Latency is measured in milliseconds or MS which is called ping.

Normally, the ping or latency of satellite internet is higher than other connection types such as DSL, fiber, and cable which makes it difficult to play online battle royale games. Thus, satellite internet will take more time to move about or shoot other players for your character in the game as the ping is high and any player with less ping may destroy your character even if he’s a noob player which is quite frustrating.

The upload speed of your connection has everything to do with high ping because upload speed decides the time needed to get your in-game input to the games server. However, high ping of satellite internet means low upload speed which makes it more difficult to use satellite internet for gaming.

Can the lag issue be fixed or lowered for smooth gameplay?

The answer to this question can neither be positive nor be negative. You can take multiple measures to lower your latency. However, you might never be able to eliminate latency as a whole as the most reliable option of fiber connection also has a tendency range of 12ms to 20ms. Steps you can take to minimize ping can be:

  1. Terminate recent applications: The applications such as YouTube, Chrome, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. which you keep running in the background while online gaming through satellite internet can increase the odds of getting a high ping because these apps consume data in the background. So, you should close all recent apps before opening your game to get a lower ping and destroy the enemies.
  2. Avoid far-away game servers: You might get thrilled to try out the game servers in different regions to check the events going on in their server or any other reason. You should keep in mind that the more distant the server is the more latency you will face. So, you should play in the server that is the closest the location you’re in.
  3. Cancel or pause both uploads and downloads: As you already know both upload and download bandwidth have a part to play in determining the ping you get, you should pause or cancel all ongoing downloads and uploads while gaming to lower the latency.
  4. Avoid Wi-Fi: You should avoid using a -Fi connection for gaming as it might not give the same speed as the router gets. You should consider hooking your gaming console or computer to the modem or router by using wired or Ethernet cable.
  5. Restart the router: When you’re facing too much lag at a particular time you can restart the router by unplugging the cable and waiting for two minutes and then plugging it again. This might help!

What is the ideal bandwidth required for gaming?

The right bandwidth will bring you the desired gaming experience you wish for and speed has everything to do with your online gaming experience. Speed can be the only variable that singlehandedly gives you the gaming experience you dream of or ruin your gaming experience through lags and slower speed.

The ideal speed we recommend for smooth online gaming ranges between 25 Mbps to 50 Mbps or more if possible.

The bandwidth recommended by the FCC for gaming is 4 Mbps minimum which is quite possible to get as there are satellite internet connection providers in the US such as HughesNet and Viasat who provide up to 100 Mbps of bandwidth. However, you might get confused between HughesNet and Viasat while deciding which you should go for. No worries! We are here to help you out!

8 Ways To Get Increase Your Satellite Internet Speed For Gaming

The best way to reduce in-game slingshotting and lag caused by connection latency, there are a few things that you can do to significantly increase your satellite internet speeds for online gaming.

  1. Use a cable connection over WIFI
  2. When playing online pause all uploads/downloads and computer updates
  3. Close programs and apps that require internet usage like Spotify, youtube, Netflix and even your cell phone access to your home wifi connection (check task manager to see which programs are using your internet connection and close them)
  4. Restart your WIFI router – reset your IP for a refreshed connection
  5. Use game servers that are the closest to you
  6. Ask people who are using the internet to stop using the internet to free up bandwidth
  7. Pause downloads from gaming platforms like Steam, Origin Games, Battlenet and more.
  8. Pause VPN connections

Best Satellite Internet Providers For Gaming

There are a few concerns you need to consider when choosing the best satellite internet provider that can offer the best experience of gaming online.

HughesNet vs Viasat is two of Americas best and widely accessible internet providers that offer optimal speeds for certain types of gaming. And while it’s not cheap in comparison to cable internet, these are the best satellite providers currently in the US.

Data Caps

Both Viasat and Hughesnet offer unlimited data which means that you will have unlimited data to use without the risk of data capped thresholds that slow down your connection as soon as you hit those monthly threshold limits.


That said, Viasat has high peak periods that don’t count into the advertised data caps and can seem a little confusing. So if you are browsing during the high traffic times then you will chew through more data cap, as opposed to off-peak traffic usage times.

You are allocated an unlimited data cap at slightly slower speeds after you reach 40 to 100 GB in internet usage you will see your speed throttled and slowed which is not ideal for gaming from the recommended speeds.



With 10 GB to 50 GB each month, this comes are a minimal plan subscription which is not ideal for the gaming experience and may require you to upgrade to the highest possible Hughesnet plan to be able to make the online gaming experience enjoyable.

Once you hit the monthly cap, it’s said that your connection speed will be reduced to 1 to 3 Mbps until your next billing rollover is up for its monthly data cap renewal, which is not good.

Of course, with HughesNet Vs Viasat you can purchase an extra data cap to circumvent throttled speeds, however, it’s not ideal for people on a budget.

Is gaming on Satellite Expensive?

Contracts – Yes I said the “c” word which everyone hates to hear about the fine print. With Viasat and HughesNet they both have very limited and obtrusive service contracts which include the following which may be expensive for many to afford this service

  • A minimal 2-year contract is required for a subscription for HughesNet (Comes with a price-lock guarantee so your price is fixed until your HughesNet service contract is up for renewal after the 2 years)
  • Viasat, on the other hand, has a bad reputation for increasing the prices on your contract every few months which makes HughesNet the better of the 2 services.


  • Viasat gets at speeds of 100 MPS
  • HughesNet crawls no faster than 25 MPS for its top speed.

However, it should be noted that if you are the only one in the house using a Hughesnet satellite service to game then you should have minimal problems gaming online, you may experience the odd dropout and frustrating game disconnection screen when you are hashing out an important game.

However, based on Viasat vs HughesNet pricing, Hughesnet easily comes out on top in terms of value for many with the exception that you are the only one in your family using the connection and you have all downloading programs and devices turned off.

Comparing computer gaming and console gaming on Satellite internet?

The difference in gaming on an Xbox or Playstation vs PC gaming computer is very little difference as far as online gaming is concerned.

PC gaming computers tend to run the satellite connection slower due to third party programs like Gaming platforms like Steam, Spotify, Virus Programs running in the background and taking up the available bandwidth.

As opposed to gaming consoles, they come with limited updates during gameplay which has them at a better online gaming experience over satellite internet.

Why Gamers Like To Avoid Satellite Internet

Whether you are into competitive gaming or love playing in the online arena then its a necessity to have an edge over the game with a fast internet connection. Lagging and slingshotting is every gamers worst nightmare and for good reason, high ping rates (Computer and gaming server connection) will cost you from winning the game no matter how skilled of a player you are. Not to mention, any online gaming lag is incredibly frustrating to the player which is another reason why Satellite is not the best connection for online gaming.

Unlimited Satellite internet connection has been slowly getting better as time has gone on and many people in rural and remote places are finally able to play an online game for the first time. However, t’s far from perfect and no thanks to the data caps and expensive monthly fees it’s not affordable for the average consumer unless it’s essential for work.

What are the best and worst games to play with satellite internet?

Satellite internet comes with both its advantages and disadvantages. When gaming with a satellite internet connection you will find many games running real smoothly and many games are lagging too much that you will want to break the console. The latency issue is the main culprit that makes fast-paced multiplayer action games more unreliable to play on satellite internet. Let’s go through the list of best and worst games to play using a satellite internet connection.

Best game to play using satellite internet

  • World of Warcraft, PlayStation, PC
  • Candy Crush, PC, Smartphone
  • Star Trek offline/online, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
  • Disintegration, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
  • Stardew Valley, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, MAC, Nintendo Switch
  • League of Legends, PlayStation, PC
  • Animal Crossing, Nintendo Switch

Worst games to play using satellite internet

  • Overwatch, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
  • Apex Legends, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
  • Valorant, PC
  • Call of Duty, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One
  • PUBG, Smartphone, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One,
  • FreeFire, Smartphone, PC, Ios
  • Counter Strike, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

Things you need to do to improve the bandwidth of satellite internet

There are many things that you can do to make the bandwidth of your satellite internet connection faster. Sometimes, it happens that you do not get the promised speed that comes with your internet plan and there could be many minor reasons behind that. You can do the following things to get satellite internet bandwidth:

  1. Regularly check the satellite dish to find out damages, obstructions, the position of the dish, and clean all the wreckages, if there’re any.
  2. You should go for buying and using your personal router
  3. Regularly or if any connection problems arise at a particular time, consider restarting your modem or router by unplugging them.
  4. Update the firmware of your router whenever there is a new update available.
  5. Always keep the router at the centre of the room.


What is pocket loss?

Pocket loss occurs when your in-game input fails to reach the game server.

Which is better downloading or buying physical copies of games?

Obviously, buying a physical copy of your favourite will be a sure choice if the game needs more than 30 GB of data to download.

Which consoles should one use to play games using satellite internet?

There’re many to choose from and the best ones can be PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch etc.


If you want to start gaming over a satellite, then the best satellite internet service for gaming is Hughesnet and Viasat. They obviously come with their own list of challenges (noted above) that make it a pain to work smoothly without too many dropouts or lagging and can be expensive.

That said, from what we have explored that it is possible to play online PVP online with your gaming console or PC with the available options from HughesNet and Viasat.

Remember, Bandwidth is everything when it concerns a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience and if you follow the 7 tips on how to increase your satellite internet speed then you will be playing most of your favourite games without a hitch.

When you’re residing in a rural part of the country, you only have the choice of satellite internet connection and making a gaming career using satellite internet isn’t impossible as we’ve seen throughout this post. You might be faced with latency issues and others, but you will still be able to play online games. Satellite internet will cost you around $50 per month and you will get many plans from both HughesNet and Viasat to choose from according to your needs by keeping in mind about the comparison we’ve given in this post. Hope this article helps you to get the best use of your satellite internet connection.

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